There is love after love failure shot 3(a)

Hello everyone! Hope u all r fine and I know I’m late but next shot onwards it’s regular and shot 4 I’ll post on tomorrow. Once again thanking u for ur great support.
Note: anika’s ex is played by barun if u doesn’t like him. U can choose your favorite actor. His name in this ff is arnav. This too long epi.
Here goes SHOT 3(a)
It was New Year everyone is celebrating in the street. There was bike ride in the road where our arnav and Om r coming in arnav’s bike.
Arnav: what r they doing? Idiots! Shall we go slowly? I’m afraid.
Om: you r already at a snail- paced speed.
Arnav: They’re all driving drunk.
Om: look at us! Everyone is celebrating. While we are on the way to office.
Arnav: what? Our situation, it’s yours. When I get selected in the airline I’ll fly high sure.
People in the street were wishing others “Happy New Year” some of them splash beer some drink that and others celebrating in their own way.
Arnav: what a guys r them? Looking at some boys who where ride the bike.
Om: not just the men. Look at the women
Arnav: are they r monsters! Do you know how women should be?
Om: how?
Anika and her father coming to the street to celebrate New Year. Anika look outside through the convertible window. She notices her father’s hand having beer bottle. She took it from him angrily. Now in anika’s hand there is beer bottle she wish other happy new year. When arnav see her he told that she should be like her then he notice beer bottle and tell women shouldn’t be like that. Anika hear this and ask what. Anika and shivaay moves in opposite direction.

Teacher: we are bound to have conflicts. It can arise for a variety of reasons.
Anika: Buddy my dad is calling shall I answer?
Pankhuri: plz don’t answer the call if you get caught, she will confiscate the phone and let you suffer for u week
Anika didn’t hear her friend and under the table she took her phone
Anika: dad I’m in monsters class I’ll call you later.
Rohan: anika I’ve cut off by anika
Anika (loud): I’ll call u later
Everyone look at the direction of the sound and anika stood at her place
Anika (smile): it was me.
Teacher: anika out
Anika come out of the class and tell: oh god! All because of dad.
Anika dials her father number but it was saying that “your service was temporarily suspended. For details, contact our customer care representative.
Anika come to window side and do some action to get the attention of pankhuri.
Anika: buddy
Pankhuri (through action): what?
Anika: air voice customer care number?
Pankhuri write in her hand but anika can’t see it. Then she starts to tell before complete teacher caught her and tell go out from the class. She come out and tells to anika what ur problem is
Anika: tell me the air voice number then pankhuri told the number
Anika (smile): you couldn’t tell this from inside right? Idiot
Pankhuri: it’s okay. It’s nice and airy here.
Anika dial the number then to know about best offers press 1, 2,3,7,9
Anika (angrily): how long they take to answer a call

After 1 minute they took the phone
Arnav: hello. I’m arnav from air voice. What information you required?
Anika: darn you
Arnav get shocked: what?
Anika: why couldn’t answer the call sooner.
Arnav look at here and there: ma’am I can continue my service only if you tell me your name and phone number
Anika: my small phone shows up my number. Doesn’t it show up on your computer?
Arnav was very much afraid of his customer and tell no its doesn’t where? I’m new to the job. Tell me your number yourself.
Anika tell her number speedily
Arnav: what? Can u repeat it again, slowly? Plz
Anika get angry and tell the number slowly

Due to tension arnav was get wrong number then he again ask her to tell this time she is very much angry but tell again at last he got the number
Arnav ask is it aik
Anika (angrily): anika
Arnav: oh ma’am waits for a few minutes. I’ll check and tell u.
Anika to pankhuri: he has put me on hold.
Arnav (to himself): what would be the issue …oh the bill hasn’t been paid.
Arnav: thank u for waiting ma’am u hasn’t paid your phone bill. That’s why the outgoing has been barred. Do the payment then u can make a call okay?
Anika: I paid the bill yesterday
Arnav: is that so where did you pay the bill
Anika tell the place
Arnav: it hasn’t been updated in our system can u tell me the bill number.
Anika (angry): hey, do you think I’ll be carrying it everywhere? Idiot
Arnav: you r right. It won’t be carried about. Does one thing go to the place where u pays the bill and ask them why? They will solve the issue
Anika can’t control her anger she start fire at him arnav was crying hearing this.
Arnav: ma’am plz stop it? Give me two hours if I can’t do it I’ll pay the amount myself and activate your account.
Anika: okay hang the call
Arnav: how many stars would you rate this service?
Anika: I’m in a murderous anger. Just hang the call
Arnav: thank u for the calling and he hang the call
Anika: how irritate these customer care
Arnav starts to cry and call Om who was sit near to him.
Om: what’s up why r u crying?
Arnav: some unknown woman, she abused.
Om: Hey, men should not cry. Then u have her number right?
Arnav: yes.
Om: you have a phone right?
Arnav: yes
Om: call and abuse her back.
Anika was in the class, suddenly her phone ring (she forget to put in silent mode)
Teacher: anika out
She took the phone it was arnav
Arnav: what does u think of you?
Anika: hello who r u? What does u want?
Arnav: didn’t u just call and abuse me? Arnav from air voice.
Anika: I didn’t abuse u. I abuse ur company right?
Arnav: so what? How could u abuse my father? Apologies or u will face the consequence.
Anika: I won’t apologies come and face me if u r a man.
Arnav: okay, I forgive you.
Anika: what?
Arnav: delete my number and I’ll delete urs.don’t call me again. I won’t call you too. Bye thank you.
Anika: hey come and meet me if ur a man.
Arnav: whats ur problem? Can’t u let a man be peaceful? I haven’t even had breakfast. Does u know how much work I have? How can you just tell me to come?
Anika: come and face me if you are man
Arnav: you come if u r a man. Saying this he cut the call.
Anika call back arnav. These make arnav afraid and tell to Om
Om: what
Arnav: she keeps calling me what should I do?
OM: switch off the phone.

This makes anika angry and tells to whole class
Anika: take out Ur phone and call the customer care of air voice. If anyone named arnav attend the call and tell.
everyone starts to dial at first no one get arnav after sometimes one girl got and she tell some family problem and tell to arnav that it is all because of him like that 2-3 call come which make arnav fear a lot and tell this to om.
Om: you are getting emotional often during office hours. Such calls r usual in customer care. You are new here. That’s why you are afraid. Write out a letter of complaint and give it to sir.
Arnav: I’ll do that…..
Om: then problem will solve.
Arnav run crying to the cabin of his sir.
Arnav: sir sir sir
Sir gets scared and asks: what? Why r u crying
Arnav tell his problem and start to cry
Sir: stop crying. Hey, since u r new, u r afraid. If any such call comes in, divert the call to me. I’ll handle it.
Arnav: will you handle it?
Sir: I will, definitely.
Arnav: I don’t have anyone, but you. Thank u so much, sir.
Saying these arnav leave from the cabin.
When arnav reach he got a call so divert the call to his boss.
Boss: I just told that to console him. He seems to have diverted it here.
After take the call the boss also shocked and cut the call.
After complete the work Om and arnav start leave from the office
Om: have you switched on your phone?
Arnav: no
Om: switch it on.
Arnav: for what?
Om: after 10:00pm only men make phone calls. Women never call men after that. Switch it on.
Arnav switch on the phone and he was shocked by seeing the message.
Om: hey, where r u going?
Arnav: I’ve got some work upstairs.
Om: you don’t work even during the day time. What will u do at night?
Arnav: that girl has sent me a text.
Om: what does she say?
Arnav: she is waiting downstairs.
Om: let’s go down then.
Arnav was afraid to go but Om insists him to come. They come downstairs and see anika.
When arnav see her he look other side.
Om: this is the woman with the beer bottle during New Year, right? Yes
Arnav turn around: she must be a very quarrelsome woman.
Om I’ll handle it u stay behind this pillar and don’t peep out side
Arnav: okay
Om goes to anika and she thought it is arnav
Anika: r u arnav?
Om: if I had been arnav, things would be different.
Anika: where is arnav?
Om: why r u frowning? He is hiding there. Arnav hear it and curse him.
Anika: won’t he come?
Om: he is little afraid type
Anika: okay, there has been a small misunderstanding. The fault is ours. Arnav hear it and peep out anika see him and she understands it was the same person at New Year….
Anika: hey arnav come
Arnav come there: listen, the mistake is yours. You haven’t paid the bill. I have activated it using my own money. Even after that, this is too much coming to office like this……
Anika: I came to apologies. You were the one who abused me during the New Year’s, right?
Arnav: no, u was holding a beer like my grandfather used to….
Anika: stop. You seem decent. How can u abuse a woman in public like that?
Arnav: you look cute too. But u abused me, right?
Anika: I’m very angry with u. just go away.
Arnav: listen; if u threatens me, I’ll start crying.
Anika: hey…..why r u crying? Wipe those tears.
Arnav: I’m not crying. My eyes are sweating. And he wipes it off.
Anika: go away from my sight. When I open my eyes
Arnav: close your eyes.
Anika close the eyes this time arnav run from the there when anika open she see arnav was in bike which was starting
Anika: u didn’t go
Arnav: I’m going he left from there.
Anika like arnav innocence and she is in love with him

Next day
Arnav get a call he take I love u the person tell to him. Arnav was shocked he thinks it was anika and tell this to Om.Then evening both Om and arnav is waiting for anika in bus stop.

Guys its long part so thought to divide it into two parts. Other part post today itself. Hope u like it plz comment
With love

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