love is like wind (swasan) one shot


So here it goes i hope u all like it its a one shot
Sanskar na dhis gang is the most infamous gang of college one mistake by sanky led him to many school punishments like community services , participation in college musical band (guys i must tell u he is relly well at playing guiter but not interested in musical group because it is group of so called college nerds) and giving tuitions to financially weak students that is in slums
Day after accident :
Sanskar and his gang are sitting in college garden when swara passes from there she is a so called nerd of college very studius and wears specticles and sought of traditional doesn’t wear revealing clothes prefers wearing Indian kurtis and suits
Diya(frnd of sanskar) : (tauntingly) luking gud swara…
Everyone laughs when innocent swara replyed thanks
She goes inside the college
Guys she is the member of college musical group , she is actually their main singer, and she also goes to teach the students in slums
After class sanky stays in college as he have to go to musical group
As he enters he is welcomed by the group teacher yup there is a teacher who also teaches the group varies form of music and nforms them about the upcoming functions
He welcomes sanskar and also select him to be the lead along with swara
Sanskar is given a classical song as it is a classical event in which they have to perform it is the welcome song for the starting of the college fest so it is meant to be classical
Sanskar doesn’t know classical singing so he decides to take help from his gang
Next day college was off as it was Saturday but then he has to go for teaching students in slums when he reaches there he find many students over there who are so called nerds of the college and he also finds swara there he went on to teach but was unable to as he don’t know how to handle them but then swara helps him and he teaches them well then thought strikes him he asks swara for help in music. She refuses at first but after much insistence agrees but sanky asks her to promise not to tell about them to anyone in college she agrees
After that day sanky started visiting swara’s home for music practice frequently that worries swara’s father after the death of swara’s mother he was her mother and father both so is was definitely a cause of worry for him
He also ask swara to stay away from him but she want listen to her
This continued for like 15 days that is practice and in these days sanky started liking swara she was very sweet innocent and very intelligent she wanted to become to businesswomen and becom independent
She had many wishes that sanky learn from her while being together they had become gud friends in those 15 days and on 16th day sanky’s gang came to know about swara and him they insulted swara mostly diya because she had huge crush on sanky but was never able to tell him but now the limits were crossed but after that sanky broke his friendship with his all gang just for swara then he realised that he loves swara very much and can go to any lengths to prove it
After one week was their performance and at the day of performance they litrally rocked there were no words to describe their performance they both were just perfect for each other even in singing they both sang so amazingly that was beyond words everyone just sank into their performance and applauded very much
The very next day :
Sanky: swara will u come out with me today for dinner
Swara : overwellmed but asked him to take permission from her dad first
Sanky : but swara from ur dand(he was very much scared of her dad)
Swara : yes sanky u know i never do anything without his permission so u need to ask him
Sanky : ohk
That day after their conversation sanky very hesitantly asked permission from her dad he didn’t agreed at first but after sanky assured him that he will take care of his daughter he allowed
At night sanky came to pick up swara and when she came out sanky’s heart skipped a beat she was looking so dam beautiful she was wearing a white churidaar hair kept loose was wearing silver bangles , has put a white bindi and has applied minimal make up sanky was just staring at her
He took her to a fancy restraint proper candle light dinner was arranged swara was amazed by the arrangements she was in love with sanky
After dinner sanky took her for a special suprise that was to complete some of her wishes
Firstly he took her to a isolated place and blindfolded her and made her stahd in the middle o the road and when he opened her blindfold she was standing at the border of two staed yup that was her wish to be at two places at once after that he applied a temporary tattoo on her arm yup it was also her wish to had a tattoo
And then he proposed her he said i love u those tree magical words that swara was ding to hear bt she didint answered him she just asked him to drop her back home
After that he went to drop her home
Next day swara called him up in the morning for a walk and her reply
Swara: sanky before i say my answer i want to tell u something very important
Sanky (worried): what happened swara ?
Swara : sanky i….. m sufffring ffrom brain tumor i have stoped responding to treatmet and its my last stage in have maximum 6 months to live sanskaar i m dying i love u but (controlling her tear) cant live with u i m sorry
Sanky was broken to hear those words he have never ever in his worst nightmares imagined loosing love of his life never ever
He just ran from there without answering he wanted to be alone for sometime he cried his heart out and swara know that she gave him time to accept the truth the truth that shook his life
Sanky knew that he can do nothing then to pray and one more thing he has decide to flfill all the wishes of swara
In evening he went to her home and then he asked her abou her wish the first wish she have and her answer was to marry her love of life
The very next day he proposed to marry her swara was overwhelmed because of his love she was just thinking and then she said yes both the families also accepted the marriage because they knew their love and also knew about swara’s wish even sanky’s friends apologised from him and they again became friends
After few days their marriage took place a simple court marriage and a simple marrisage in temple with just their parents and friends
And they have beautigul 6 months together and then swara left the world but after giving a hope to sanky to live life in a better way she made him a serious person who he never was he tried to complete all the wishes of swara even after her death taht is to become a great businesswomen though she was not there with him but he always had her love with him
Now 6 years have passed since her being gome but still he can feel her presence around him she is always there to support him he has become a big businessman on have opened the company in her name
He also visits his father in law ferquetly
For him he can feel her love even if she is not there

Credit to: veronica

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