LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, U CANT SEE IT , BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT” – a shraman fanfiction. episode 5

Hi guys , this is balamirra yegneswaran with the fifth episode of “LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, U CANT SEE IT BUT YOUCAN FEEL IT” . thankyou for your lovely comments , keep supporting.
I really feel like crying , I am really sad that I cant watch ekdv any more. I really love nimik and shraman . I hope there is a season 2. So guys, its we who are gonna keep ek duje ke vaaste alive . shraman forever<3. Please write more fanfictions and one shots ,imagine and reinvent shraman.
Thankyou, so ill start with epi five.

The episode starts with shravan’s sad face. Shravan realizes that he did a big mistake by kissing sumo.
Suman doesn’t know how to react and hence she shares all her problem with her grandpa.
(Converstion between sumo and her grandpa)
Suman : grandpa, ……….(starts crying a lot )
Grandpa: whats wrong suman beta, why are you crying, just tell me what happened.
Suman: grandpa, I love shravan a lot ….
Grandpa: suman, you love shravan a lot , then why don’t you tell him?
Suman: grandpa, shravan loves me too , but I never told him that I have leukemia (A type of cancer).
Grandpa: just go and talk to him ,you can sort out your problems later.
Suman agrees with her grand father , she goes and meets shravan .
Suman: shravan..
(shravan is busy doing some work)
He turns ….
Shravan: sumo, I am really sorry sumo..
She cuts his words and starts speaking
Suman: shravan, its ok .
(shravan feels that this is the right time to confess his love)
Shravan: kneels down in front of her
sumo, I am sorry for all that I did, I really love you sumo , I need you sumo ,
Suman ( has tears in her eyes) : shravan I love you too, (she hugs him tightly)
They stay in each others embrace for sometime, then they make some plans for the next day.

(Preekar in a restaurant )
The restaurant is filled with bouquets music and heart-shaped balloons everywhere.
Preeti: the arrangements looks so nice….n beautiful yaar ,(she thinks that pushkar did everything for her.)
Pushkar: thankyou

(before the play, shravan books a table and thinks of confessing his love to suman)
Shravan: hey pushkar, can you book a table for two in the grand palace restaurant .
Pushkar: ok dude I will, but for what? With whom? When?
Shravan: today at 6 in the evening . for me and sumo. You just book the table and I will do the arrangements .
Later shravan tells pushkar to cancel the table as sumo is angry with him.(after the play)
Instead of cancelling the table pushkar brings preeti to the restaurant .
Fb ends.

Pushkar : preeti, you can order you favourite food and then lets chat for some time, before leaving I have a big surprise for you.
Preeti: oh really ! thankyou pushku .
( she literally hugs pushkar , later she feels awkward and starts to move but pushkar , holds her by the wrist and tells her : its ok preeto , no problem .
(they share a cute eyelock)
(Preeti notices that smiling face of pushkar and she feels that she has to confess her love for him.
Pushkar feels the same.)
Preeti : so come , lets devour all the food
(they start eating the food , they chat for some time and enjoy to their fullest)
Preeti: pushkar, now give me my surprise , I am so eager to see what it is.

In fractions of seconds , all the lights become dim, rose petals fall from the top and preeti just enjoys everything . finally pushkar kneels down and says.
Preeti, in the play I said that you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen , you are indeed an angel. I fell for you the first time I saw you, it was love at first sight for me, I love you sooo.. much preeti .
Preeti did not know how to react , she just buried her face In his chest and looked at him lovingly .
Pushkar: preeti, I know that you love me , but wont you tell me those magical words too.
Preeti: pushkar, I love you too….( saying this she hugs him very tightly )

( Scene shifts to shraman)
Shravan: sumo , tomorrow we will go to many different places together we will make tattoos of our Names , we will have a lot of fun tomorrow . ok?
Suman: thankyou shravan…….(she gets happy and hugs shravan tightly)
Not only preekar but also shraman confessed their love that day . both the couples were happy to get their love .

(precap: shraman go on a long drive and have fun, Suman reveals something to shravan, shravan is shocked)

For more updates , stay tuned and keep reading
I know you guys are angry on me for not showing shravan’s date. But don’t worry there is a lot of stuff coming up in the next episodes . the sixth episode will only concentrate on shraman.
Next update is probably tomorrow or Tuesday.

Take are guys ,
balamirra yegneswaran.

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  1. Wowwwww
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    1. Y.balamirra

      thankyou for the lovely comment , will post next epi asap

  2. WeirdSister

    Hey Y.B..
    This was short dear…
    Nd plz if possible show more shraman scenes..I mean I hve had enough preekar in d serial…!
    Hope u don’t mind…!
    Anyway I knew that sumo was hiding something…
    Loved d confession…
    Plz plz post soon…
    Love ya..!

    1. Y.balamirra

      hi, will make sure that the next epi is long dear, thankyou for ur sweet comment
      the next episode is dedicated only for shraman, so u will have more shraman scenes.
      keep reading, will post next epi asap, love y.b

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  4. Nice one…
    Actually..when u said its a shraman date..
    I felt it may b a friendly the duos didn’t confessed yet..but..get surprised with their confession and shocked..with sumos truth..let’s see wt new folds carry this story within it???

    1. Y.balamirra

      thankyou di , a lot of stuff is coming up , stay tuned , will post asap
      love, y.b

  5. Awesome episode Y.BALAMIRRA plz post next episode asap n loved the way pushkar n Shravan confessed their love. Really really lovely episode

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      oh thankyou, that was so sweet of you , will post the next epi asap, can call me y.b or mirra

  6. Bala awsm epi :-* i m eagerly waiting 4 next epi post it s:-):-)n

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  9. This was just so amazing. I loved it. Their confessions were too cute. Post the next one soon please. 🙂

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      thankyou zainab

  10. Ariana

    sry!!!! I’m late at commenting…sry soooooo much. Now this epi was just perfect. Feeling sad for Sumo but still i went all awe!!!
    Waiting for nxt part…so suspensive! post soon

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