Love Is Love! Full Stop (Prologue)

Anu here!! The fanfic which is going to replace FBS

What is L-O-V-E-? Their Destiny asked.

They replied, “Love is Love. Full Stop!”

♥ Swara – A Fashion Designer. She’s smart, beautiful, and has every quality that a man seeks in his lady love. Except for that this girl despises Love and Romance. She has never fallen in love and never wants to. So Love is a Full Stop ✋ for her.

♥ Sanskar – A dashing, young businessman with loads of money and a million-dollar smile. He thinks he knows A-Z about love. For him Love Is Love. Full Stop! But does he actually know what exactly love is?

♥ Ragini – A young girl, who ran away from her house. She’s a mystery box, wandering in Mumbai streets all alone. A collision with a guy and her life changes forever. . .

♥ Laksh – A guy who’s in pain, typical boyfriend pain 😛 because of her girlfriend Kavya. He’s a famous actor and is at the top of his career. But still Kavya is the pain in his ass 😉

Love is something which is still the biggest mystery in this world. Those who have experienced it cannot express it and those who have not experienced it cannot decipher it. But everyone says falling in love is just a blissful feeling! But many people fear to fall in love. Few think that they might lose it, few think love fades away with time, and for few it is actually nothing! And others who are lucky enough to get love, lose it.

Someone misunderstands the other’s love, while someone misunderstands love itself here.


31st December, 2016


“Why can’t you just forget me, huh?” I asked him.

He chuckled in response and made me look into his eyes. “No matter what I do, I always forget to forget you.” He said and this time, I chuckled.

“What is love, for you?” I asked. For me it was the most stupid feeling in the world. And love stops even before it enters my life. It was a full stop. . .

“L-O-V-E, huh? Love is Love.! Full stop! You won’t understand it, Swara.” He said.

“As if I’m dying to.” I mocked at him.



“Open it!” He said.

“Please Lucky, I don’t want this!” I said, trying my best to wipe that stupid smile off my face and ignore the wild butterflies wandering in the pit of my stomach.

“I promised I would never let you go through anything ‘bad’. C’mon now!” He said and I opened his surprise box.

And I my eyes feared up. . .

“I never regretted being with you, no matter what happens I promise to stay with you always and forever, even if you hate me; I’ll live with you just because of this moment. . .” I said and finally broke down. So this is how you feel when you are ‘Loved’? Right now, Love is Love! Full stop.


Okay dont hit me if you didnt understand cause this is just a figment of the story, which waits ahead

Comment if you want me to continue 😀

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  1. Nice start keep the pairs as SwaSan and RagLak.

  2. Haww! This is not fair! Kitna Acha picture dala tha mene. WDF they had put. Yuck!
    The default cover stole the charm ??

  3. I completly understand ur characters but not the title , fbs is gonna replaced by it …. thank god ….

    Anu di must say even naina is becoming an awsome writer like u ….

    About fbs i know the date di , and i know thats the correct date , so for a hint ….

    The date comes in the youngest month of the year and the date is very special festival for youngsters , its celebrated whole week , am i right that this is the date ??

  4. nyc prologue..:) waiting for it..:)

  5. Nice

  6. Hey anu…..
    Again back with dhamaka….
    Looking forward to it….

  7. U r truly awesome…always comes up with a new concept,never read or heard of…u r a wonderful writer who keeps her reader glued to the screen wanting to read more nd more of ur stories…

  8. again back with a bang……….
    brand new ff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wating dear…………
    post asap………… 😉 😉 😉

  9. Waiting eagerly…..

  10. Ya anu di…. Plz continue… Innovative idea….

  11. awesome….its nice

  12. it is looking awesome. the way u describe it is beautiful waiting for the first part.

  13. Amazing..! Though I had already read it on wattpad but could not control myself from commenting on this masterpiece.. Uh are a born writer Nisha.. Fabulous effort..!
    Love you sis❤

  14. omg anu ek or ff amazing prologue
    nd interesting concept
    all the best waiting for alive nd childhood sweeth

  15. alive nd childhood sweet heart

  16. Wow…u r back! Ofcourse, u should continue.

  17. Make swsan as pair

  18. Too good? The way yu expressed everyone’s perspective of love?Loved itttt?Waiting….?

  19. Awesome 🙂

  20. Yar FBS is ending. SoooooooOOOOO sad????? bt thanks to u for this one ff . its superb nd the LOGO is awsm I mean LOVE IS LOVE .FULL STOP.✋✋ prologue is fab . looking forward to read next chappy I hope that it will be able to replace FBS . bt it can’t replaca naa never ever. bt it can make its own place in our hearts❤?❤. gonna miss FBS soooooooOOOOO
    much ??? nd anu plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz if possible then try to post Alive nd dear where is childhood sweethearts …….!!!!

  21. koi nai Anu..a cover can never steal the charm of ur stories…!
    cz ur stories are ur stories .. full stop..!

  22. Interesting please continue Anu Di and waiting eagerly…..

  23. Wow well come back dr……
    Anu waiting for 1st ep of LILFS.

  24. Way to go buddy!!! From Where do u come up with these amazing plots yaar?!

  25. Continue is all I can say right now

  26. Awesome…. am waiting for moreeee….

    Sure ur gonna rock it!!!! ??

  27. Okay …great prologue. ..I think finally I could stop sulking about the end of FBS hehe …Do continue

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