There is love after love failure shot 3 (b)

SHOT 3(b)
Arnav: the bus comes….look at her getting down very innocently.
Anika: go without minding them.
Om: hello! Did you say that you love him through a phone call?
Anika: no
Om to arnav: bring that phone here.
Arnav show the number to her
Anika: this is not my number.
Om: isn’t this her number?

Arnav: no, this is some unknown number.
Om gets angry and tells: do you realize with whom we have messed with? Okay I’ll try to manage the situation.
Om to anika: well, it’s a small misunderstanding.
Anika: shut up and go
Om leaves from there.
Anika: hey anyone call u and tell I love u then that was me what u says back?
Arnav: so, were you the caller then? (Smiling)
Anika: go nothing use to tell u
Arnav: ma’am

Anika: go some villager would be roaming in the fields in your village. Search for her and love her. I’m not suitable for you.
Arnav: hello, what’s this? Ma’am I fear only my father. Otherwise, I love you.
Then both of them smile and they spend most of the time together. After one month anika and arnav come to church. Anika was praying but arnav was looking at her. Anika see this
Anika: what?
Arnav: nothing
Anika: tell

Arnav: are we really made for each other?
Anika: no couple is born as a made for each other; depends on the way we live.
Both of them smile
Anika: we would be married in such a church, right?
Arnav: my father wouldn’t accept that.
Anika: okay, we’ll marry in temple then.

Arnav: hey, I mean that my father wouldn’t accept the marriage.
Anika: give me your hand. Why does u care whether others accept us or not? She takes the ring from his and her hand they exchange ring from the church.
Next day anika and arnav come to a beach
Anika: what’s up? What is it that you wanted to say so urgently?

Arnav: anika, I’ve been sleeted in the airlines cabin crew.
Anika: wow! That’s great.
Arnav (sad): ani, I got a mail that the training is in the US for 2 months
Anika: superb! Go there and come back.
Arnav: no, I would have to work there after the training. That’s what do I do now?
Anika: okay you inform your dad and I’ll tell mine.

Arnav: my dad nooo
Anika: you shout that you love me in public. Can’t you talk to your dad about it?
Arnav: I told u earlier, right? I made it clear.
Anika: what? Is u trying to ditch me?
Arnav: what’s this, ani? Tears start to flow from his eyes
Anika: oh no she hug him. Hey I was kidding. Arnav I’ll tell my father. He will come and talk to your father. Okay? Then both of then left to their home.

At night
Anika’s house
Anika’s father come she told everything and her father support her.
Next day anika’s father come and meet arnav’s father and tell about it. But arnav’s father rejects this proposal. Anika come to know about it and tell this to arnav. Arnav told to her we can register marriage anika was surprised next day anika come to register office but arnav didn’t come she wait for him up to the office end but he didn’t come. then her father come there and both of them go to arnav’s house but they came to know arnav goes to US which make anika crying very hardly she cannot control her feeling her father was very depress see her daughters condition suddenly he feel heart attack . Anika drive to hospital. Then her father became alright. When she was paying the bill she get the call that arnav was suicide in us hearing this she feel epilepsy. It was very critical condition. Then after 3 years anika’s father asks her to marry them she agrees for.
Flash back ends

shivaay‘s eyes was filled with tears.
Shivaay: what a love story? This is the first time that I’m hearing about a girl who had love a guy so deeply. I’ll go office, get permission and come back.
Anika: no, it’s okay. I’ll ask my friend to come here. You leave.
Shivaay: okay, I’ll call you when I reach office.
Shivaay starts to move with a smile. Then turn back

Shivaay: I don’t have your phone number. Give it to me….anika give her number.
Shivaay reach home and get ready to leave to office then he remind about anika he call her.
Anika: hello
Shivaay: I’m shivaay speaking.
Anika: oh, shivaay…. I can’t come to work today. Can u inform that I’m on leave?
Shivaay: hey I’m not your colleague shivaay.
Anika (angry): tell
Shivaay: u takes the tablets?
Anika: yes
Shivaay: okay I called up to ask you that okay bye….
Shivaay reach office with smiling face rudra sees this
Rudra: why is he smiles today?
Shivaay comes to his boss and rudra also present there.
Shivaay: my wife is sick and admitted in hospital can take half day leave.
Boss: take full day leave.

Shivaay: thank u sir and he leaves from there.
Rudra was surprised and ask the boss leave for some reason and he allows him.
Rudra and shivaay was in car, shivaay was smiling and driving.
Rudra: what is so happy about? Whats up? Have u murdered ur wife?
Shivaay: hey, what…….
Rudra: no, I thought it could be the reason for your extreme joy. Okay whom r we going to meet, bunking office?
Shivaay: u will see it

Shivaay call her and ask whether u drink juice she told yes and hang the call. Mean time rudra and shivaay reached hospital. He saw anika was paying the bill

Shivaay: whats this? You could have called me.
Anika: it’s okay? What’s the bill?
But shivaay give the money.
Anika: excuse me! Will you swipe if whomsoever gives a card?
Casher: he’s your husband, right?
Anika: who told you that?
Casher: he signed the papers yesterday.

Anika: will he be my husband if he signs the papers?
Casher: sorry ma’am and give the card to shivaay.
Shivaay: shouldn’t I pay?
Anika: why do you even ask? You shouldn’t. You keep calling as you wish and ask me whether I had my tablets like that…. I was upset yesterday. You asked me and I told you. That’s all.
Shivaay feel very sad by her words it hurts him a lot.
The whole people witness the scen and rudra was very shocked by anika’s words.
Rudra come to shivaay

Rudra: what’s up with her…?
Shivaay: leave it bro.tell me how I can make fall for me. (Crying)
Rudra: hey….look here……what’s this? I’m there for you.
at night shivaay drink lots and became unconscious.
Rudra come to shivaay’s flat anika open the door.

Rudra: do you know when he cried for the first time?
Anika: hey, this is a flat. Everyone would be sleeping at midnight.
Rudra: you know that it’s midnight, right? Did u worry about your husband?
Anika didn’t mind
Rudra continue: do u know when he cried for the first time?

A man come: Mrs. shivaay don’t u know that people live here?
Anika: sorry extremely sorry. He will go now that man goes inside.
Rudra: u respects such men. But what about my friend, shivaay? Some random boy cheats you and goes and when a guy marries you even after knowing it you insult him in public, is that right? You are at fault. Listen anika, after the marriage he should come to you daily with flowers and sweets. But he buys cheap alcohol and come to me daily. It because ur at fault. He gets drunk and vomits daily. Fault….I’ll tell you a thing. If women don’t adjust, men will seek love elsewhere.

Anika: don’t blabber being drunk. If u were a good friend you wouldn’t have let him drink and you wouldn’t come drunk to a friend’s house and cause trouble.
Rudra: how can u differentiate a friend as good or bad? A friend is always good. Does u know when he cried for the first time?
Anika joint her hand and tell: oh, god! I don’t know tell me.
Rudra: he cried when he loved someone for the first time. He is in now and he’s crying.
Anika: I don’t understand.
Rudra: I need to say it elaborately.

Rudra get into the house and start to tell shivaay’s past

Precap: shivaay’s past (personally I love shivaay’s love story very much)

Okay this much for today I’ll be back tomorrow hope u like this plz comment for it
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