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Hai this is silent reader iam here with one stupid idea about kkb iam big fan of abhigya. But iam bored by present track so I thought to write my own os on kkb I read so many os ff ts I like them they only inspired to write this os ,

Let’s start story
Story starts with abhi reading newspaper and shocked by see article about him and goes to Aliya room and ask her about that news she tries maculate Abhi to marry tanu but he didn’t agree by that time pragya comes to meet Abhi but Aliya sends her out from room saying that they are discussing personal matters so she came out of the room and thinks something fishy and thinks why no body is not there in hall this is breakfast time too and she moves towards dadi room to ask about that but she sees dadi crying ,and fastly enters in room and ask why are u crying
Dadi: pragya see this (by saying this she give news paper to her ) pragya reads and shocks by seeing that article about her love Abhi and tanu like that and didn’t utter any word dadi: pragya do something Abhi’s image going destroy please do something I know this is Aliya and tanu plan to marry Abhi pragya do something please iam begging you pragya:OK I will do something but I want your support dadi:iam always there to support u Always
Pragya: thanks dadi
Dadi:but pragya u only brought him here right then u don’t about that incident pragya:no dadi I don’t know dadi because I saw him when his body guards bringing him out of pub so only I bring him here but I saw Aliya and tanu smiling evilly let me think something dadi and thinks some thing pragya:dadi I have an idea I will come after finishing work that iam thinking until then u have to handle situation here OK and calls purab and say something to him leave from there

After 30min Abhi and Aliya in hall and media also there they ask Abhi about article but he didn’t say anything Aliya says that Abhi is going to marry tanu… At that time pragya came say stop…. All saw pragya bringing tanu forcibly Aliya shouts that pragya what is this. abhi say pragya ??? But she is Nikita Aliya covers her word by saying something and ask pragya why you came here I said to get out from this house pragya:I came here to prove Abhi’s innocence and your and tanu plan to take Abhi’s property and his image by saying this she moves towards TV and put CD and plays (pub CCTV vedio)all saw along media in that vedio Aliya and tanu discussion about to trap Abhi and their plans by seeing this Abhi gets some flashes about pragya champak incident , MMS incident all he slowly gain his memory back and his head spinning he is about to fall but pragya hold him and lay him on sofa by taking this as chance tanu and Aliya escape from there ,purab calls doctor all are waiting for doctor .doctor comes and check Abhi alone in his room at that time Abhi gain conscious and doctor says that Abhi ur alright and you gain your memory back and I will say this good news to your family but Abhi stops him and say no don’t tell to all before saying to all send hawahavai in my room doctor says OK take some rest and comes out from the room and see dadi and all are in tension he says that he is alright and who is hawahavai here pragya say iam hawahavai what happen doctor any thing serious doctor say no he is calling you go to him by this pragya leave from there doctor tells every body that Abhi gains memory back all are happy, Pragya enters in room and saw him sleeping on bed she moves towards him and hugs him by not disturbing him cries by hugging him but Abhi is acting as sleeping in bed but he is not sleeping so he is seeing what pragya is doing he said to pragya why are you hiding this much love on me fuggy by saying this he hugs pragya tightly pragya say you are not sleeping and what u said pragya means you gain your memory back by saying this she hugs him tightly and say I miss you so much i love you when you gain your I want tell this to dadi and all Abhi tells all know about me except Aliya tanu I will punish them later before that I want gift pragya:gift for what Abhi :we meet after a long time so I want gift pragya:I don’t have any gift I didn’t brought any gift abhi ,I want gift now pragya,i said Na I didn’t brought any gift then y r u behaving like this abhi,OK if u won’t give I will take it by saying this he moves towards her she moves backwards and ask him what gift you want Abhi,i want kiss pragya,chee I won’t give Abhi,ok I will take it moves forward Pragya moves backwards and try to escape from room but Abhi lock the door and winks at pragya she say this not fair I won’t give any kiss to u by saying this she moves backwards and hits wall Abhi,all are fair in love and war so he hold her waist and kiss her neck nuzzles and kiss her lips passionately she to respond equally that night they become two bodies one soul morning pragya wakes and see her hubby is sleeping peacefully like kid by hugging her waist she goes and fresh up and makes his coffee and wakes him and gives coffee to him Abhi tells her to call Aliya,tanu to home she ask but why he tells I will say this after they come and went wardrobe after sometime he comes and calls Nikil and police too to come home all are assemble in hall Abhi tells police to arrest Aliya,tanu, and Nikil and gives all proof against them bulbul comes to home and says that she is saved by some tribles people all felt Happy after some 2years abhigya blessed with twins abhigya and prabhi rabul blessed with baby boy Rahul and they lived happily

?????The end?????

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  1. SavitaVidya

    episode ki best. but will happen after 5 years haha

    1. Shanu

      Thanks ???haa really it will happen after 5years ????

  2. Rithu

    Very nice

    1. Shanu

      Thanks for supporting

  3. 2 good os dear……….

  4. Prathi

    Shanu its way better than real track!!! Keep writing dear

    1. Shanu

      Ha really thanks for your complement

  5. Asmithaa

    Superb yaar…

    1. Shanu

      Thanks Di iam big fan of your ff

      1. Asmithaa

        Really… Thank u so much dear…

  6. Simply super….

    1. Shanu

      Thank you so much

  7. Super……

  8. It’s very nice 2 see like dis ending dude…If it happens early den we’ll go to miss abhigya…keep going on dear…nice try..I’ll wait 4 ur next os

  9. Shanu

    Thanks di

  10. Really Awesome Shanu…..!!! I wish the same happens in the serial as well…Hats off to u …Keep writing more ffs…..!!!

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