Love Is A Losing Game – OS

About the OS :- This OS is a short and a sad one

NOTE :- character’s Twinkle and Kunj played only by Jasmin Bhasin and Sidhant Gupta …..don’t imagine anyone else

So let’s begin…….

Kunj and Twinkle have been good friends since their High school days

Right now They r on a trip with there friends

I can see them sitting on a bench right there in a park I guess there’s some conversation going on b/w them let’s here what it is

——-Conversation b/w twinj———
Tw: Hw I wish I had a boyfriend with whom I could spend some quality tym and enjoy my life

Kunj : Even I wish I had a girlfriend just like all these ppl (addressing to their friends in the park) …..only we both r left alone without a partner whereas all the ppl in our friend circle have found their perfect ‘other’

After a few minutes of silence kunj again spoke

Kunj : Hey twinkle y don’t we play a game

Tw(with a confused look) : what game ???Kunj: Why don’t we date each other for 50 days and check whether we r compatible enough to stay with each other for the rest of our lives ……..

Tw( in a super exited tone ) : awesome idea

——-end of conversation———-

Day 1 – On their first date Kunj and Twinkle r off to a concert …..outside the concert hall kunj gifts Twinkle a heart shaped keychain …….they felt quite awkward with each other ( obvious hai guys first date hai )

Day 4 – Twinj r enjoying at one of their frnds B’day party they share their first ever hug

Day 9 – Twinj r sitting by the beach , watching d sun go down As the evening turns to night the couple watch the canopy of stars above . Twinkle spots a shooting star and closes her eyes to make a secret wish .Even on constant prodding she kept the wish to herself saying to Kunj that disclosing the wish could only reduce the chances of it coming true

Day 17 – Twinj spend tym at the annual city fair . Kunj takes Twinkle to House of Horror where Twinkle grabs someone else’s’ hand by mistake and when she realises both burst out into laughter

Day 30 – They kiss for the first tym after watching a movie . They pass by a fortune teller who advises them to treasure all there moments from now on but they ignore him thinking of him to be a madman

Day 41 – Another day at the beach where they end up having a few romantic intimate moments in the company of the setting sun ( a picture perfect moment )

Day 49 –
they decide to go on a picnic to a park. While basking in the sun Twinkle requests Kunj to get her a bottle of apple juice , Kunj says he’ll b back in no time and walk down the street.

Time passes by there’s no sign of Kunj , adding to Twinkle’s worries. She paces up and down in the park waiting for Kunj to return . Just then a man came up to her and asked her whether her name was Twinkle . Feeling the worst she slowly nods her head in aggrement

He said her that he was walking down the street and from nowhere came a big truck and moved down a young boy who was crossing the street. He then tells he went charging towards the boy who was now lying in a pool of blood. That’s when he heard d boy shouting Twinkle’s name , making him look for her.

Twinkle runs to the spot with the stranger and finds Kunj lying injured on the road .Twinkle notices that he is still holding onto the juice with a shivering hand. Semi- conscious he tries to hand over the drink to her . She can’t hold back her tears any further and breaks into hysterical sobs. By the tym a sizeable crowd had gathered and one of them called for the ambulance . On reaching the hospital Kunj is straight away carried to the emergency room . At this point of time all Twinkle could do was just wait……

After almost eight long hours around 11:40 at night , the doctor came out of the emergency room and says ‘ I’m sorry but we did the best we could but his injuries are so grave that he has only a few minutes to live . Here we found a letter in his pocket u might want to have a look at it. ‘
The doctor hands the letter to Twinkle after which she enters the room to see Kunj. He looks weak , but peaceful. Twinkle reads the letter and bursts into tears. The Letter says,


Our fifty days are almost over and I must say I have spent the best moments of my life with u. I don’t know whether I will b able to tell u how much I love u after all this is over…..and may b that’s y I’m writing this letter .Now that I’m nearing the end I want to tell u that this game was a mere play to get u to spend time with me . The truth is that I have been loving u since school days but could not get myself to reveal my true feelings….I have and will always love u . I have nothing much to ask for , but just wish that I could extend our time together . I want to be yours forever I Love You ,Twinkle …..and I’m sorry for not expressing my feelings before .Hope u will be mine , always…..

Twinkle hold’s Kunj’s hand and says ‘ Do you know what I wished for that night when I saw the shooting star ?? I asked God to never let our fifty days together to come to an end . You can’t leave me alone like this I love u pls come back to me pls kunj I really Love u and have done since school days but never had the courage to express my feelings pls come back….’

As the clock strikes twelve……Kunj’s heart stops beating . His death marks the end of their fifty days together and their love story remains IMMORTAL


Hey Guys Kruti here…….hope u all liked the OS
Frankly tell me How it was bcoz I felt the end was abrupt and this story isn’t a complete creation of mine one of my friend gave me the basic story and I wrote it ……surely comment below and do tell me which one of my
three OS’s was ur favourite

These r my previous OS’s

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surely comment below


  1. Dreamer...arundhati


    |Registered Member

    Kruti. .Darlo.. Im literally speechless
    U know i was literally crying… But u mentioned it was a sad story and hence u have succeeded in ur task.
    And as far ur best one r concerned . I tell u dear all the os were fab.
    Do write more.
    Wonderful os

  2. sana(aamu)

    yaaaaaaaar such a hearttouching n emotional story……..
    i m seriously crying
    keep writing os
    u r doing best

  3. Aastha

    Hey kruti…. OS is very heart touching n emotional but dont end like this its very painful…. love story without happy ending i cant read i know not every story has happy ending 🙂 🙂

  4. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Kruti …
    Ur OS …made me cry …that last part was so emotional one…
    Very nice OS..
    Amazing… loved it..

  5. sidhants dieharder fan (manu)

    Woww kruti di I am peechless what a lovly os and very emmotional my tears are not stopping I can’t desceibe how much I loved it and in ur previous os I love ur the devil with a guitar the storywas mindblowing…..

  6. Aliza

    How dare u… how dare u make me cry… it was so emotional… awesomeeeeee……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Khushi

    I don’t have words to express what m feeling right now…it was so touching usually I don’t read ffs or OS with sad ending coz I end up crying alot m sooo emotional but I read it coz I found the concept really interesting….. Uff I had tears in my eyes…. U might think that this is stupid but m really very very emotional and u just nailed it
    And my fav is the devil with the guitar coz I could really relate to that story others r also amazing just like u

    • Kruti



      Thank u khusi ….don’t worry even I’m very emotional if I whatch some crying scene in some movie or some action scene where hero is beaten up tears automatically start flowing so I don’t watch movies with my family Coz my bro always ends up teazing
      And thank u once again for coming out of ur comfort zone and reading a sad story

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.