LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, U CANT SEE IT , BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT” – a shraman fanfiction. episode 11- preekar special (part 2)

Hi guys , how is everyone doing, I am back with the 2 part of preekar special, hope you have a great time reading this, thankyou for your sweet comments readers, keep supporting.

(The engagement starts.)
Pushkar is wearing a blue sherwani and preeti is dressed in a simple, traditional sari.
Preekar are very happy and keep on stealing glances and our pushkar is not able to take his eyes off preeti.
Meanwhile our hero Shravan looks charismatic in a green sherwani while our princess is dressed in a peacock green lehenga. The couple look very good together .
The episode ends on preekar and shraman’s happy face.)
(Current scenario)

Scene 1
Everyone is assembled in the hall that is lavishly decorated with balloons, flowers, a big chandelier and also has a couple chair in the middle. The beautiful couple(preekar) are sitting in the couple chair, smiling and talking with each other.
Both the love birds are enjoying their engagement. Shravan and suman bring the rings and give it to preeti and pushkar.
Preeti and pushkar adorn each other’s hand with the beautiful gold rings which had each other’s name carved in it. Once the couple exchanged rings , all the audience applauded and were dancing with happiness. Especially , our hero and heroine , suman and Shravan were very happy to see their friends getting engaged. Once the engagement ceremony takes place, all the friends and relatives enjoy delicious food and spend the time happily.
Preekar ‘s family and Shraman go to their respective rooms. Pushkar and preeti have a little chat and then they go to their respective rooms too.

Scene 2
Preeti is twisting and turning in her bed, feeling vey excited about the sangeet that’s gonna take place next morning.
She hears a knock at the door, she swings open the door, only to find pushkar standing there.
Preeti: pushkar? Whats wrong with you . why did you come at this time its already 12.00 , go to your room pushku, please.
Pushkar: why will I go to my room, when I have got some work here with you?
Before preeti could utter something, pushkar stromed inside her room, closed the door, and sat beside her, held her hand.
Pushkar: I miss you preeti, that’s why I came over here.
Preeti: but, you don’t have any right to storm into my room, samjhe?
Pushkar: I can even show proof,( he holds her left hand in his, shows the ring in which pushkar is carved and says you are mine preeti,only mine.. so I have full right to come to your roomsorry, don’t be a angry young woman.( makes a puppy face with a cute pout in his lips)

Preeti smiled at his cute expressions.
Preeti: u look so cute pushku(pulls his cheeks)
Pushkar: I want a kiss, then only I will leave your room( shows his cheek)
Preeti gives a light peck on his cheek and buries her face in his chest hiding her face.
Pushkar reciprocates by hugging her back, he places a peck on her forehead and says good night preeto, love you , see you tomorrow.
Preeti: I love you too , pushku , bye goodnight.
Both sleep remembering the events that happened some time before.
The next morning,
Everyone is dressed beautifully , because it is the sangeet function that’s gonna take place.
Pushkar and preeti have dressed in a very grand way making sure that their attire matches.
(guys, its time to show some shraman romance too..)
Suman is dressed in a beautiful pink and golden lehenga and is looking heavenly. She is taking a thali and is busy in the sangeet preparations, suddenly she feels a hand on her waist. She turns around and finds her love standing in front of her. Shravan pulls her towards him and caresses her face.
Suman: leave me, this is not the time to romance , I am busy with the marriage preparations.

shravan: is it? You are the most unromantic person yaar.
Suman: we have got lot of time to romance and this is not a proper place
shravan: if you really want to romance with your beloved, then the time and place don’t matter, btw weddings are the best place for being romantic.
Suman: I don’t want to romance, bye (waves at him)
Boy makes a puppy face and the girl kisses the shravan on his cheek and runs away.
Shravan:( smiles at himself) mad girl ..

precap: preekar and shraman dance, many more romantic stuff coming up.

I ope you guys like this one
Loads of love


  1. AnShIta


    |Registered Member

    Hey di!
    This part, as usual, was FABULOUS!! Actually, you’ve seriously left me speechless with all these wonderful creations of yours! Man, I love all of them!
    It was soooo nice to see things going on smoothly!
    Loved it to the core!
    I’m so damn excited for the next one!
    Please do try to post soon!
    Loads of love to you!😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Ariana


    |Registered Member

    YB!!!!! I’m out of words.. special epi!!!! I love special epis nd ur romantic tracks make this even more special.
    PreeKar romance was soooooooooooooooooooo cute!
    Bechara Shravan couldn’t have fun here but the precap!!!
    ShraMan n Preekar dance…Omg I’m on fire
    pls post soooooon

  3. Reema

    awesome episode yaar as usual.
    you described all functions very well.
    love this episode. well done..
    waiting for next one post soon.

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