“..My Love is Your Love..” Episode 2

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.. It’s morning,sun rays fall on sanam , though she can feel the hot sun but was sleeping without any reaction.. Then we could see sanam running behind school bus. She misses her bus and then returns back home. Then her dad drops her on the way littler far from schooldue to traffic jam. She then says bye to her dad and runs from there. Finally She reaches school and finds herself late and then she collides with someone, when she see, it’s a lady. Just then she says sorry n proceeds towards school. There she finds the school gate closed n she panics and ask the watchman to open. But to her surprise he informs tat late comers are not allowed in the school, she gets shell shocked and gets up from her bed by screaming nooooo.. Her mom comes running and asks Wat happened??? In a horrible way sanam says mom first day I went late to school … Her mom ask when did she leave for school?? She laughs at her and says may be it was your dream dear don’t worry it’s just 6:30 now. Sanam with big relief on her face get down from the bed and gets ready to school.

Sanam’s dad drop her in school and wished her all the best. Sanam happily proceeds towards school. She enters the school and find it an peaceful envirionment it was a bis school. There were so many trees planted. She found some students planting new trees. She went to the ground and she heard the bell sounds and all of a sudden she heard students shouting,running behind eachother . Students were found playng happily. But suddenly she hears a voice “SILENCE” . Sanam was taken a back . She was the principal of the school and the school spl asked the students to assemble them for the prayer. All the students arranged themself for Assembly. Sanam doesn’t know where to go, so she takes some place n attend the assembly. To her surprise the one who said silence was non other than the lady whom she saw in her dream. Sanam with a great relief says to herself “thank god i din’t collide with her and stars laughing” ? .

After the assembly sanam ask a teacher the way to class9. The teacher guides her the way and she reaches her class. She saw the girls talking, giggling and everyone suddenly stops their real seeing sanam. A girl smiled seeing sanam, sanam gives small back. She introduced herself as sanam to that girl. Then the girl introduced herself as kiran. Sanam was surprised and then she said to her tat my mom name is to kiran. Sanam says nice meeting you kiran. kiran asked her to sit beside her. Sanam was happy that she got a new frnd. Kiran introduced sanam to her frnds. Sanam was happy and the girls start their gossip. They talked and their family grind l, frnds, where she belong, this n tat. Then a girl cuts their talk and introduced herself as aditi and tells sanam tat, u look so high class and pretty too but not much beautiful than me. Why don’t you join our gang. Why you are hanging with this down market girls. Sanam after hearing her talk gets angry, she doesn’t like anyone pointing at her loved ones. So she replied back to her saying,” so miss aditi, if they are from down market, are you from supermarket”.

Everyone around blast out into laughter and started shouting “nose-cut, nose-cut!!!!! ” before aditi could revert back to sanam,teacher enters and everyone get back to their places and wish the teacher. Aditi stares at sanam and thinks In mind, i will teach u a lesson for sure … Sanam Smirks at her. Then sanam introduces herself to the teacher. Then the teacher says, welcome and ask her meet after lunch. The teacher takes the attendence and leaves. During Maths class, the mats teacher ask the students to solve the problem. But after Sanams entry she won’t be like tat. Sanam finishes the problem first And raises her hand. The teacher was surprised, as aditi is the one who finishes the problem first. Aditi is a good scorer in class. Then after correction the teacher ask the students to clap for the new comer for her super speed in solving the sum.. After teacher leaves everyone encourages sanam. Her frnds warns her tat for first time aditi has faced this insult. She may fall to any extent,so be careful. Then after sometime lunch bell rings. They all enjoy there lunch. Later kirti reminds sanam tat teacher called her after lunch. Sanam hits her head with hand n says”oh yah!!i totally forgot abt it” she starts leaving.

Precap: While Sanam goes to meet teacher, aditi straighten her leg to make her fall.

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  1. Nic stry dr, u wat i luv schl lyf stories. Bt v dnt gt 2 c such stories in tv. Glad dat u came up with a schl stry. . . Plz Updt regularly dr 🙂

  2. Superr update yaar

  3. Nice epi..Dream part was Scary on reading that..Oh..Sanam accidentally Made a new Enemy..i hope Aditi becomes friend of Sanam..waiting for next part eagerly..take care ?..

  4. Its really good

  5. Nice episode ruhisha, plzzzz continue. ..it’s going well. ..loved the line, r u from the supurmarket…hahaha…eagerly waiting for the next episode. …

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