Hi Guys I am finally back ……well I know you guys would be angry on me would not want to read my story …… anymore ……well I actually back after more than a month last update of this story was on the 28th of February and today is 5th April …… But guys seriously only I know how much I missed you all your comments and everything ……. Well I am back …….

The link to the previous episode :
Episode 20

Kunj’s POV :
“1 week and then I will be with you Twinkle I know no love story is complete without pain and sacrifice so I am here the Great Kunj Sarna owner of the Sarna Group of Industries is here to work as a PA but people se na KUCH PANE KE LIYE KUCH KHONA PADTA HAI so Mr.Taneja I am here to impress you that you yourself give me your daughter’ hand “ I thought walking towards the receptionist “Good morning Sir” she wished me “ Good morning Tina “ I wished back .. I know her infant I know most of the office staff well Twinkle had introduced me to all of them “Kunj Sir RT sir would be coming in an hour so he has asked you to wait here “ she said after keeping the phone down “ Okay Thanks “ I said and was about to go to the visitors lodge when I heard Tia call Me out “ Kunj sir RT sir said that now you are an employee so you must wait here “ she said bending her head down “ Oh Okay “ I replied

“Good Morning Sir” I head Tina say I looked up from my phone I was busy completing some file I saw Rt Uncle “ Good Morning uncle “ I said “Good Morning Sir for you “ He said in a boy tone “Good Morning Sir “ I said as he asked me to “ Good Morning “ He said and asked me to follow him “ Jashank would guide you with the details and the job you have to do “ he said and walked into his cabin as I was just about to enter the cabin he closed the door so hard that I almost hurt my nose “
“Sir your place is here “ Jashank said pointing towards a small table attached to Mr.Taneja’s cabin “Thank you “ I said and walked towards my table I sat down and picked up the piece of paper which was placed there

It had the schedule Mr.Taneja would be following He has a busy day today “ Sir Boss has asked you to prepare a presentation on this file in an hour “ the phone said handling me the file “Okay “ I replied taking it and starting the laptop “Damm it this Laptop does not work “ I said closing it I had tried using it from the past 15 minutes but of no use the company technician was given a day off by Mr.Taneja “well planed Mr.Taneja but I am Kunj Sarna I wont loose so easily “I thought opening the power point in my pone

“May I come in Sir” I said knocking on the cabin’s door “I wont herring excuses show me the powerpoint “ He ordered seeing me walk in with my phone “ Okay sir “ I replied smirking looking at his shocked face He was shocked how did I complete my work when he had made all arrangements of me not being able to do so “ Sir I have sent it to your mail “ I said putting my phone back in my pocket He saw the ppt and I was sure he was shocked I could he that on his face Like Father Like daughter both if them show their emotions on their face especially this one when their plan backfires
“Oh Mr. Your work is not done yet .. this well presentation well it might have been so easy for you so that is why you ave done it .. now go and get me a coffee and ha remember it must taste just perfect .. “ Rt Sir said out of now where I mean do i look like a peon to him “What are you waiting for just leave “ He ordered me and I had to leave now How do I know which type of coffee he likes black coffee Cold coffee or what wait since its hot out here may be he might want a cold coffee .. or may be he is conscious about his health and needs a black coffee God what should I do now … Idea …
After 15 minutes ….

“Sir your cappuccino” I said knocking the door And again I could see the shocked expression on his face … well I am loving it … “Sir” I said a bit loudly to bring him back to the world “Ha yeah coffee “ He said sounding like a mad man … “ How is it Sir?” I asked trying to get some praise form him … “ Its good but what have you done in it “ He taunted me “You just placed the order the cafe man made it “ He said sipping the coffee “ Voh Sir they cafe is closed today so I had to prepare it for you “ I said rubbing my hair and again the priceless expression it was just too good “ Okay now don’t fly to much come back to earth and complete the files kept on your table “ He ordered “ Yes Sir “ I said and left the cabin thanking Leela Ma for her help “Thank you Leela Ma “ I thanked her form the bottom of my heart

“Only This much “ I asked Jashank Who had told me I had to complete ONLY this many files “ Are you blind do so many files look like ONLY so many to you “ I asked trying to control my anger “Sir RT Sir has given you these files and he needs it by evening “ Saying this he left “ I sat down on my table looking at the files “Chal beta you can do this much for your Siyappa Queen “ I said self motivating me

“Damm it “ “ who switched off the AC” I said removing my coat I had completed some files and many are left how do I complete it now in this heat “ I thought to myself I went towards the window and opened it a bit but the warm air made me feel even more sick … so I placed a wet cloth infant of it … Once I had heard about this that People in the olden times who did not have AC’s used this method to keep themselves cool …
“Done” I siad looking at the clock and it was 08:45 pm the office was to be closed at 9 and I had done my job just in time … “ May I come in sir “ I knocked on the door “ Yes you may “ He said looking up at me “ Sir the files are done “ I said and agin the beautiful expression on his face ….. “ Oh okay you may leave” he said … “ Thank you Sir “ I said and left the cabin finally the day ended “ 4 more days to go I thought and went back home

A leep Of 4 days ..
“ Finally the day has come when I would get to know where my Siyaapa queen is “ I thought entering the office
“Good Morning Tina “ I said and she wished me back the four day were stressful so many jobs right form cleaning his table to making presentations he gave me all kinds of jobs and the Ac and the laptop A1 brand products made my life even more miserable “Sir RT Sir has asked you wait “ Tina said and I made my move towards the place where the employee’s wait “ Sir in his Cabin “ She said looking at me smiling well she has been the one who had done a lot for me during these four days she had helped me in every small thing I needed “ Thanks “ I said “ Bhai no need to say thanks “ She said assuring me I had saved her from the goons on the second day of my job and now I have a sister Jashank also helped me out after all I saved his Girlfriend
I opened the door of the cabin and walked in I sat on the couch waiting for Sir ..
An hour passed by and I could not wait anymore I started walking tho and fro in the cabin when suddenly my eyes got stuck on an envelope which had something written on it “TWINKLE’S ADRESS “ was what was written on it I wanted to take the envelope in my hands and read her address but no .. I can How can I Sir had promised me that he himself would give me Twinkle’s address if I work well and make him feel satisfied I stepped back and stood at the window looking out “Tomorrow is Holi and I hope I spent it with you Twinkle” I thought (Sorry Guys but khya karu Late hu tho Holi bhi tho ate hogei 😉 )

“Good Morning Kunj beta “ “ Good morning …. “ I was about to say sir when I realised that uncle greater me by calling me beta “Good Morning Sir” I completed “Sir nahe Uncle “ He said hugging me “ Uncle “ I said hugging him back “ Kunj take this envelope and leave for London Twinkle might be missing you she need you “ Uncle said handing me an envelope with tickets “Uncle … “ I said words not even coming out of my mouth … “Kunj the tasks you were doing in the past four days mean nothing to me but the job you did today means a lot ….. By not touching the envelope you proved it to me that you truly love Twinkle and have done wrong jobs to get her but this time I am sure you wont do anything wrong … My Boy trust your love you would surely get Twinkle …
“Thank you so much Uncle “ I said “Now don’t waste time go hurry up or else you wont reach the airport on time “ Uncle said wiping his tears of joy

“Bye Uncle “ I said moving out of the cabin “ Kunj ..” He called out to me “ Bring my Twinkle along with you “ He continued “Ji Uncle “ … I ran out of the office and I could see the whole staff smiling looking at me

PRECAP: Twinj to meet in London

Hi guys accha okay so well I could not write anymore ….. I have actually planed out somethings for a particular episode and this episode has everything I planned it for … so sorry I could not write more
SO well Guys I hope you liked this episode… If not then I am sorry because I myself felt it as boring
Guys I will post my other ff’s soon but guys since it has been a long time since I have posted I need to get the link for the other ff’s so guys please wait for sometime …
Love you 🙂

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  1. Sohi

    Yes I’m angry with you but I want to read ur ff even if it is boring too
    How much boring it will be but I always enjoyed ur ffs
    U know to read ur ff i said Ammu to request u for it
    Episode was just awesome
    Liked this smart kunj
    Plz post ur another ff “my revenge made me meet my true love” soon I’m eagerly waiting for it
    Do continue and post soon

  2. Presha

    Hey milli….
    Its awesome ??
    Just loved it.. ???
    Ac nd laptop useless but start move by kunj.. ??
    Kunj desperation for twinkle… ??
    Loved it…
    Plz post soon…
    Twinj meet will be waiting… .. ??
    Love u?????

  3. Purvi128

    Haayeyyeeeeee MILLI DI… thank goddd… u posted… i was waiting for it deperately… nd now m on cloud 9 that u posted… just loved the epi di… ?? tooo cute.. nd wasn’t boring… kunj doing all the jobs.. hehehe just loved his love for his siyappa queen…. he made the coffee ??? hehehehe… hawww AC bhi off ker diya.. bechara kunj…
    Just loved the whole episode nd especially the last scene…
    Precap is sooo interesting.., just waiting for it impatiently… i can’t wait..
    Post all your other ffs.. jaldiiii…
    LOVE U LOADS MILLI DI ???❤❤❤??

  4. Kahaann thee aaap?????pata hai kitna miss kiya aapke FF ko ? aapko toh obviously…..?kya socha tha…??…….Btw …..It was boring…….boringg????how can you say that ?????? It was superbbbb ????and seriously with a touch of humour and funniness (don’t know if that’s a word ?),..But yaa..and 4 days ke leap ke baad it was aur BHI awsome…RT and Kunj ..Awww?.(I usually don’t use aww but kya kare aww??)I will love it when twinj will meet?but no I still love itt?????post next soon ??

  5. Wow sidmin dear it was awesome
    I loved it
    Post soon

  6. Spellbound episode

  7. Fatimaa.

    Heyy mili…
    Yaar finally u posted..i missed this soo much…but the episode was amazing..
    Loved it to core..
    Precap dekh k wait nai ho raha..
    Love u…post soon

  8. Simiyy

    Hey Milli
    Finally you posted
    It was really good
    Post soon

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  15. SidMin23

    Nice and do post soon.

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing fabulous fantastic marvelous

  17. Sameera

    Hey mili missed your writing sooo much yaar sooo happy to see ur update well it was amazing kunj omg he is tho soooo cute yaar loveddddddd the episode to the coreeee can’t wait for next one …
    Plzz post my revenge made me meet my true love …
    Love u ????

  18. Mia12

    Ohho dekho toh kon aye hai ohh mili jii..??.. kitne saalon bad aye ho ap jii..??bhttt accha laga apse mulakat hoke.??. I missed it sooooo much yrrr…??.. And it was not boring or dubara mat bolna ok…??..And this episode also I love it to the most…❤❤❤❤❤.. Now plzzz post ur my revenge wala ff also…m waiting…??
    This cmnt is mine and also from “Aamna”….coz she can’t cmnt as she is not well…plz pray 4 my jaan Aamna taki wo jaldhi thik ho jaye…??..

  19. Ramya

    Awesome sidmin amazing finally u r back
    N yaar y u were so late
    I missed ur ff n I’m waiting for it
    Ok but I loved d way kunj impressed rt wid his skills it’s awesome amazing
    I just njoyed itt
    Vaise once I. Going o celebrate hoki bcoz of u
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    Love u keep smiling

  20. Hey mili,
    Remember me na ya bhool gayi.Maine tujhe bahat miss kiya aur tere fs aur ff ko bhi.
    Kitne maino baad maine cmt kiya iss ke sorry…but now am back n thanks for the link.Kunj ko kitne paapad belne pare twinkle liya par sahi kehete hae kuch pane ke liye kuch kona padta hae.Boring kis angle se.Kabardar agar boring kaha toh.It was amazing awesome mindblowing.Loved it a lot.Post soon.Will be waiting.Precap toh mast tha.Twinj in london.Post soon.

    Loads of love,

  21. Hey milli….
    Epi was superb…. Happy to know that finally kunj is going to meet his tw…
    I missed u soooo much and ur ff also… was amazing epi….
    Try to post nxt asap….bcz i am waiting for ur ff…..plzzzzzzzzz post nxt….

  22. Kruti

    Amazing epi mili
    Loved it
    Do continue asap

  23. Milu apni vansu ko miss kiya pata nhi kiya ki nhi but maine bahut kiya yr
    I really miss our group chats I don’t know when u will be back on whatsaaap but I really liked today’s epi and continue soon love ya

  24. Shalini15

    Mili……. my white mailer kya jhakkas bindas paisa vasool episode diya hai dil khush kar ditta tune mera. Bechara kunj kya kya karna pada use apni Syapa queen ka address pata karne ke liye nd his pov about RT’s expression was just amazing nd funny I was laughing while reading that. Last part where he didn’t take envelope was superb nd his nd rt last scene was too good. Loved it so much ?????????????

    Yaar aur padhne ka mann kar raha hai but you are not posting ???????????? pata hai bahot wait kiya hai tumhare ff ka nd now you’re posting but I’m not active on tu ???? but please next part jaldi se post karna aur apna dusra ff bhi nd haan jab bhi post karna inform me ?????

    Bye……… take care of yourself……
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  25. Baby

    ohhh god mili…mili…mili…. ☺☺☺☺☺☺
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