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Hello everyone hope u all r fine. This is the last shot of there is love after love failure. Thank you for your great support. When I think to write raja rani in shivika version I was little bit tensed because I thought what u guys think but I got lots of encouragement to complete this shot. So once again I’m thanking you for your great support. I don’t know how much I can explain the each and every scene but hope u all like the way if not I’m asking apologies from u and really sorry for that. Some of them suggest me ex of shivaay and anika but I choose others if u feel bad I’m really sorry. Hope u understand it.
Here goes Shot 5

Next day shivaay was in lift anika also get inside but both of them remain silent.
Anika start her sooty but it didn’t start shivaay come there and help her. Then he leaves from there
Then when anika was watching TV she having hiccoughed shivaay come there and drinks water and show some action and she is like aaaa then her hiccough gone. She then smiles at him.
Next day anika wear a red saree and make coffee for shivaay and she comes to their room to wake up shivaay.
Anika: shivaay
Shivaay open his eyes and think it was his dream
Shivaay: you smile a lot in my dream. Why don’t you smile in real life?
Anika: shivaay get up.
Shivaay was shocked that it was not dream. Suddenly wake up.
Anika: have the coffee. And she left from there.
Shivaay smile and take his coffee and comes to living room. And see anika’s father.
Rohan: shivaay, do you always wake up late in the morning?
Anika: he’s always like that….shivaay go and bath. Father is waiting.
shivaay thought she do these all because to show her father. And he goes to bath and come to the hall.
For his surprise everyone in the flat and rudra r present there
Then shivaay come to cut the cake. After cutting the cake he imagines when he feed anika first then she will slap. Shivaay afraid but give to anika and anika feed back. Shivaay was surprised by her sweetness.
Anika: shivaay, don’t open this gift in front of anyone. Open it when you r alone, okay?
After eating food shivaay and rohan r sitting in the chair
Rohan: have look on her gift
Shivaay start to open then rohan reminds anika’s words. So shivaay go to his room and closed the door
Shivaay: what was the need of this much sweetness shivaay throw the gift same time someone open the door and rohan saw shivaay throwing the gift. Rohan understand that there is something wrong between them. And leave from the office.
Next day at night shivaay come from the office and a man tell to him that I’ve to give this envelop to anika ma’am. Shivaay said I’ll give take it from him. In lift he open the envelop and see the ticket of anika to go abroad. This make shivaay sad and remember about she asking transfer to aboard. Then shivaay come knock the door. Anika was surprised to see shivaay without drinking come to home and she ask this to shivaay
Shivaay: you don’t like me to drink alcohol so I didn’t. Anika was very happy to hear this but shivaay thought she was happy because of the ticket and he confront her. Anika was heartbroken and didn’t tell what she exactly wants to tell him and she goes from there and packs her bag. Shivaay also feel sad and comes to there.
Anika: will u drop at the airport. Shivaay nod his head positively. And both of them go to sleep.
Next day at airport
Shivaay drop anika and she start to leave. Shivaay call her. Anika hope that he will tell that don’t go she turn
Shivaay: have u taken your tablets?
Anika (sad): yes and turn to go.
Shivaay: ani
Anika happily look back
Shivaay: bye
Anika then go to inside and shivaay leave from the airport.
Shivaay was in traffic then he get the call from anika
Anika: where r u?
Shivaay: I’m in the parking.
Anika: come to the entrance please.
Shivaay: sure he happily run out from the car and reached at entrance. and see anika
Shivaay: tell me.
Anika: upstairs… in the immigration office….
When anika was giving ticket and passport to officer it was none other than arnav anika shout arnav but he didn’t mind her. She then call shivaay. Anika cry but she starts to tell something shivaay cut off
Shivaay: don’t cry. I’ll go and talk.
Shivaay go to arnav
Shivaay: sir, are you Mr. Arnav?
Arnav: yes, tell me.
Shivaay: sir, you know anika, don’t you?
Arnav: who r u?
Shivaay: I’m shivaay.
Arnav: how r u related to her?
Shivaay: I’m her husband.
Arnav: I’m married. Should I ask anika that we should marry? I lose nothing by telling you. My father beat me up and sent me. I went off to the US frightened. I was worried that my love and life has been ruined. There is a life after every love failure. What to do? I do miss her. I accept it…. I know very well that she wouldn’t be able to forget me. That’s why I lied through my friend that I was dead. I don’t know whether everyone can marry the woman they love. But one can definitely love the woman we marry.
Saying this he turn back and go. In his figure still there is that ring given by anika and tears are roll from his eyes.
Shivaay come to anika: he just went off while I was speaking.
Anika was angry and slap him: are you a hero? he’s dead, right? Till now, you never listened to what I had to say. You interpret something and do what you will. I came to talk to you lovingly and you talk about divorce. I told you that I saw could you shamelessly go and beg him? We are not suitable for each other. She gives the same gift when she gives to shivaay in his b’day and tells: it wouldn’t have come to this, if you opened the gift earlier. And she starts to leave. shivaay fastly open the gift it was written that” let’s begin our new life”
Shivaay: ohh shit what I didn’t then he shout anikaaaa
Anika turn and tell: go, some peasant women would be roaming in the fields. Search for her and love her. I’m not your type.
Shivaay run towards anika and tell: I’m not afraid of my father. I LOVE YOU.
Anika: brother, I already have a boy friend. Shivaay was shocked he understand that she know her past.
Both of them have tears in their eyes and they hug each other.

THE END……………
Hope u all like this ff. Once again I’m thanking you for support me. This my last shot plz comment on it.

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  1. u know i luv rajarani movie vry much . U jst nailed each and every dialouges of it . It was really vry nice . Bt i want to know 1 thng which state do u belong ??

    1. Sam-99

      hello ur comment means a lot drr…….i’m from kerala……thank u drr for ur support

  2. SMC

    Superb episode ???

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      thank u drrrr it means a lot…..

  3. Niriha

    Awesome ????

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      thank u drr its means a lot…..

  4. Aradhya

    Wow loved the climax nd I also loved the way you wrote this ff congrats sumitha nd keep writing waiting for more from you

    1. Sam-99

      thank u so much aradhya it’s means a lot……….yeah sure i’ll come with other ff …..soupport me there also ………..

  5. Lauren


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      thank u drrrr…….

  6. Alekhika20

    Amazing ending

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      thank u drrrr…….

  7. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear

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      Thank u drrr……..

  8. Ankita27

    Amazing… loved it…

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      Thank u drrrrrr…….

  9. Kanfi

    Sumi…whole story was fabulousss..
    Just loved it..
    Now its time for new york.????
    Love uu

    1. Sam-99

      Thank u kanfi……it’s means a lotttt. … u toooo. ….yeah now it’s New York time ????

  10. i didnt understand y Anika brother can you explain plz?????

    1. Sam-99

      When shivaay was behind guari she tell to him that I’m regard u as my brother…….the same dialogue anika used here ……hope u understand

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