LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, U CANT SEE IT , BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT” – a shraman fanfiction. episode 11- preekar special (part 4)

Hi guys, this is yb back with the next episode which includes preekar ‘s haldi and mehandi ceremony. Sorry guys I am late, and these days there are not much of posts, don’t mind, mirra is here with another interesting episode, hope you guys will enjoy, do comment guys. Thankyou for the coments and encouragement. I will like to name this


So in last episode, our favourite couple shraman and preekar enjoyed their sangeet, so now comes the time for their haldi.
It was a bright morning, pushkar ‘s and preeti’s house was filled with laughter and happiness, it seemed like there was a white procession, everyone was dressed in white clothes and were very eager to witness the haldi ceremony of our preekar.
(kabira encore plays in the bg)

Pushkar’s house.
Pushkar was very irritated because it was early in the morning and he had to get ready for the haldi, he was dressed in a yellow sherwani. Many young ladies were mixing fresh haldi, everything seemed to be yellow. Shravan was in pushkar’s house and suman was in preeti’s house.
Pushkar was ready, and soon many people started applying haldi on him starting from the feet and thought the knees, arms, hands, face, wishing him good luck, finally it was shravan’s turn and Shravan took all the haldi and throws it on pushkar’s face, pushkar does the same too and the both the friends hug each other.
Re Kabira maan jaa
Re Faqeera yun na ja
Aaja tujhko pukaare teri parchhaaiyan
Re Kabira maan ja
Re Faqeera yun na ja

Kaisa tu hai nirmohi kaisa harjaaiya
Re Kabira, Re Kabira
Re Fakeera, Re Fakeera… (x2)
Tooti chaarpai wohi thandi purvaai rasta dekhe
Doodhoon ki malaai wohi
Mitti ki suraahi rasta dekhe… (x2)
Ho Doodhoon ki malaai wohi
Mitti ki suraahi rasta dekhe…

Preeti’s house
Preeti is looking absolutely pretty with the yellow saree and simple jewellery, people spread haldi all over preeti with the help of mango leaves, suman applies haldi on preeti and gives her a warm hug, preeti hugs her too.
Banno re banno meri chali sasuraal ko
Ankhiyon mein paani de gayi
Duaa mein meethi gud dhaani le gayi (x2)
Gudiya ri gudiya tera gudda perdesiya
Jodi aasmani ho gayi

Shagun pe dekho shaad maani ho gayi (x2)
Re Kabira maan jaa
Re Faqeera yun na jaa
Aaja tujhko pukaare teri parchhaaiyan
Re Kabira maan ja
Re Faqeera yun na ja
Kaisa tu hai nirmohi kaisa harjaaiya
Re Kabira, Re Kabira…

Now the haldi ceremony is done, everyone moves to their respective places and everyone seem kinda alert, because they should not let pushkar and preeti meet.
Later in the evening all relatives and friends gather in preeti’s house for her mehendi function.

All the ladies apply mehandi on their hands and suman just stands aside watching preeti, suman could feel how happy preeti was, she felt very happy for her friend.
Later preeti writes pushkar’s name on her hand, she takes a photo and sends it to pushkar, asking him to find his name.
Suman helps preeti to eat her food, preeti notices that suman hasn’t put mehendi, she forces her to put mehandi. Suman leaves to put mehandi and tells the mehandi artist to write shravan’s name In it. Later she keeps walking in the corridor and collides with a person, she doesn’t notice who it is but later she could feel the touch and she knew it was none other than Shravan, she slowly opened her eyes and saw him.
Suman: Shravan? When did you come here?

Shravan: just now sumo, did you eat, u look weak?
Suman: no Shravan I dint.
Shravan takes her with him and brings her a plate full of food. She shows him his hand, he understands.
He feeds her and she eats happily, later Shravan sees a piece of food near her lower lip , he moves closer to her and she is already lost In him, he removes the small particle of food, their noses almost touch, their heartbeats are faster, he slowly moves towards her lips and places a kiss on her lips , then he moves towards her neck and places wet kisses there, she brings her face closer to his smashes her soft pink lips with his manly ones , Shravan gets surprised but later he reciprocates and kisses her with all the love and affection he has for her, Shravan..i love you she says, I love you too sumo, Shravan says.(ek duje ke vaaste title track plays)

Honton pe tere
Shikvon ka shor hai
Par ye nighaahe
Kehti kuch aur hai

O o ho o..
Jo hai mere lamhe kahin
Chhut na jaaye hath se
Mil jaane de dil jo bane
Ek duje ke vaste
O o ho o..
Ho.. Kyu yeh dabhi si khwahishe
Dil mein tera bewajah
Ho.. Jaake zara ussey bhol de
Chahta jisse tu raha
Kahi teri khamoshiyan
Jeet na jaaye pyar se
Mil jaane de dil jo banne
Ek duje ke vaaste

Precap: loud music plays and baarat arrives, suman and preeti get emotional.
Hope this episode was good .
Take care
Lots of Love


  1. Alina


    |Registered Member

    Hey Mirra.. you d writing 3stpries at the same time🤔🤔 I will read this ff afterward when I will b done with ur shots..ok?? I cannot read this now becoz If I will start this one then I am sure I will get confused and will mix all your stories..ok so when I will finish those then I will come here !!

  2. Nainaa


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    Wow!! Dear such a cute episode….
    Now i am regretting for not watching EDKV before….
    Hmm….. Shraman scenes are so intense…..
    Loved them so much and Love you
    Update next part soon

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