For Love, With Love (Chapter 1)


Chapter 1
“You know, I love you”
“I know I do too”
“Hey, I think we should go for a long drive and then a candlelight dinner. What say?”
“Its wonder…..
“Wake up, wake up
Morning bells are ringing…”

Not again. I was almost there. A romantic candlelight dinner and long drive. I thrust my hands out too snooze off the alarm. Fumbling over some things… Arghh it’s buzzing nonstop.
“Stop you moron”, I cursed while trying my best to snooze it off.
Phew! At last victory. I snuggled up into my warm comforter. Well a minute of silence and not again. My doorbell started ringing.
“Go away, let me sleep”, I cried out irritatingly.
There you go it stopped. Now I can sle… What the!! AGAIN!!
I stretched out my hands. My eyes opened after several watery blinks. I crawled out of the comforter swinging my legs over the side of the bed.
It again ringed. “Coming”, I said groggily.
The chilled wooden floor sent chills shooting from my ankles to the nape of my neck. Wrapping a shawl around me and keeping my hands close to my chest I headed downstairs.
I stumbled my way towards downstairs cursing the being standing outside and mercilessly ringing the bell. It ringed again.

I clicked open the door and stood there dumbfounded, dumbstruck. My mouth hung open wide as if I saw a ghost in the morning.
“They should be here at ten not now”, I mumbled to myself as I remember the trip that we’re going.
“Oh hello!! What took you so long, you know how long we were standing outside”, Triya almost shouted on me giving me an angry look.
“I… Uh… I was sleeping”, I fumbled on my words confusingly .
“What!! Sleeping… Don’t say that you forgot our trip”, Hiya gave me an horrified look.
What is wrong with these two sisters, can’t they see its morning and they’re supposed to be here by ten.

“Guys, chill, it’s seven. And by the way why are you here so early. You’re supposed to be here ten”, I said while letting them in.
I don’t know what happened. As if a thunder struck both the sisters and they stood there shocked. Triya came near me and touched my temple and said, “Hiya, I think she has lost it. Our trip just got ended.”
“Are you out of your damn mind! Look at the clock its almost ten and you overslept again”, Hiya said pointing me towards the clock.

I hit my forehead with my palm. I overslept again. I gave them a I-am-sorry look and ran upstairs.

Hey, this is my first chapter. Hope you guys like it. See ya…

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