There is love after love failure shot 4 (b)

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Shot 4(b)

This make shivaay very sad and he again tear the cheque
Rudra: hey, that’s a cheque.
Shivaay (crying): tell me how to make that girl fall for me.
Rudra: okay… don’t cry. I’ll tell you.
At bar for the first time shivaay start to drink beer
Shivaay: am I a drunkard….
Rudra: are you an ice cream seller then? Just drink.
Shivaay: she has made me sit in a bar!
Rudra: keeping the cheque that her uncle gave her why should she make you follow her? Think about it.
Shivaay: yes.
Rudra: though she has no boyfriend why should she point at a stupid guy and say that he’s her boyfriend? Above all, she calls you her brother. I mean, why should she call you that? You have to think it deeply
Shivaay: but what should I do now?
Rudra: drink this and go to her house and create problem.
Shivaay drink it and goes to her house. Shivaay reach gauri’s house.
Shivaay (to the dog): have you ever been in love? Have u been rejected? I have been rejected by the woman I love. But I have gone to the same girl and told her that she is my world. I’m idiot. And he sleeps in the road.
Gauri see shivaay with her dog. Come to there. Take the dog along with her and lock the dog. Then she takes shivaay keep aside to the dog
Gauri: what do I do with him?
She took mobile from his pocket and call rudra
Rudra: who is u?
Gauri: this is gauri.
Rudra: wow! The time is 3:00am and gauri has shivaay’s phone.
Gauri: you fool; he is lying drunk in front of my house. Come and take him away.
Rudra: you are right I understand that. But we ourselves have no one to take us home. Rudra and friends are in the road and fall asleep.
Gauri take stool and site beside shivaay and she smile at him.
Flash back
When shivaay come to her house for first time she saw him and go to her room and she like him at first sight itself. Then her uncle tell to her” the cheque that those mans took home, got torn it seems. If they come back again, give them this cheque.i’ll come back by next week. Gauri smiled at the cheque. whenever he come to ask him the cheque she tell he is not here and when he go from there she smiled at him.
Flash back end
Next day morning
Rudra come there to take him to the house
Rudra: sorry for the trouble.
Gauri: tell him to come and meet me at 5:00pm today.
Rudra: where?
Gauri: he knows where to come.
Rudra: okay
Shivaay wake up at evening
Shivaay: good morning rudra
Rudra: keep that to yourself. Its evening. Do you remember what you did last night?
Shivaay: we went out, drank, came back and slept.
Rudra: do you think you came here all by yourself? I carried you here. You were at that girl’s house and she tied u with that dog. She wanted to see you at 5:00pm go soon.
Shivaay: when have I ever gone without you? Come, let’s go.
They both reach the dance class were gauri studying dance.
Gauri comes to drink water see them.
Shivaay comes to gauri
Shivaay: I’m sorry sister.
Gauri turns to shivaay
Shivaay: I should have left you alone when u said u have boy friend. The fault is mine. I’m extremely sorry, sister. Come rudra lets go.
Rudra: hey! What’s happening I don’t get
Gauri: hey, what did you call me sister? You keep following me and beat the person whom I said I love you. How can you call me your sister?
Shivaay: what about you? You keep the cheque in your bag and make me follow you. You get angry if I talk to some girls. Gauri get irritated and ask rudra to hold the glass
Rudra: do you want something big for beating: just wait and he turn back
Gauri hug shivaay and shivaay smiled and hug back.
Rudra turn and see this: hey, how did you two get close in a moment?
They spend so many days together.
One day
Gauri: tell me, what do you like?
Shivaay: why?
Gauri: just tell me.
Shivaay: I got into the habit recently. A beer.
At night in place shivaay and gauri r sitting
Shivaay start to open beer bottle
Gauri: hey, wait…..
Shivaay: why?
Gauri: 3, 2, 1 open it now.
Shivaay: what?
Gauri: it’s my birthday!
Shivaay: hey, Happy birthday!
Gauri: thank u, brother.
Shivaay have face gauri sry look: cheers
Gauri: ha cheers….. (She is not drinking) shivaay, my grandmother used to tell me that if we lie on a mother’s lap look at the moon and wish for something, it would come true. Have you heard of it?
Shivaay: no
Gauri: darn you! Okay, whose permission do you need to marry me?
Shivaay: my parents and rudra that’s it.
Gauri: but I don’t have to ask anyone. I can decide for myself.
Shivaay: why? Won’t you ask your parents?
Gauri: only if they were alive, right?
Shivaay: hey!
Gauri: no need to be sympathetic, plz. My parents died when I was very young…I grew up in an orphanage. I got a scholarship and came out. I got a job and my life went on……I felt like telling you these things. But one thing, shivaay. When the ones we love depart us it doesn’t mean that we have to depart too. Some days, our lives will change into what we wish for.
Morning shivaay come to gauri office
Gauri: I told you that I was in a meeting, right? Why did you keep calling?
Shivaay: okay, come, let’s go.
Gauri: a meeting! Don’t you get that?
Shivaay nod in negative
Gauri: okay, shall I bring my bag then?
Then they reach the temple
Shivaay: go and pray today is your b’day right?
Gauri: okay, you come too.
Shivaay: no, I won’t. Go on.
Gauri: darn you!
Gauri in temple close her eyes and pray to the god. This time shivaay come and time the mangalsutra she open her eyes and see these.
Shivaay: listen I don’t have to ask anyone too. The moment I professed my love to you, I decided this that you should be my wife. I’ll tell my mother after I get a job. Gauri happiness was beyond words. Till then, rudra should not know about this. Gauri hug shivaay. Then they start move by bike then gauri see ice cream seller
Gauri: stop I need ice cream. Shivaay stop the bike
Gauri: hey, what do you want?
Shivaay: a beer.
Gauri: idiot, you need to ride, right? Tell me
Shivaay: okay. His phone ring. Wait
Rudra: hello this is rudra do you remember me?
Shivaay: why r u calling from a different number?
Rudra: you don’t pick calls from my number, that’s why.
Shivaay: I’m with gauri I’ll talk to you later.
Rudra: hey, don’t try all those tricks with me. All those tricks are my invention. Don’t pull that on me.
Shivaay to gauri: rudra doesn’t believe me. Talk to him.
Gauri: hello rudra.
Rudra: how r u?
Gauri: I’m fine?
Rudra: where are you?
Gauri: we have come to ECR road.
Rudra: why are you both roaming around?
Gauri: it’s our first time after marriage. So we didn’t know where to go
Shivaay look at her
Rudra: what? Have you both married?
Gauri: yes, at the temple, yesterday
Then she realize what she told
Gauri: shivaay told me not tell you. Plz forget it.
Rudra: give him the phone. She gives it to shivaay and goes to buy ice cream when she retunes a car hit followed by the truck. This happened in front of shivaay. Gauri died on the spot
Shivaay: gauriiiiii………
After 4 years
Rudra: there’s still life even after this
Shivaay: leave me alone. Go and tell them that I don’t want this marriage.
Rudra: you go and tell that yourself. It’s your marriage, right? Tell everything to your parents and be like this forever. Listen, you should either live for your happiness or for the happiness of your parents’ lost ur happiness right? Why do you make them suffer for it? Hey, shivaay if there was no life after love failure no one would be alive after the age of 22. Only we two know that u married.plz many people don’t get a marriage that they dream of. But still they live on, don’t they? Begin that life, only when you start liking it.
So shivaay agree to this marriage.
Anika has tears in her eyes
Anika: how can a man be so much in love with a woman….plz don’t tell shivaay that you have told me this.
Rudra: I’ll tell u something if a man drinks after he has lost his love, he has failed in love. But if he drinks after marriage, his life itself is a failure. Take care. Shivaay is in the car. I’ll help him here and leave.
Rudra help shivaay and shivaay sleep in his room then anika comes to him. Shivaay in sleep
Shivaay: sorry, anika. When the one we love depart us it doesn’t mean that we have to depart too. Someday, our lives will change into what we wish for. Mine has changed. I’ll wait till your life changes. Priest asks me now, you, shivaay, are you willing to marry anika? Then its double okay yaa……anika listen this and come to the living hall and cried that night full.

Hope u all like this shot. Next will be the last shot and I’ll post it tomorrow itself.

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