Hi Guys I am back with the next episode … so soon .. right … I have told you guys 20+ comments tho I will post soon .. so here is my episode ….why should Twinkle be punished bechare she stayed away from her parents … had to work when she was pregnant and she even lost her child … according to me Kunj should be punished and it is what he is been going through just a few more episodes and his punishment will be over Pakka promise 🙂
Lets start :

Kunj’s POV :
“Where is my dairy ?” I questioned my self trying to remember where had I kept it the last time … but I could not recall it all I could was that I had kept it back in my bag after writing it in Mount Abu … God knows where it is
It has all my memories with Twinkle
(Guys so here we would see some flashbacks which Kunj had written in his dairy they are some cute and funny moments to light up the situation … whatever Kunj remembers …… Hope you like it )
I tried capturing all the moments me and Twinkle shared together right from the chocolate fight to the fight for driving the car …

Flashback 1 :
Twinkle is driving the car …
Kunj:Twinkle Let me drive we are getting late ..
Twinkle: Kunj I want to drive what will happen if I drive ?
Kunj:(Trying to make Twinkle do what he wants he to do ) Twinkle see we don’t have so much time let me do it you can drive when we are returning back
Twinkle:(Assuring him ) That is what I am telling Kunj let me drive I will drive the car so fast that when by the time you blink your eyes we would be there
Kunj:(getting a bit worried ) Twinkle aaram se we are not in such a hurry Drive aaram se
Twinkle: (boasting herself) Kunj why are you worrying Meh Hu Na ..
Kunj: (to himself ) Usika tho daar hai ..
Twinkle: (A bit Angry) What did you say ?
Kunj:(a bit frightened) Nothing Nothing Twinkle ..
Twinkle : Good boy now let me drive …
Kunj:God please save me ..
Twinkle:(trying to hear what he said) Did you say something again ?
Kunj:No Nothing …(He fakes a smile)
Twinkle:(Panicked ) Kunj the brakes are not working …..
Kunj:What ..
Twinkle : What nahe brakes are not working (Trying to apply the brakes but the car is accelerating )
Kunj:(Looking at her foot )Twinkle the thing you are pressing is the accelerator not the brakes press the other one
Twinkle :(presses the brakes ) … Thank god .. oh tho I was just checking how much do you know about driving .. nothing else you passed with flying colours
Kunj:Twinkle leave it Let me drive (Moved out of the car Opened Twinkle’s door and picked her up in a bridal style and placed her on the passenger seat )
Kunj:Twinkle not a word or I will tell Rt Uncle that you had already booked a place for us in heaven
Twinkle: My place is in heaven … but yips is in hell …
Kunj:Whatever and now see how to drive …
Flashback ends…
I saw the pen she gifted me before I was going away for further studies ..

Flashback 2:
Kunj is packing his bag (When they were kids )
Twinkle: Kunj
Kunj: Ha Twinkle ..
Twinkle: Kunj do you really have to go ..(In a sad voice)
Kunj:Yes Twinkle I have to go ..
Twinkle:Kunj take me also na what will I do without you Who will I fight with ..
Kunj: I would have surely taken you by weight limit hai na and you are tho overweight (Giggled)
Twinkle: Kunj(she started beating him )
Kunj:Twinkle please stop (ouch ) its hurting
Twinkle:What did you say I am fat
Kunj:Fat nahe Overweight
Twinkle:Kunj (in a crying tone )
Kunj: Twinkle(in the same tone)
Twinkle: I will Miss you Sadu Sarna
Kunj: I will Miss you Siyappa queen
They hug
Twinkle : KUnj take this (had him a pen )
Kunj: Why are you giving me this ?
Twinkle: ma gave me this one When I went for writing my first exam she told me this pen will always make me successful so take this en so that you can be successful
Kunj: But Twinkle its yours
Twinkle: Kunj I have brains so I can be successful without this one also but you … (she sighed ) don’t have a brain so you may need it
Kunj: Twinkle ke bacche (runs behind her )
Twinkle : Will call you Uncle (she runs giggling )
Flashback ends
You have always stood by me …

Flashback 3 :
When Kunj was working in the office during the night time
Watchman : Sir Twinkle ma’am is waiting for you in the canteen
Kunj: What Why is she hear at this time ?
Watchman : Sir ma’am has brought something for you (He left )
Kunj: (walks to the canteen) Twinkle
Twinkle: Kunj what is this ha have you seen the time its 11 who works at this point of time And You haven’t eaten food also so take this (she hands him the tiffin )
Kunj: Twinkle I am not hungry
Twinkle: Don’t worry I haven’t prepared it
Kunj: Ha tho what are you waiting for serve it fast rats are wrestling in my stomach
Twinkle: (pouts) Kunj I am not such a bad cook
Kunj: (laughs ) Yes Twinkle you are a very bad cook
Twinkle : Kunj (crying tone )
Kunj: Twinkle (same tone )
Twinkle: Kunj leave it see I have xeroxed these notes for you so read them day after tomorrow we have our exams
Kunj: Thank you Twinkle
Twinkle : Kunj friendship meh No Sorry No
Kunj: Thank you 🙂
Flashback ends
And I still remember my best Valentines day

Flashback 4 :
In a farm house Twinkle was lying down on the sofa
Twinkle: Kunj we told the media that we are going to celebrate Valentines day here do you think Mahi and Uv would come to know about it ?
Kunj: I don’t know Twinkle (Sat on the sofa)
Twinkle: Kunj you know I don’t like this Valentines day
Kunj: Me too
Twinkle:(gets up ) You too ?
Kunj: Yes me too why cant I hate it ?
Twinkle : Because I found you to be a very flirty kind of guy and you hate this day ..
Kunj: Well thanks for the complement but I believe in Love and Love can never be expressed in a day it takes years
Twinkle: Impressive but for me I feel this day is a day when all those who show off their love publicise there love
Kunj: Oh Impressive
Twinkle: That was my word search for a new word ..
Kunj: Twinkle (Gave a are you serious vala look )
Twinkle (Gave a yes I am serious vala look )
Kunj: Achha Twinkle come lets cook something
Twinkle: ha come lets cook I will cook you stay here till then search a movie and we will see that search for an action movie
Kunj: weird ..
After sometime ..
Twinkle : Kunj Dinner is ready
Kunj: Okay just coming
Twinkle: Kunj see I have prepared Aloo muttar and puri
Kunj: Puri .. (He said looking at the food … )
Twinkle: come Kunj lets eat
Kunj : Twinkle you know how to cook (trying to pull the puri )
Twinkle: No Ma asked me not to go in the kitchen but I saw it on Youtube
Kunj: Twinkle you could have told me this why did you cook I mean why did you take so much pain
Twinkle: No its nothing like that
Kunj: Twinkle Why are you not eating ..
Twinkle: I am full I ad a late Lunch and I drank coffee
Kunj : Oh I see
Twinkle: So how is it ?
Kunj: What?
Twinkle: The food
Kunj: Oh its nice very tasty ..
Twinkle: You want more
Kunj: No I am full 🙂 (Thinks: I cant eat anymore I hope I don’t die )
Flashback ends

And “Tring Tring” suddenly My phone disturbed my thoughts “Hello” I replied to the secret agent Who helped me trace Twinkle’s location
“Sir I am sorry but I am still tracing the number you gave me oh I had not removed it from the tracer “ Its okay just disable the number right now “ I said “ Sir but that number is leaving India “ “What Are you sure “ I asked “ Yes sir The number is traced inside the International Airport “ He said “ Okay “ I replied trying to comprehend all what I just heard “ Sir “ He shouted “ Now what I asked ?” “ Sir the number is not working … I mean The sim is now broken” He said and I hanged the call
I immediately took the keys of my car and rushed to Twinkle’s Place But then the watchman told me that Everyone had gone to drop Twinkle to the airport except RT uncle who had to go for an urgent meeting
I left for Uncle’s office

“ I need an appointment with Mr.Taneja “ I asked the receptionist “ Sir Is busy you may wait in the waiting area “ She said and I left to the waiting area after around an hour Rt Uncle came there “ As expected Mr.Sarna “ He said “ Uncle where is Twinkle ?” I asked that’s non of your business “ He said turning his back towards me “Uncle please I Love Twinkle “ I said trying ti make him understand my POV “Stop it Kunj How dare you trace my daughters number ?“ He asked … “Uncle Please ell me where Twinkle is ..” I pleaded “ Kunj leave “ He said “ Uncle I can do anything for Twinkle “ I said folding my hands “ Oh really Prove it then “ He said “ Leave her “ He continued “Uncle I can do anything except that “ I said trying to convince him “ Okay then work in my office and prove me that you can do anything for Twinkle If I am satisfied I will tell you where Twinkle is “ He placed his condition “ I am ready sir “ I said “ I am sure you have learnt this in business that you should never sign a deal which is beyond your capacity … “ He said “ Sir I have learnt to take up each deal as if it is my first and work on it with all my experience “ I said “ Impressive I hope your work also impresses me “ He said and left the room
“ I will sir “ I said with full dedication …
Kunj’s POV ends

Twinkle’s POV
I have already missed Ma Papa and Dadi for so long and now I have to leave them again This time Dad is also angry with me ….

Flashback :
After reading the Dairy I could not stop crying Dad entered the room with Mom to check on me When He saw me Like this hugged me “Twinkle shh” He said calming me down He then made me slowly stand up “ Dad I Love Kunj “ I said and the very next moment Dad slapped me Chatakkkkk (LOL I knew many of you guys though Kunj was the one who got slapped but its Twinkle kiss ke bhi personal Sid “MY SID “ ko thapad nahe pada ) “Dad” I sad holding my cheek “ Twinkle you can never Love him I hate that man and he can never become a part of this family “ Dad said and started leaving “ And You are leaving for London today “ He said without turning back Ma followed him out of the room Ma and Dadi tried to make him understand but he did not understand … How I wish he could understand “ I thought and left the room he did not even come to drop me … I have already been a bad daughter I don’t want him to be ashamed of me “ I thought and waved bye to Ma and Dadi and I entered the airport My phone Dad threw it away so Ma gave me a new Sim and a Mobile too “
Flash back ends
And Now I am here waiting for my flight’s boarding to start again running away form Kunj …
Twinkle’s POV ends

PRECAP: Kunj in RT’s office as his PA …Rt’s decision …

Love you guys keep commenting ….
And I promise a faster update if I get the same response as I received on the previous one 🙂 And the other ff’s are on their way … Guys I get bored writing all this Sad and emotional part I don’t like all this those who know me well Know that I just don’t like people sad and crying all the time so hope you understand How difficult it is for me to write “ My Revenge Made Me Meet My True Love 🙂

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