“..My Love is Your Love..” Episode 3

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As soon as sanam’s frnd reminded to meet the teacher, sanam gets up frm the bench and proceeds to go but aditi who is sitting two bench back straightens her leg . Sanam notices her but she proceeds as if she doesn’t see. Sanam purposefully steps on aditis foot and aditi shout ouch!!!! Sanam laughs inside but does’nt show out and apologizes to aditi and leaves to meet the teacher.

Sanam meets the teacher and she gets informed abt the syllabus and other activities of the school. The teacher also tell sanam tat as she had joined school one month late, she have to work hard, since they have started the portion.Sanam tells teacher tat, i will give my best man and leaves to class.

After school is over sanam leaves the class and is very happy. She goes out of the school but aditi who pushes sanam from the back but at the nick of the time a hand catches sanams hand and saves sanam from falling. Aditi runs from there. Sanam manages herself and is abt to say thanks but suddenly she hears the voice saying no no no.. Dont say thanks. But just do me a favour… I’m sahil.. She looks at him and ask wat.!! He says actually instead of thanks If u return my favour tat wouldbe better. Sanam thinks in mind that “oh god!! He is totally mad”(mai kis paagal ke pass phas gayi)…

Sahil tells her tat dont think me mad, sanam smiles after hearing tat and ask him, tell me soon i have to go home.. Sahil tells her actually my mom is in your principal room, u just go n inform her tat I’m here outside the school and ask her to give the car keys. Sanam just react back n says “Wat !! principal room!!. No no i can’t. Sahil says i itself can go but this is girls school if the watch man sees me Tats it.He may think me wrong. Sanam tells him tat, its not like tat i have seen some gents inside the school ,u can go n get the key by own. Sahil asks her are you sure?? Coz only during functions my mom takes me inside. Sanam says I’m not sure, I’m new to this school i don’t know the anything and this school.

Sahil says i will tell u the way to principal office, sanam thinks”he won’t leave me until i get the keys” and she says sahil tray i will get your keys wait. He says tat principal office is in the first block room no. 4. She goes inside the school and searches for principal office n find it. She sees a lady outside the office and tells her tat hello maam. The lady turns and says yes! Actually maam , some lady is inside the office and questions her tray did u see her. The lady says tat yes i saw a lady tell me. Actually tat lady’s soon is outside the school and is asking for car keys. Sanam continues saying tat how can someone will give keys if i ask all of sudden without knowing me. Really tat guy is mad . Can u pls help me in getting the keys?

The lady says tat “yes!! Sahil is really mad! Sanam ask her how do u know his name?? And she is shocked n thinks “oh gosh!!!!!! The lady says that don’t worry beta!! Actually i left my phone in car, tats y he may not be able to contact me. Here’s the key, u just give it,.. Or else leave i will give him, as I’m leaving now. They both leave together. At the gate sahil ses his mom n calls out.. ” mom!!! Atlas u came. Here due to ur car its traffic n the police was going to toe ur car but Nick of time i came n stopped them doing so. N i asked one girl to inform u, sanam comes from her back,… Sahil says, hey u, i told u to get the keys but u brought my mom along.. Tats gr8.. K mom can we leave now. His mom says sure sahil. The lady turns n says thank you dear. Sahil says.. Hmm yah thanks.. Thanks alot.. And smiles at sanam. Sanam after seeing his smile feels restless and her heart beats fast!! She ignores her heart beat And smiles back. They all leave to their homes.

Sanam reaches her home, she is tired and lays on bed. Her mom comes and ask her to fresh up and then take a nap. Sanam takes a nap and comes to her mom. Her mom ask her abt her first day at school. Sanam says it was awesome. She met good, bad and mad people!!! Her mom questions wat?? Mad people?? Sanam smiles and says yah mom !! I. Mean no mom!! Actually ,in my class there is a girl named aditi. She shows off mom.. U know she differentiates people betweent high class and low class. I got angry on her and insulted her alot and tells her wat all happened at school. Her mom gets angry and said wat happened to u sanam, is this the way to behave with your class fellow!! You have to respect each of your class mates. This is not the right way sanam. Only your fight will increase , someone will have grudge against you. And i don’t want tat too happen. Sanam says actually mom…. Her mom says enough sanam, tomorrow u have to apologize to her. Sanam says but mom!! Her mom says Tats final! Sanam says ok mom. Actually mom i too was feeling somewat after hurting her. But after hearing u, i have decided to forgive her and will take a new start tomorrow. Her. Says ” Tats like my daughter” .OK come and have your dinner, n get back to your bed..

After finishing the dinner sanam gets back to her room and goes to sleep. Kiran tells shekar everything happened at school. Shekar ask kiran not to worry n tells her tat, she is my daughter, she won’t repeat the mistake. Today she misbehaved being your daughter. ? tomorrow i will explain her! kiran reacts and says you mean i misbehave with all. They start their usual nok-jhok. And stars pillow fight.

Precap: Sanam takes chewing gum from aditi and gets a small electric shock.

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