“..My Love is Your Love..” Episode 4

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The sun rises. Sanam gets up from bed and gets ready to go to school. Her mom reminds her to apologies to aditi. Sanam nods and leaves. She reaches school and attend her prayer. On the way to class she sees aditi and smiles at her but intern aditi smerks back. Sanam without caring process towards aditi and says”hi aditi”.. Aditi thinks”did she came to know tat i pushed her sterday”. Sanam again repeats “hi aditi ” . Aditi replies back in a rude tone “hi but bye”. Aditi starts leaving but sanam stops her and says “wait i need to talk to you” aditi stops and listens to sanam. She turns to her and says ” let me clear you one thing i dint push you sterday”. Sanam gets shocked and says “so you pushed me sterday,huh!! ” . Aditi says ” i said no, n u r taking me wrong,i dinr push u” and starts leaving to class.

Sanam gets confused and thinks i know she would have pushed me but she did this due to me, i have to apologies first and she to starts walking towards class. In the class, science teacher comes to take the class. Sanam notices tat all the students were sad as soon as the teacher enters. Sanam thinks, i think this teacher is strict tats y all faces lost their smile seeing her. She then questions her frnd “y u guys looking sad, is this mam so strict?? ” Kiran doesn’t react to her question and says”u will know it by your self”

The teacher goes near the board and starts writing the subject name. Sanam questions her frnd “i want to know which subject does this mam handle”. Her frnd ask her to look at the board. Sanam looks at the board and checks the topic and says “oh she is our history teacher”. Her frnd looks at her in shock and says recheck the subject. It’s not history it’s chemistry. Sanam says wat???? But she have written history. Yah sanam but look at her ‘h’ before h do u see a small curve. Sanam says yah!! Kiran says tat is her way of writing c. Sanam laughs n says “oh god”. Kiran says she writes chemistory daily but today she is too much, she wrote chestory…. Really god only will understand her writing. The girls giggles and laughs . The teacher shouts silence and the girls stops laughing.

The teacher teaches on the topic of chemical reaction. After saying h2+o2 give 2ho. She gives a big reaction and ask the students to solve. All the girls laughs on hearing tat and says ok mam. Sanam wonders how come all are happy suddenly, tat to even after the teacher gave a tough problem to solve. The teacher takes her place and orders the girls to solve the problem asap. The girls keeps silent for a while. Sanam starts to solve the reaction, but suddenly she hears the snoring sound and stops working. Everyone in the class starts laughing silently. Sanam notices the teacher sleeping and she starts laughing along. Then she tells her frnd so this is the reason u all where relaxed. Her frnd replies back this is wat happens in every class. The class passes .

During the break Sanam goes to aditi and says”i need to talk to you,actually i want to say sorry, for the things happened sterday” . Aditi says “oh then this is your new way to take revenge” . Sanam says “no i dint mean tat,actually wat all happened sterday was due to my short temper. I won’t repeat this. And from today we will start our frndship.. So frnds!! Aditi says “OK, with the symbol of union taker this chewing gum.,(it’s not the real chewing gum, it’s a prank played by aditi) sanam takes it and gets a small shock while touching it. Aditi laughs. Sanam says”so you played prank with me, i apologized to you but still you are doing this with me” .. Aditi says ok ok sorry. Actually i had a little frustration on you, so i removed this way.. Sanam says it’s OK.. They both shakes hands. Aditi thinks in mind, see baby i won’t forgive you so soon… U have to be insulted in front of all, how u insulted me!! I will surely insult you in front of all one day!! Aditi smerks and smiles on seeing sanam.. Sanam says to aditi, thank god, i solved my problem by own.. U know i too don’t like to keep enmity with anyone. Aditi says yes, i too don’t like to fight with anyone but if someone give me one thing, i return them with double. Sanam thinks for a while but doesn’t care for aditis words.

Later in class sanam tells her frnds Tat now aditi have changed and she wants to be frnd with you all. They all gets thinking but sanam manages everyone and says aditi have really changed. From then on every one in the class work together in all projects without any gang issues..

The teacher announces abt the school sports day and the practice to be started from the next day. Everyone in the class gets excited. The teacher also announces abt choosing deputy captains from different houses(red, green, blue, yellow) from the class. Sanam gets thinking tat in which house she will be!!!!

Precap: Sanam and Sahil are in the street , standing very close to each other with a very small gap in between. Both of them look into each others eyes.

Guys I’m i boring you all.. If so please let me know. . . Actually i don’t reply you all in the comment section coz, i feel shy.. Only in my first epi i commented.. Sorry for not thanking you all.. Thank for your valuable comments . It really means to me alot If I’m really boring you please do let me know. I will stop..

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  1. Oh so sweet sanam

  2. Ur imagination is really very gud i really liked all ur episodes buh only one thing plz improce ur spelling n in sum plcs ur sentences
    keep going n start wid sanam n sahil scenes

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  4. Hi ruhisha dear, it’s very nice episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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