Love…love…love(KKB and MATSH) epi-4

The episode starts with Ishaani works in office.. Sakshi comes there and comes to ranveer cabin and asks him how is he?? Ranveer tells I was OK.. But now super fine! Sakshi smiles and hugs him.. Ishaani comes there to get Sign and sees then hugging and smirks.. Ishaani tsps the door. Sakshi asks her don’t u have sense?? Ishaani tells no pls give some lsrt of urs!!??

Ranveer tells them to stop fighting and signs papers and sends Ishaani.. Abhi sits on chair and thinks about pragya and her teaching and playful time with kids and smiles.. Radhika calls her and asks him to buy and come some good dress!! Abhi agrees.. She wonders what happened? He agrees so easily!!

Pragya completes work and comes to house and sees shalini angry and comes to her.. Pragya puts sit ups!! Shalini smiles.. Dadi comes there and speaks with her softly!! She asks when will u get salary?? Pragya tells I don’t know!! Pragya receives message.. Dadi checks it and tells u r salary amt is credited!! She tells I just went one day!

Precap:Pragya gives money back to ranveer.. Ishaani comes back to house and have good time with baa!! While usha tells ranveer that she has found a good girl for u!!


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    hi friends actually i had registered my acount and i had changed my name into only nandana and actually i am the old nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA) I CHANGED IT BECAUSE IT IS TOO LONG AND IT CANT BE REGISTERED AND NOW I AM IN A NEW USER NAME NANDANA PLZ RECOGNISE ME

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    sorry guys..i have some this ff will be update tmr..or next sunday or saturday..or whenever i find time!sorry once again

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