There is love after love failure shot 4 (a)

Hello! Everyone hope u all r fine I’m back with the next shot. I already told this part is my favorite. Tell ur views about it. This shot also have two parts.

Shot 4(a)……..

A man is following a girl. But a gang come and ask why r u following the girls
Man: beautiful women are usually followed, right?
Gang leader: where does u come from?
Man: omasi.
Gang: hey look at him blabbering some city’s name. He slap at that man
That man run from there and calling shivaay shivaay………
Then shivaay rudra and their friends come.
Gang leader: that man has brought his friends.
Shivaay site in the place and ask: did you hit my friend?
GL: yes
Shivaay: mister, we should never fight over women.
GL: what an old dialogue!
Shivaay: hey describe what a woman is, to these guys.
Rudra: out of all the women here, how’s that woman over there? Pointing towards a modern girl
She is good right?
Gl: yes
Rudra: imagine if all beauty palour is not open then we can see her true colour.its all make-up.
Gl: wow! Superb
Shivaay: tell me now should we fight over a woman?
GL: you r right.
Shivaay: okay I’ll leave now.
Shivaay come back and slap that gang leader for his friend.
Next day
Shivaay call rudra: buddy I’ve got tickets for the film.
Rudra: the other guy said that tickets won’t be available for a week.
Shivaay: we got. I’ll be there in 5 mins
Rudra: I’ll get ready.
Shivaay: hey’ don’t come empty- handed. Bring at least rs.500.
Rudra: uncle, I need to go to a film. Give me 500 rs.
Uncle: what did you ask just now?
Rudra: rs.500.
Uncle: I’m worried about the bills, how can u go for a movie? Try managing a family. Only then you would get to know how much you have to spend.
Rudra: u try going to a movie with a friend. Only then, you would know how much it costs.
Uncle: how dare you disrespect me?
Rudra: sorry, uncle. It just slipped out as I haven’t brushed yet.
Uncle: here, take this.
Rudra: thank you uncle….
Uncle: to this address (rudra get angry) and ask for mr.narayan. He’s a broker. He will give you a cheque and get it before 10:30 a.m. or else, he will be out of town and I’ll have to suffer. I’ve important work to do. I’m leaving.
Rudra: uncle…….
Shivaay comes to rudra house and see his uncle
Shivaay: sir, morning
Uncle: u’re here.
Shivaay: where is rudra?
Uncle: rudra…..
Rudra come there
Uncle: go with him and bring the cheque. You know the address, right?
Rudra: uncle I’ll handle it and uncle leave from there
Shivaay look at rudra angrily and both leave from there
Shivaay: am I a servant to your uncle?
Rudra: if u doesn’t want to come, drop me at the traffic signal. I’ll take a bus and bring the cheque. You go and watch the film.
Shivaay: hey, when have I gone to a film without you? Now where do we go?
Rudra tell the place.
Shiaay: you will bring the cheque in ten minutes, right?
Rudra: yes I’ll
They reached the place and the servant open the door and rudra introduce him. She asks them to site in and wait. When they r waiting a girl is dancing while brushing when she see them she suddenly get inside the room and lock it. But our shivaay was fall when he saw her at first sight. Shivaay was looking for her and he forgot about the film. When rudra receive the cheque he ask shivaay to come but he was thinking about that girl. At last they reach the theater and our shivaay was still thinking about her. When the hero entry in the film rudra asks him to throw paper piece he tear the cheque and throw but it was land on rudras uncle. When he turns back rudra and shivaay was surprise to see uncle there. Uncle also shocked to the hell. Rudra’s uncle asks them to go again and get the cheque tomorrow. This time shivaay was very happy because he can see her.
Shivaay: rudra be ready at the time okay don’t be late
Rudra was confused nod the head
Next day shivaay come there on time but our shivaay was not ready. Shivaay ask him to come in this dress itself. Rudra ask what but shivaay held his hand and both of them leave to there. When they reach there that girl was start leaving to her office.
Shivaay: miss, how did you brush your teeth so soon?
The girl having what wala look
Rudra: did you drag me here to watch her brush her teeth?
Shivaay: I told you that we are already late, right? Idiot!
Girl: hey, who r u?
Shivaay: what’s this? You danced before us yesterday. (Girl looks down with embarrassment) we come to take cheque
Girl: oh, did u come to meet him? He’ll be back by next week.i’m getting late for office. Bye.
Shivaay prank her: hey, the door hasn’t been locked properly
Girl: oh no and she go back and see the door locked she look him
Shivaay: the door is locked. But if you tell me your name and office address I’ll come by there when I’m free.
Rudra: you are always free, right?
Girl: brother (which make shivaay shocked) I already have a lover. I can see what you are trying to do. But I won’t fall for it.
Shivaay: why did you call me that?
Girl: the truth is very bitter at times, brother.
Rudra: hey, your sister is going alone. Someone may tease her on the road so go and drop her at her office. (Laugh)
The girl enter into her company bus and shivaay see the company name and tell her through the action but she angry go.
Shivaay comes to rudra and tell: see how I found out her office address!
Rudra: don’t get too excited. There are 40 branches in this district.
Shivaay with his friends
Shivaay: 40 branches! How can it be?
Rudra: even a street vendor has 4 or 5 branches. It’s such a big company. Why shouldn’t it have 40 branches?
Shivaay: that’s not it. We don’t have any friends from there right? How will we find it?
Shyam (other friend of shivaay): she is in a branch called xyz. I have got a girl in there. You go and meet her tomorrow. I’ll talk to her tonight.
Next day shivaay and his friend come to techno Park Company. When his friend girlfriend come there and asks for one week.
Rudra: why do you need a week to find a name?
Shivaay: plz find it as soon as you can.
By this shivaay’s friend leave from there. Shivaay turn back and see girl is sitting in the company bus. Shivaay show is hand and tells “hai”. in response she also show her hand and say ”hai” then she realize what she done so she turn her head in opposite direction.
When the girl reached the home she tells hai to the puppy and in return dog shows his leg.
Girl: see, you lift your paw too, right? So it’s not my fault. Why should I care about others?
Shivaay see the attachment of her to the puppy and tell: what does she see in the dog that I lack? So this dog is the key….
Next day onwards shivaay try to make attachment towards dog. After 2-3 days dog get attached to shivaay.
Shivaay come to her house and ask about cheque. She told that uncle didn’t come yet if he had come I’ll tell. Then he follows her wherever she goes and asked about the cheque.
one week later shivaay comes to meet shyam’s girl friend in the techno park but she again ask excuses this make shivaay angry then he look at here and there for god sake he saw her sitting in canteen and she also see him she thought that he come here to ask about the cheque so she got angry and come to him.
Girl: what do you think of yourself? You keep following me. Why did you come here? I know your intentions clearly. Brother. Cut off by shivaay
Shivaay: miss, plz don’t call me that. I can’t sleep at night because of it.
Girl: the truth is bitter at times, brother. I told you that I already have a lover, right?
Shivaay: don’t be silly….
Girl: oh, you don’t believe me, right? See that guy in the blue shirt? (Pointing towards her boss). He’s bhushan. I’ve loved him sincerely, for three years.i’ve even professed my love twice out of shyness. But he hasn’t replied to me yet. He looks smart right? Shivaay look him and have vomiting face.
Girl: you know what, girls should go after boys. Boys should not come after girls.
Shivaay: don’t lie. You are very beautiful. He looks like horrible skeleton! I’m sure that you haven’t fallen for him.
Girl: you still don’t believe me, right?
Shivaay: no way. Don’t irritate me.
Girl calls his boss: bhushan!
Boss: yes!
Girl: what’s your name?
Shivaay: shivaay.
She turns to his boss: this is shivaay, my brother.
Boss: hello shivaay
Then she turns to shivaay: he’s bhushan, my boyfriend (low voice)
Shivaay: why do you shout when you say brother and softly when you say boyfriend?
Girl: that is…..women never call boyfriends aloud in public.
Boss: hey gauri
Gauri: yes, bhushu…..
Boss: come to my cabin we’ve to send the mail immediately. Come soon
Gauri: okay…. and turn to shivvay and tell see. He is calling me to his cabin. See u brother.
And she move
shivaay: hey gauri. Gauri have get shock by hearing her name from shivaay then she turns to shivaay
Shivaay: I’ve lost your phone number. Give it to me now.
Gauri: so u r clever ….I’ll send you a text myself, okay?
Shivaay: I’ve changed my number, that’s why.
Boss get irk and tell gauri to come fast we r getting late.
Boss to shivaay: u need gauri’s number and he gave to him
Gauri: oh god he makes mess.
At beach area
Shivaay and friends were sitting and see bhushan come opposite side
Shivaay: hey rudra he is bhushan.
Rudra: he looks like a corpse. He has come to get a beating.
Shivaay: what reason do I have to beat him?
Rudra: there are only two reasons in the world to cause fights. If he see you and says, hey shivaay, hit him.
Shivaay: how can we fight over a woman?
Rudra: you shouldn’t fight over a woman. But you can fight for life.
then move to him but he didn’t say anything but after few second he tell” hey shivaay”
Rudra: this is enough. Beat him.
Shivaay go and beat him. Then rudra take his purse.
Rudra: he has just Rs. 500 though he works in an IT company. Then rudra see a girl pic
Shivaay he has two lovers.
Boss (crying): that’s my wife’s photo. Gauri is her best friend. She is sort of a sister to me.
Shivaay get happy hearing this.
Then they go to play holly ball. Then gauri come there and slap shivaay.
Gauri: fight for whatever you want. But why do you use my name? Yes, I don’t like you at all. That’s why, I lied about a boyfriend. Then she takes cheque from her bag and tells: you follow me for this. Right? Don’t ever come before me again.

This is the end of this part of shot 4. Next I’ll post today itself. And I want know whether I want to end this ff as it in the film or need any other way. Please tell me your suggestion.

With love,

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