Hi guys, this is balamirra yegneswaran and I am here with the third episode of “ LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, U CANT SEE IT , BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT”
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So lets start with the episode , hope you guys like it .
(shravan and suman practice )

In suman’s house.
DAY 1 (practice)
Suman brings shravan to her house , it’s a huge ancient mansion.
Shravan: sumo, ur mansion is ancient yet beautiful .
Suman: thankyou shravan , everything that’s present in the mansion is his.
Shravan : I would like to meet your grandfather.
Suman: lets meet him after the practice.
They go inside , suman shows her house to shravan, they both discuss many things about the play .
They start practicing the spring play , suman acts as a princess and shravan as as a prince .

They dance ,turning and swaying.
They discuss many different things and she gives him many suggestions .
He gets impressed by the way she gives out ideas and plots.
Meanwhile, our preeti and pushkar meet.
Preetis pov: ( she enters the school)
I have to go and apologise to pushkar,
Where is he , I am not able to find him.
Pushkar’s pov:
Yaar, where is preeti , I am so eager to see her .
(both of them are busy thinking about each other….THUD , they collide with each other and preeti falls down , luckily our hero saves her in the nick of time.)
Preeti : hi pushkar

Pushkar’s pov: how come this girl is so polite today ?
Preeti: pushkar, i am sorry, I was very rude to you .
Lets be friends (she forwards her hand)
Pushkar: shakes his hand with her and says yes, lets be friends .
Preekar part ways.
(scene shifts to shraman.)
Suman: lets meet grandpa.
Shravan and mr. raghuvar tiwari meet.
Mr raghuvar tiwari finds shravan very disciplined and loved his antics.
Soon shravan and raghuvar tiwari become close . shraman’s bonding is also very nice.
in this beautiful journey , shravan and suman fall in love .
(sorry, this a bit short but I wanted to sum up the play practice)
After 1 month leap

(Shravan and suman are practicing the play )
They keep practicing, suddenly suman trips over the mat and shravan tries to catch her but instead he falls on her . he is on top of her , both get lost in each other .
This is the first time suman sees shravan this close .
She notices his perfect brown eyes, his perfect hair and his pink lips.
Even shravan is lost in sumo’s perfect features . he knows that he’s in love with her but he doesn’t tell her.

Shravan: oops, sorry I tried to catch you but I myself tripped.
Suman just smiled at him and her smile made him smile too .
They both get up and start practicing again.
(Both of them know that they are in love with each other but they never express their feelings to each other )
(Preekar meet in the break)
Preeti: hey, pushku, wassup dude?
Pushkar:don’t call me pushku, ok?
Preeti: we are friends now so I can call u anything.

Pushkar: ok , I will also call you preeto, ok?
Preeti smiles , pushkar smiles too.
They disscuss something and talk with each other for a lot of time.
They become good friends.

Precap: shraman’s spring play, something very special.

Guys there is a lot of suff coming up for you , there is a big surprise in the next episode , so be prepared for it .and yeah please do comment and encourage me .
One more thing, how should preekar’s confession be there, just the same way as it was in the serial or in a different way. Do tell me you views , so that I can think/plan about the later episodes for preekar confession.
So how was todays episode?

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So, please comment, guys
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Shraman and preekar are<3
I still wonder what I am going to do without edkv.
Anyways, lets hope for the best and season 2 of edkv.
Love you guys, have a great day!
With lots of love for the readers,
balamirra yegneswaran

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  1. Sandra Anthony

    please continue writing its very interesting

  2. Sandra Anthony

    please continue writing its very interesting

  3. Sandra Antony

    please continue writing its very interesting

  4. Eagerly waiting for next episode…
    Enjoying to read ur ff…
    Don’t end it soon..
    I want u to Make preekar confession different from show..
    And I insist u too go through the measarity ??
    About it???
    Ya..going to miss edkv after tomarrow??

    1. Y.balamirra

      thankyou , will make preekar confession different from the show , keep reading, i wont end the ff

  5. Ariana

    hey where does stopping the ff idea comes from? Don’t stop it pls!!! The epi was a quick ride but yah PreeKar frndshp nd ShraMan love scene was heavenly good. Just too much for handling at once. Can’t wait for nxt part so pls post soon

    1. Y.balamirra

      thankyou will post the next epi asap

  6. Ruchi

    Amazing epi…
    eagerly waiting for nxt epi…
    post soon…
    take care…

  7. Ufaaq

    Hey I think it went very quick
    BT nice one I liked the sharman moments
    Dnt stop continue comments will increase day by day
    Surprise omg plzzz reveal soon
    Best of luck for or exams

    1. Y.balamirra

      thankyou, i will reveal the suprise asap

  8. Anushika

    I loved the episode, waiting for the special thing eagerly… Don’t stop studying for posting…Studies are always first…Which class are you in ???
    Don’t worry about comments,Ufaq Di is right they will start increasing

    1. Y.balamirra

      i am in 9 th class, and thankyou , ill post the next epi asap

  9. Loving their nok jhok ………..what was the name of your shivika ff

    1. Y.balamirra

      i wrote an os on shivika “i do love her”

  10. Awsm epi balamirra. if u don’t mind can i call u bala

    1. Y.balamirra

      thankyou so much! you can call me mirra / bala
      keep reading

  11. Awsm epi balamirra.

  12. Honestly this is the only one ff that I am reading regularly go on

    1. Y.balamirra

      oh thankyou for the sweet comment , keep reading

  13. Wowwww

    1. Y.balamirra

      thankyou, 4 episode is updated , u can read it

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