Hi guys ,this is balamirra yegneswaran and I am here with the second episode for you guys .
Hope you guys like it , pardon me for not posting this second episode soon.

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So, lets start with the ff.

The next day, Preekar and shravan enter the school and part ways.
Later in the break, pushkar runs in the corridor meanwhile preeti is busy carrying her books and talking to her friends.she collides with pushkar and closes her eyes thnking that shes gonna fall , but two pairs of strong arms hold her. She opens her eyes and looks into his eyes. Ofcourse, hes none other than our pushkar. Both get lost in each other . later preeti realizes that it is pushkar and bends down to collect her books ,pushkar helps her too. This gives a good impression of pushkar to preeti.
They part ways.
Meanwhile, shravan goes in search of suman.
He searches for suman everywhere and finally sees her reading a book . shravan notices all the features of suman , her big, black eyes , her pink lips , her long hair etc.
She looked simple yet beautiful.
He goes to her and forwards his hand to her
Shravan: hey I am shravan malhotra, suman tiwari… is that you ?
Suman: oh yeah I am suman tiwari , nice to meet you .
Shravan : I want your help for the play , will u help me?
Suman: oh yeah, I will ,but first you tell me something about yourself .
Shravan : lets go to the corridor.
Suman :ok
(suman keeps the book that she was reading inside the bag
Shravan sees that and asks her what it is)
Shravan: what is the book all about?
Suman: this is my personal diary , I maintain it every day and whenever I get bored, I read all the events that I have written about.
(They walk to the corridor and the conversation starts again
They discuss everything about each other and become friends)

Shravan: I guess you have heard about me
Suman: oh yeah , many students talk about you .
(Suman opens her tiffin box and lends some of the food to him )
Shravan: this sounds so tasty , your mom is indeed a great chef.
Suman gets teary eyed…
Shravan : what happened, why are you crying.
Suman : I lost my parents at the age of five
Shravan : I am really sorry for hurting you , sumo
(he consoles her)
Suman: its ok shravan. What did you call me just now ?
Shravan : sumo (then he realizes what he said)
Suman: this name is so good, why don’t you call me like this.
(Some friends hear suman telling this to shravan)

Friends: sumo,…
Suman: don’t call me sumo, call me suman.
Friends : but just now you were happy when shravan was calling you like that.
Suman: that is because he was the person who gave me that name and remember only he has the right to call me sumo.
Shravan(in a happy tone): sumo, this name really suits you .
Suman: so, you can come to my house tomorrow at 6 and we will practice the spring play together, ok ?
Shravan : ok sure
Suman: but I have got a condition.
Shravan : what?
Suman : you should not fall in love with me while practicing the play .
Shravan (looks at her in confusion) what?
Suman: this is a spring play and I am sure we will practice the play for one whole month….just make sure that u don’t fall In love with me .
Shravan : ok

Shraman bid bye to each other
They reach their respective homes.
Shravan starts thinking about suman and suman thinks about shravan too .
They feel that they have some connection with each other .
Meanwhile preeti and pushkar think of each other.
Preeti’s pov :
This is the first time , I have seen pushkar in such a close way , I was literally lost in his eyes.
I usually get irritated looking at his face, but today he helped me .
I have to make him my friend and thank him.
Pushkar’s pov:
Preeti looks so beautiful, and today she was looking even more good .
I will go and become her friend tomorrow.

Precap: shraman practice for the spring play , some interesting moments, preekar’s friendship starts.

To know more about this ,
By y.balamirra”.
Silent readers please comment.

Guys , remember the diary also plays an imp role in the story.
Keep encouraging me ,
I will upload the third epi asap.
Take care guys,
Love balamirra

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  1. It was superb..
    Carry on..
    Loving it…??

  2. Loved it …………it was so cute that sumo said not to fall in love with her

  3. Do you write for shivika

    1. Y.balamirra

      i have just written once for shivika
      btw thankyou , keep reading

  4. Nice one

  5. Ariana

    Hiiiiiiii….this time I’m not late for commenting hopefully. So the epi was allllllll adorable!!! Preekar moment literally melted my heart. (ik my heart has a low melting point) As for ShraMan it’s beyond words. Su[erd. Ik the diary is actually a cool part so waiting for it’s useage. Now I guess I should stop coz if I start complimenting nf get into a flow, it’ll b never ending. Pls dear post sooooooooooooooooooooon. Take care
    loads of love-Aru

    1. Y.balamirra

      thankyou , the diary plays a key role, i am having alot of shraman stuff, so keep reading

  6. Ufaaq

    Hey balamira
    It was amazing but chuna muna I mean short
    So will it be long next time????
    Sherman moment was too gud especially dnt fall for me hahahah like seriously
    Ohk ohk enough
    Take care

    1. Y.balamirra

      i wil, try to make it longer

  7. Angel20

    It was amazing yaar! I just loved it!??

  8. Awesome

  9. Anushika

    Hey I just loved it..pls try to make it little longer…Post soonn
    Sorry for the short comment
    Lots of Love

    1. Y.balamirra

      sure, thankyou

  10. It is fabulous

    1. Y.balamirra

      tysm , keep reading

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