There is love after love failure shot 1

Hello everyone ? HOPE u all remember me. This is a 5 shot ff and it really based on south Indian movie. I like these movie very much so I think to write in shivika version. Hope u like it.

Shivaay and Anika are ready for their marriage. They come to the church
Priest : shivvay, u like to marry anika?
Shivaay : I like to marry anika.
Priest : anika, u like to marry shivaay
Anika : I like to marry Arnav
Everyone look at her shockly but shivaay was very happy. Suddenly anika’s father feel pain in chest and she run to him
Father look at daughter hopefully and tell
Father: anika I’m alright.
Anika go near shivaay and tell .: priest plz forgive me and I like to marry shivaay. They both exchange the ring and complete the marriage ritual

In their marriage night
Shivaay is watching movie in their room in high volume while anika is crying and her bed and sleep. (guy they two r in a flat)

Next day
Shivaay and get ready to go to office. Shivaay first enter into the lift and when anika see him she start to move by stairs before leaving she switch the lift. Shivaay was late to come because of this and get angry.

In anika’s office
Ria ( anika’s friend) : yesterday was ur wedding then why u come
Anika : do ur work okay
In shivaay’s office
Rudra: shivaay why u come today
Shivaay remains silent and his boss ask the the same
Shivaay : sir profession is my 1st priority
Boss : good shivaay.I love ur sincerity
Shivaay : thank u sir and his boss went
At night shivaay drink and come . Anika open the door and see shivaay which make her very angry and go to her room.shivaay also go to the room and start watching movie in high volume which make anike very much angry and call her friend and tell what do u think of it self if u don’t lower the volume I’ll break it leg and hand. Shivaay understand what she mean and switch off the tv and both of them sleep with anger for each other.

So this the end of 1st shot hope u like it and I was busy for two day that’s why I’m not see in online and my previous ff I’ll post as soon as possible. If u don’t like this plz tell me . I’m waiting for ur comments

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  1. the story looks like raja rani movie am I correct ???

    1. exactly

    2. Sam-99

      Yes it is Raja rani film hope u like it and thank u for reading yaar

    1. Sam-99

      Thank u drrrr. …

  2. Sairan


    1. Sam-99

      Thank u drr….

  3. Same as raja rani movie in Telugu…

    1. Sam-99

      Yeah it is the same story hope u like it…..

  4. it is raja rani right sumitha

    1. Sam-99

      Yes drrrr. ….hope u like it

  5. Super ma….raja rani story …thanks a lot….I love shivika

    1. Sam-99

      Thank u dr. ….

  6. Wait a minute miss sumitha this is raja rani film i know this movie its star with arya and nayanthara by the way r u a tamil but its really nice keep on going okay ?????

    1. Sam-99

      By the way I’m from Kerala……..Thank u for it great support drrr

  7. It s raja rani movie na…. I love the story…. Keep writing dear… Excited for the next one

    1. Sam-99

      Thank u so much drrrr

  8. loved makes me remember a tamil movie

    1. Sam-99

      Exactly it the same movie hope u like it….

  9. its raja rani movie

  10. Jerry_36

    Awesome Sumitha ! The concept is good. Will be waiting for it?

    1. Sam-99

      I’m very much happy to see it comment drr and thank u so much

  11. Copy of raja Rani Tamil film

    1. Sam-99

      Yes hope u like it

  12. Arthi

    This is raja Rani movie dr….and I love this movie so much………I don’t know whether u ll believe or not I watched this movie three times just in theatre bunking classes……..such a movie and while imaging Shivika in this movie this is another kind of picturisation…..

    1. Sam-99

      Me too see this movie lots of time……..I hope u like it and thank u for ur support drrrrr

  13. Ahsana98

    Raja Rani my favorite movie. You know what while reading the first sentence I mentioned that it like Raja Rani my favorite movie. I really want to shivika story like Raja Rani movie. And you fulfills my wish. It was an nice starting chechi I like it.

    1. Sam-99

      Thank u dr for ur great support……..

  14. Nithu

    its similar to RAJA RANI MOVIE………it was in telugu language to its one of the best movies i have ever seen………………do write it cuz there are many from diff countries..hope they will read this amazing story…….

    1. Sam-99

      Thank u dr for ur great appreciation. ……

  15. I got it from the first few lines itself it’s raja rani by t wy I m also a keralite ur frm which dstrct?

    1. Sam-99

      Hope u like it and I’m from kottayam and u?

      1. I m frm calicut ya it’s too gud pls post nxt part asap

  16. Sandhiya

    Wow dr u wrote this ff on raja rani ….its so gud…???Actually i luv nayantara….thats why i luv this movie….by the way m sandhiya…..a tamil gal…….????so frndz??

    1. Sam-99

      I’m malayali of course friendssssss

      1. Sandhiya

        Now only i saw raja rani in vijay tv???

  17. Hey are you telugu or tamil one I really love this film raja rani and even the film’s music
    The episode is really awesome when I read topic name exactly this film got into my mind and when u said christian marriage and shivaay was happy that anika told someone’s name calling friend and indirectly warning him I just confirmed it
    Thank u so so so much dear for writing like this

    1. Sam-99

      I’m malayali drrr and ur comment make my day drrrrrr

  18. Hey!!!! I didn’t saw d raja rani movie but after saw soo much comments nd ur story line i’m really excited 4 nxt… Post ASAP…

    1. Sam-99

      I look my best to explain each and every scene drrrrr…….hope u like it dr and thank u

  19. Its awesome plz write as it is shivika in raja rani

    1. Sam-99

      Of course dr I’ll write as it and thank u for the support drrr

  20. Ananyagour

    Intresting…..i loved the story

    1. Sam-99

      Thank u drrrrr

  21. Interesting di.

    1. Sam-99

      Thank u drrrrr for the support

  22. Interesting…

    1. Sam-99

      Thank u drrr

  23. Fenil

    Nice update.
    Favourite Movie.
    Waiting for next but links send karni hogi aapko.sorry.

    1. Sam-99

      Thank u dr sure I’ll send u the link but why sorry

  24. Sam-99

    Thank u dr sure i ‘ll send dr and why sorry

  25. Nila

    Wow shivika in Raja rani movie omg superbbbb idea SUMI I guessed the movie while reading us title My favourite movie in Tamil thank u and continue

    1. Sam-99

      I think u all will kill me for copy the idea but u all give me such huge support thank u so much nila……..

  26. Haridhra

    Wow chechi ur awsm love u so much for choosing tis n all the best I’m sure mostly everyone will love n like tis Concept .. All the best chechi .. Love you ..???

    1. Sam-99

      Love u drr and thank u for u valuable comment

  27. Aashi26

    Nice concept…eagerly waiting for ur next update…would you accept me as your little sis…sumi di…can call you that…

    1. Sam-99

      Hlo my dr little sis hw r u and thank u for ur cute conment. ……of course u can call me drr

  28. Alekhika20

    Nice part

    1. Sam-99

      thank u drrrr

  29. Nice one..

    1. Sam-99

      Thank u drr

    2. Sam-99

      Thank u ….

  30. Heu its raja rani tamil film story ya .

  31. its raja rani movie aww good

  32. Neha_Pheonix

    Ohh superb post! Sumi felt happy that you are back again here. Obviously, continue this yaar> as, I dont know the movie my curiosity level to read the next one has increased more.
    Love ya!

    1. Sam-99

      I’m very much happy to see ur comment di and sure di i’ll do my best to explain each and every scene….love u diiii

  33. Kanfi

    Hey dear…
    I m happy u r continuing wrting ff,,.-
    Post next part soon,..
    Love uu

    1. Sam-99

      I’m very happy to see ur comment and sure I’ll post soon….

  34. Thedreamsoul

    Awesome di , I can picture It all ! Raja rani is one of my favourite movie . Well from Ahsana di I got to know you are writing this else I would have missed it ! Complete it soon and take your time ???
    Love you chechi ???

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