Hi guys as promised I am back with my next episode on the 5th of November 🙂 
The world is a little bit brighter because of you. Happy Birthday Zuha 🙂 
Count not the candles but the light they give count not the years but the life you live 🙂 Have a blast today 🙂 
Kunj’s POV 
Today is quite tiring Have to go to college with Twinkle and then finish all the pending work at office and then go to Amritsar I am actually going there for a deal and For Omkara’s marriage I reached the college and found Twinkle standing there waiting for me in her black a-line dress silly girl does not even know what these dresses are called And I googled about the types of dresses so that I could impress her as I headed towards her I could see her angrily glaring at me as if she would eat me raw she looked beautiful in her black dress with a pair of silver earrings which and a 3-d star in in it (Guys I have a hearing my favourite ones which have a diamond enclosed in you know a cage like structure which looks beautiful -hope you all understood it sorry for the bakwas explanation ) with Kajal in her eyes which made it look even hotter and the red lipstick … I gathered courage to talk to her I opened my mouth to say hello but before that she bursted out shouting on my it was quite embarrassing the Youth Icon is being scolded by his fiancee I looked around and saw the whole college standing there looking at us “Saiyyapa queen I am sorry bass no stop it everyone are looking at us “ I said pleading to her after 15 minutes Pyar meh log khya khya karate hai I then held Twinkle by her waist I was feeling so happy doing so and then I walked into the canteen with her We saw her gang there every one were looking at us with a number of questions and that Uv too “Twinkle when are you getting engaged “ asked Uv “After 5 days in Amritsar “ She replied with a smile “And you guys are invited “ I said completing her “But Twinkle you and Kunj “ UV said trying to ask something from Twinkle “Oh UV me and Kunj were in a relationship from the past 1 year but it was a secret and yesterday Dadi saw us together so she thought of getting us engaged “ said Twinkle to which UV looked on surprise Mahi was no where to be seen so I asked UV “Where is your gf ? “ I asked him “ Voh we broke up “ He said I was a bit worried coz Twinkle could go back to him and then I would loose her forever but to my surprise Twinkle gave a shocking remark “UV chill man You brake up once almost every month so its nothing new buddy chill “ I looked up at her shocked but all the others were quite normal even Uv So i guess that is the bond which Twinkle and UV share Leave it We quickly moved in to our class and then attended all the lectures I dropped Twinkle home and then left for office Bebe suddenly had a low bp so she was advised not to travel today so me and Twinkle were going to go alone I was happy Bebe had sent my bag to office it was already 8 I started winding up all my work I could possibly not again listen to Twinkle’s lectures So I left before time I reached her house by 8:30 I guess she wasn’t ready so I went in the house I entered in and saw Leela aunty telling Twinkle what to do what not to do and Twinkle was busy eating her chocolate so cute My Queen  took their blessings and we left for the airport Leela ma Had made arrangements for staying with Bebe in our house so I could be tension free After 2 1/2 hrs we reached Amritsar it was late Twinkle was half sleepy she could hardly walk upto the car and her luggage poor me I was the one who carried it of course we had the trolley but Even Twinkle was leaning on my shoulder She looked so cute We sat in the car I then asked the driver to drop Twinkle to Ishana’s house and then Me to Omkara’s house I kept staring at the road Amritsar has changed a lot I thought to myself when I felt Twinkle’s head slipping on my shoulder I placed it properly and then removed the strand of hair which was irritating her I then pecked her forehead gently how cute she was looking when she was asleep We reached Ishana’s house and I saw Ishana and her family standing out to welcome Twinkle but this girl she was still asleep and was looking so cute that I did not want to spoil her sleep so I picked her up in a bridal style and stepped out of the car The whole family smiled brightly seeing us I guess seeing us like this I then asked Ishana to show me Twinkle’s room and she guided me to Twinkle’s room and this girl she did not even care whats happening around her I took blessings from Uncle Aunty and Beeji and left for Om’s house I was also welcomed by all the family members I took their blessings and left for my room as I lied on the bed my eyes closed automatically taking me to my dream land.
The next day around 9 I woke up due to a call I was asleep for so late I thought to myself and then picked up the call “Kunj “ I herd a shout from the other side I know it’s Twinkle “Tell me Twinkle what “ I said with the same loudness “Kunj why did you pick me up and dropped me to the room in a bridal style “ she said in a worried tone “Why means You were asleep and were not getting up I had no other option so I had to do it “ I said “Kunj you must have not tried properly “ she said complaining “Twinkle it does not matter now leave it “ I said trying to say bye so that I could go and brush and have breakfast I was damm hungry “Kunj people are teasing me “ she said “Twinkle you should not get affected by others words “ I said trying to calm her down “Oh So Twinkle you are busy talking to Kunj “ I heard Ishana on the call “Ishana ke bacche wait “ said Twinkle to her “….I will call you back Bye “ she said before I could reply she hanged the call Pagal I thought to myself I went to the washroom and freshened up and went down for breakfast but I sat on the table “Kunj today i have prepare Aloo paratha for you “ said Aunty “Thank you so much Aunty “ I said “ Ma I am going to get married I need some extra love “ said Om complaining “Oh I thought Ishana would be giving you that extra love “ said beeji all of us laughd while Om blushed I took a partha and before i could put it in my mouth  I herd my queen shout “Stop Kunj don’t eat “ All of us looked up at her 
Precap: Twinj and Ishanika moments sweet time in Amritsar 🙂 
Once again happy birthday Zuha 🙂 

Next update : On 6-7th when ever I am free coz then there will be two updates back to back one on 7th and the other on 8th so I am thinking of posting the episode on 6th (wanted to give it on 7th but sorry Sai ) and then on 8th may be at night then 🙂 

Sorry for short updates but guys it needs short updates to create the suspense 🙂 
Love you all 🙂 Take care 🙂 

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  1. Iam a silent reader of ur ff i like your ff cute episode like cute twinkle plz post soon

  2. Wow awesome epi.. loved it.. twinkle scolding kunj infront of the whole college ?? bechara.. and then kunj carrying twinkle in bridal style was amazing.. n the morning scene whole talking on phone??.. she’s scolding him so much ??.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  3. Ramya

    Awesome amazing fabulous

  4. Zuha Fatima

    Thanks so much for such a lovely treat…I indeed loved the quotations 🙂 The update was amazing as always … loved the way Kunj POV was written 🙂 Once again thanks for making my day special 🙂

  5. Kritika14

    It was amazing! Loved it completely! Will be waiting for the next episode x Love you! xx

  6. Hey sidmin,
    luved it a lot…bechara kunj he got scolding from twinkle infront of the whole college…happy b-day zuha…

  7. Hiii mili…! I’m really very very very very sorry for not cmnting on ur last epi….pls…
    Well ur todays epi was superb as always …… I love ur kunj yrrr ……sach mein bechare ko pyar mein kya kya karna pad raha hai apni syapa queen ke liye….. waiting for next epi……..

    love u my dear


  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous fantastic epi

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  10. Chiku

    Wowww it’s amazing ??? lovely
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    Happy birthday zuhu❤️❤️❤️❤️
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  11. Twinj

    Hi mili,
    The epi was mindblowing plus amazing plus fab…
    Bechara kunj ko pyaar mai kitne pappad belne par rahe hai…
    Thank u for ur lovely comment in my first Os…
    Luved the epi…Happy Birthday Zuha…May all ur wishes come true…May god bless u.
    Waiting for the next post…post soon.

    Lots of luv,

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