There is love after love failure shot 2

Hello everyone! Hope u all r well. I know I’m very late sorry for that. Here is the next shot.

Next day anika was doing her work at office her friend ria come and ask
ria: what’s it dr? you called me last night and spoke weirdly I couldn’t understand anything
anika: let it go
ria : hey tell me yaar
anika: now you are in your house
ria: yes I am
anika: if at midnight, a drunk person comes to your door and knock and lies down beside you how would you feel
ria: will such a thing happen to anyone?
anika: it happens to me
ria: life is about adjusting
anika: I never asked for such a marriage
ria: the way you go about, you may get a divorce.
anika: no, I agree to this marriage because of my father. I won’t get divorce and hurt him but I don’t like this life. him and his face but u can help me.
anika was in home cutting vegetables she get a call from her friend
anika: hey,hi
ria: I spoke to the md about ur transfer
anika:yes, I’m waiting for it.i don’t like this place. look at shivaay who was eating bread and jam and hearing her conversation and having whatever u do I don’t bothered
ria: anika, better……..cut off by anika
anika: don’t try to convince me. the us Australia or even Somalia I’m okay with it. I just want to go away from this place. that’s all and she cut the phone

At night
anika having her dinner that time shivaay come from office in drunken state with his food to dining table so anike leave from there. she took her food which she made. when shivaay take water from the jug anika take away the jug. shivaay look at her angrily.
Next day
Anika was in washroom and reading newspaper. outside shivaay was calling out her name but she didn’t bothered about it.
In evening
Shivaay was in lift,anika also come there and see shivaay so she go through stairs.
shivaay: go away
anika switch off the lift and shivaay stuck in the lift
shivaay: oh no! watchman……….
after some time
shivaay enter to his flat in very angry where anika was eating nuts having smirk on her face. suddenly she feel hiccough and say water but shivaay pour the water to floor.
Like this days r passing
one day shivaay come late night at drunken state and knock the door but anike didn’t open it and she sleep without bothered about shivaay.
next day morning anika open the door to take newspaper and milk. she saw all members in the flat in front of her door.shivaay smirk and get inside the house.
people: mrs shivaay all r complaining to her.
man: can u all be silent for a moment and come in front of her and tell what ur husband think of himself. ur husband has vomited all over my door. he is going from flat to flat and creating trouble. ill complain to the police. then that man leave.
like this everyone one come and complained to her. then a watchman come and tell that ur husband ask me that who does the night shift at my house.
this all make anika sad and angry at last a dog bark at her and go. at this time shivaay get ready and left for office. this all made her condition vulnerable and cry viciously.

At bar
shivaay and rudra was drinking alcohol
shivaay& rudra : cheers
shivaay: promise me this
rudra: what?
shivaay: promise me that you won’t marry
rudy: hey take off ur hand and what? why do all married men say this dialogue?
man: shivaay is saying the right thing
rudy: what’s this? both newly married and old say the same thing. I can’t take this.
then shivaay went to his flat where anika’s friend ria standing in front of the door.
shivaay: have I come to the rong address
ria: its late night. aren’t you ashamed to come drunk everyday?
shivaay: aren’t you ashamed to be in someone else’s house at midnight?
ria: you r torturing her so much. has she ever spoken a word to you after the marriage. what do u think of youself?
shivaay: wont ur husband search for u?
ria: I’m not married yet.
shivaay: wait I’ll help
shivaay dial to rudy
rudra: hello go straight to the 3rd floor knock on every door. the door that doesn’t open is your house
shivaay: hey , I’ve reached home correctly
rudy: hey shivaay! wonderful
shivaay: you remain unmarried for long time right? there’s a woman here will you marry her?
ria look at shivaay and starts crying
this make anika anger and come to ria
ria: no problem I’ll take care……cut off by anika
anika: I told you, right? we’ll meet at office tomorrow go
shivaay: heard ur friend and get lost saying this shivaay move to room while anika was standing helpless

as usually shivaay watching tv in full volume anika come and sleep other side she is crying suddenly she fall from the bed and starts to shiver shivaay understand that it is epilepsy and he give a key to stop her from shivering.then he call the ambulance
driver: sir come
shivaay: you go on ill ask someone from her home to come
driver: sir, come on what if something happens
shivaay go with them
doctor come after checking anika
doctor to nurse : who has come with her
nurse point towards shivaay: this man
doctor: what’s the patient’s name?
shivaay: it starts with the letter ‘a’. I don’t know doctor.
doctor: what’s her age
shivaay: I don’t know doctor
doctor: how r u related to her?
shivaay: I’m her husband

doctor to nurse: there’s no point in discussing this further.he’s drunk
doctor start to treat her. anika’s condition was very bad shivaay seen it from outside feeling some sadness then he go and wsh is fave and call someone and go to doctor
doctor to nurse: she’s fine now we’ll shift her
nurse : okay
shivaay: doctor
doctor:tell me
shivaay: her name is anika and she’s 26 years old
doctor:for how many days have u been married?
shivaay: about 10 days
doctor: its okay if you don’t like her but she’’s ur wife at least get to know some medical details about her for emergency . I hope you understand and I’ve prescribed some heavy dosage for her give it to her after making her eat something. ill see you tomorrow take care of her. saying this doctor leave from there.
shivaay went to anika’s room with food and medicines. anika see shivaay
shivaay; eat this first then that and that at last. these r the doctor’s instructions not mine
anika:ill eat slowly you go home ill eat and sleep
shivaay: you finish eating first and then I’ll leave. the doctor instructed me the same.
anika start to eat food
shivaay: if you don’t mind can I know when this occurred before?
anika: why
shivaay: the doctor asked me to find out
anika: it has occure twice
shivaay: how

precap: anika’s past shivaay start to love her

guyz hope u all like it and I need ur help for shivaay’s and anika’s lovers so plz suggest me
once again sry for late update

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  1. Dhar

    Omg such a different version of shivaay… e??? do post post the next update ASAP

    1. Sam-99

      thank u so much, ur comment means a lot drrr……yeah i’ll post next shot on july 29 pakka…..sry for late reply and posting ……..

  2. Aradhya

    I was checking on ur ff 4 a long time happy that you have finally posted it loved the epi Nd pls try to post nxt part asap can’t wait for it

    1. Sam-99

      i’m really sry aradhya for such late ………thank u for ur support it means a lot dr…… part will on july 29 pakka…….

  3. Raja Rani movie…..

    1. Sam-99

      yes hope u like it …..i think ur from kerala ? ……..

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. Sam-99

      thank u so much, ur comment means a lot ………

  5. Hey.. Is it Raja Rani….
    but nice…..

    1. Sam-99

      yes dr its raja rani ………i’m happy that u like it thank u dr for ur support

  6. Bubblu

    hey..Its Raja Rani story..nice thought yaaar..Its awesome to imagine wid Shivika

    1. Sam-99

      thank u dr for the support and i’m happy that u like it ……..

  7. Sagithya

    Amazing yaar

    1. Sam-99

      thank u drr……its means a lot drrr …….

  8. If anyone have no objection Disha parmar and kunal(or karan) as their ex(s) but yaar imaginating shivaay as aaryan and nayanatara as anika it’s simply awesome I love the music of this film vvvvvv much

    1. Sam-99

      yeah i love that music very much its heart touching ………thank u for the support its means a lot drr………..

    1. Sam-99

      thank u drr……its means a lot drrr …….

  9. Amazingggg epi dr… I don’t k.ow about this movie bt after reading 1st part o’m soo excited 4 nxt nd waiting 4 ur nxt update bt u r tooooo late…. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt don’t late this time…

    1. Sam-99

      i’m really sorry for making u wait…………..the next shot is on 29th july i know it is also late but after that i must be regular ………thank u dr for ur great support it means a lot …….

  10. Nithu

    Raja rani story…..nice strt dr

    1. Sam-99

      thank u drr……its means a lot drrr …….

  11. Jerry_36

    Awesome….. Super cute sista
    Loving the concept !
    Keep writing Sumitha Di…
    Love you❤

    1. Sam-99

      thank u drrr…..i’m happy that u love it ………its means a lot dr ……….support me coming parts toooo

  12. TUFriendsForever

    Oh godddd raja rani
    Oh my maata I can’t beleive
    In this film I like arya n nazriya love combo Pls make that unique n tan tana tan tan tan tara
    N this one was too good
    I am remembering each n very scene of the movie
    U made rudy santhanam????????????
    Too good waiting for the next one

    1. Sam-99

      is it rufi???? thank u so much it means a lot drrrr……… in coming parts tooo

  13. Ahsana98

    Hi Sumi. Sorry dear .for this late reply. Njan innale busy ayirunnu. Innu ende friend nde kalyanam ayirunnu.ADA comment cheyan vaikiyadu.
    Love you so much dear finally nee ninde ff mayi terichu vannallo
    Iam happy for that.ninku ariyalo RR my favourite Anu ennu Aryaum Nazriya yanu ende favourite. EE story Shivika use story ayi vayikan njan agrahichitund .Nee Anu adu sadichu tannadu.
    It’s was awesome episode dear.Njan nayns nde yum Aryedeum stantu shivika ye imagine cheydu tanneyanu vsyichadu.nee Rudy ye sandana tinde character ayi choose cheydadu ishttayi.
    Nazriyde rolil Disha parmar venda Jay nde rolil Kunalum venda
    Ende Abhiprayam nazriya ayi Surabhi jothi yum ,Jay ayi Baron sobti Or Varum Turkey. Ivaranrnkil super ayirikum .ninde ishttam.
    Iam waiting for your next episode. Post cheyumbol eniku Hangout ilude link send cheydu tarane.

    1. Sam-99

      njn othiri happy ane ithreum big comment kandappol. chechi paranappole njn surbhi jothi choose cheythu but barun a character suit akumo and njn orthu jay soni a character good ane i dont know which one should i choose i’m in bit confusion …………chechide comment sherikum encourage ane anike thank u so much

  14. Alekhika20

    Superb update

    1. Sam-99

      thank u so much …..its means a lot

  15. Ankita27

    Amazing update…

    1. Sam-99

      thank u so much …..its means a lot

  16. Fenil

    Totally different shade of Shivaay..loved it.
    Lovely update.
    Riya !! heheh Anika’s frd

    1. Sam-99

      thank u so much bhiyaaa…..its means a lot ………

  17. Kanfi

    Hey sumi..
    Such an amazingggg concept..
    I m really loving it…
    Eaget to know anikas past…
    I m happy u r continuing it…???
    Do remind me when u post next
    Love uu

    1. Sam-99

      i’m happy to see ur comment………….dont worry if u dont tell me also i’ll remind u hehehehe

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