Hi Guys I am back …. voh this part is quite emotional………. I don’t want any if you to think bad about Dev or RT because when you keep yourself in their place you would feel they are right …. Twinj ko unite karne ke responsibility is mine … don’t worry they would be together soon …
Sorry for the delay but this part required lots of emotions and words to suit it …. (12 shayari’s though they are not so good but tho bhi the emotions i think will be conveyed )

Thanks for your Love and support on the previous part …. If you want me to post soon … I need 20+ comments 🙂
Varna episode in April (Khya karu …. I need to white mail you for the comments varna mile he nahe if I would have been a good write I would not have to do this …… 🙁 okay koi baat nahe but please do comment 🙂

Twinkle’s POV :
“Just Like a night changed my life a few months back …. today may life changed agin …. Is My life a game that God keeps playing ….I don’t know This was what I wanted right … I wanted Kunj to go away … and me to et back to my family … that’s what is happening right “ I tried consoling my self remembering what happened a few hours back …..
Flash back :

“Kon tujhe …….” I was humming a song for the first time after so many months My heart felt lighter today my mind is happy Is everything gonna be alright today “ I questioned my self walking out of the washroom in my bathrobe “Ouch “ I screamed coz I had actually hit the side table and some of Kunj’s stuff fell down “Twinkle are you all right “ I heard a concerned voice of Kunj from the other side of the door Thank god I had locked it or else Kunj would have been here in the room right now “ I thought and smiled “Twinkle “ I heard him again “Should I come in “ He asked or rather said “Noooooooooooooooooo I am fine “ I screamed voh I just tripped and fell on the bed “ I said lying because if I tell him I have hurt my forehead he would break the door and come in “Okay come out fast “

He said and I think he left I got up and placed all the things back in his bag but just then I saw a dairy I stopped and my heart and Mind debate started once again Should I read it ? Or Not ? was the matter of discussion or rather say argument Finally My heart won and I took the dairy and keep it in my handbag I quickly moved towards the cupboard and took out my clothes a plain Kurti and a pllazo for the first time in so many days I decided to where some good dress showing of my dressing skills today I feel happy today It seems everything would be alright ….. I thought but my thoughts were broken By Dad’s voice I immediately rushed out of the room I saw My PAPA MY PAPA there I wanted to hug and cry on his shoulder though people cry on their partners shoulder for a girl the best place to cry is her Strong Fathers shoulder I wanted to hug him but then the guilt …. I could not meet his eyes “Papa “ was the only word I could utter I felt I lost the ability to speak This was enough for Papa He came towards me and hugged me tight I don’t know what to do “Dev help Twinkle pack her bag we are leaving today “ He ordered Dev bhai I could not question dad anything because I saw anger in his blood shot red eyes I quietly obeyed his orders and left following Dev bhai to the room “Dev Bhai …” I was about to ask the question he already knew I was about to question so he directly gave me the answer “Twinkle I am sorry for such a long time I hide the fact from Mamu that you are here but I could not do it anymore so I called him here “ Dev bhai said “What “ I said “Yes Twinkle Ma and your Papa are siblings “ Bhai said I hugged him that was the reason why I always get connected to him “Twinkle pack your bags you are laving today “ He said and brought down the suitcase I could not deny his orders I packed my bag only a few clothes unlike last time This time I would be going to MY HOME not to an unknown place

I came out of the room finding Kunj all teary and guilty I felt hurt Dad grabbed my hand and we left the house on the way to Udaipur Airport we meet MOM sorry BUA and DAD sorry Fufaji Durga bhabhi and my champ …. I will miss them they promised to come to meet e during Champ’s vacations and I promised to stay in touch …. we left the city which gave me a new identity
The journey to the airport was a quite one Me crying on dad’s shoulder and consoling me

The airport was crowded we entered inside we were supposed to board the plane but due to the fog the flight was delayed ….
Flash back ends
and here I am sitting down on the bench Dad is buying some books for me so that I can change my mind and stop crying but the moment he came close to me I felt like crying once again on his shoulder …
Twinkle’s POV ends
Kunj’s POV

I am driving back to the airport now that Twinkle has left there is no point to stay here who I was leaving I met the watch man he hugged me when he saw my red eyes Mrs. Shikhavat also meet me today I found hatred for me in her eyes Hope some day I can change it Dev also looked angry everyone were angry on me …… I reached the airport and when I entered in I saw Twinkle and RT uncle sitting there remembering what Uncle told me today in the house I decided to sit away from there some where where I could see Twinkle but she could not see me

(I closed my eyes hearing this song playing on my playlist tears streaming down it )
*guys to know how Kunj is feeling plugging in your head phones and hear this song you may feel Kunj’s emotions and state of mind *
Tu jo nazron ke saamne kal hoga nahi
Tujhko dekhe bin main
Mar na jaaun kahin (x2)
Tujhko bhool jaaun kaise
Maane na, manaaun kaise?
Tu bata…
Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhe toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina…
Kaat’ta hoon laakhon lamhein
Kat’te nahin hain
Saaye teri yaadon ke
Hat’te nahin hain (x2)
Sookh gaye hain aansu teri judai ke
Palkon se phir bhi baadal
Chhant’te nahin hain
Khudko main hasaaun kaisi
Maane na, manaaun kaise?
Tu bata…
Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhe toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina..
Mmm.. o…

Haathon ki lakeerein do milti jahaan hai
Jisko pata hai bata de
Jagah woh kahaan hai (x2)
Ishq mein jaane kaisi ye bebasi hai
Dhadkano se milkar bhi dil tanha hai
Doori main mitaun kaise?
Maane na, manaaun kaise?
Tu bata…
Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhe toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina..
Flashback:(Kunj is narrating it )
Today mooring had an ugly silence just like the one before a storm …. “Ouch I heard Twinkle screaming I rushed to the door of her room which was locked “Twinkle are you fine ?” I asked her this siyaapa queen she tripped and fell on the bed I asked her to be careful and come out soon I went back t the kitchen and started preparing coffee for me and Twinkle I heard the door bell ring I went to open it and I saw RT Uncle “Uncle “ I said trying to bring my self back to reality “Oh so MR. SARNA is here “ he said taunting stressing on the word Mr.Sarna he never calls me that moment I felt something weird “ How dare you How dare you do this to my daughter “ Uncle said and held my collar “Papa” Twinkle said running out of the room Uncle left my collar and stood infant of Twinkle I bowed down my head in guilt ….

In guilt of being responsible for separating a Father and Daughter I did not know what to do I kept mum after Uncle and Twinkle hugged he asked Dev to help Twinkle pack her bag and she moved in to do it because she saw Uncle’s red burning eyes As soon as she left and we heard the door lock Uncle again held my collar he pulled me down towards him (Abhi yaar Sid Ke height zyada hai na RT se 😉 )

“Kunj how could you destroy my daughter’s life what enmity Did you have with us I thought you were my son and Leela tho she thought of you more than a son “ He said in a high tone raising his voice with each word “ You are responsible for my daughters destruction look at her what has happened to her I have never seen her so sad … never Thank god I realised it before Making You and Twinkle marry that you are not the one who would wipe my Princess tears but the one who would only give her tears “ Uncle said making me feel more and more guilty of harming Twinkle hurting Twinkle I could not speak anything how could I … I know I am wrong how can I explain this to him ….” Don’t ever try to meet Twinkle again and pray that you never come in front of me again or else I will Kill you “ He said and then as soon as Twinkle came out of the room he grabbed her hand and left ………. with her …. and left with My Twinkle
Kunj”s POV ends

Twinkle’s POV :
“I was so wrong I should have come back here and not left for Mount Abu Ma Papa and Dadi … I was logging for their love I never even thought of seeing them again “ I thought sitting on the dinning table “ Twinkle puttar why are you not eating?” Dadi questioned creasing my hair lovingly “Dadi I have already eaten 2 parathas” I said indicating I am full but Mom’s and Dadi’s of the whole world are the same even after refusing so much they made me eat 2 more …. I am glad I am back “ I thought getting up for the table and rushing to my room before Ma hands me something else to eat “
On entering the room my eyes feel on my bag I moved close to it I took out Kunj’s dairy ….. I opened it The first page had a picture of me and Kunj in school when we where eating ice cream or rather say applying it on our self
I turned the page :* the pages are not in continuation how can any Dairy just have 12 pages so… sirf feelings dekhna words nahe I know the shayri’s are like Kalank’s on Shayar’s so sorry in advance *

“Khuda se tujh sa manga tha kisi ko,
Khya pata tha Rab itna mehrban hai ,
Jho tu mile mujhko “
I saw you Twinkle after so many years the same innocence the same eyes the same shine the same Twinkle the same childishness the same attitude and the same …. My Love … Twinkle ….

“ Ishq karne ke koi vajh hote ,
Tujhse mohabat na karne ke mujhe koi vajh he nahe milte hai “
Twinkle I feel like falling for you one more time … I thought my childhood love is just attraction I never knew that I was doubting the pure reaction of love …. I love you Twinkle … I love you ….not for anything but just for everything …

“ Pehli Dafa tha jab tujh ko dekha ,
Dill ke dharkan he rukh se gaye the ,
Hoto par voh pehle se muskurahat aagaye the ,
Sab kuch kho kar bhi yeh dil Khush tha ,
Kunke tu jho aa mile the “
Twinkle you know I had forgotten that I could smile …. after losing Mom and Dad in the accident don’t know what happened to me I never noticed someone never smiled but seeing you I smiled I felt happy … I felt as if god had compensated for the losses I faced

“ Khya hua agar mere nahe hosakte ,
Khya hua aagar mera Pyar Kabil nahe ,
Tujhse Pyar kiya hai ,
Tere har Kushi meh hai mere Khushi “
“Twinkle Loves UV “My heart broke on hearing these words form the secret agent who is following Twinkle I wanted to know about there before proposing but Now …………… I love you Twinkle so much that I can let you go ….

“ Payar karkr bhi Ahura rehne ka dukh janta hu ,
Tujhse intne mohabat karta hu ,
Ke Tujhe iss dukh se kabhi guzarne nahe dunga “
UV does not Love Twinkle …… I am glad …. but Twinkle loves him a lot she can do anything for him the tears in her eyes show it all …I will unite you Twinkle I don’t want you to face the pain of one sided love …..

“Juth he sahe par humse Pyar ka Vada kiya ,
Tum jho na hoge pass iss dil ke ,
Kon Samjhaye iss Tutaye dil ko ,
Ke Saach yeh hai ke Chahkar bhi meh tera aur tu mere nahe hosakte “
Twinkle dont know why I feel We can be one … I just said I like Mahi … so that you can trust me to act as your fake boyfriend …… I could sense your jealousy …. though for a limited time …. I want you to be mine …… I changed you but I never felt like doing that because you are perfect just the way you are Twinkle I still have some hopes that you can be mine ……and I would try doing it till my last breath

“Anjane se hogaye voh bhul ,
Tum hame gaye bhul,
Voh galte mere nahe the ,
The von sajish uss rab ke “
Twinkle I really don’t know how this happened how did I even force my self on you …. I should have not done that …. People say Love builds a person but Love some times destroys a person too …. I could not see you with UV … Twinkle I cant let you go ……

“ Aagar aaj mar bhi jaye tho koi gam nahe ,
Tujhe daard dene ka yahe sillah hai “
I am sorry Twinkle …………. I thought you don’t remember what happened You left me …you are away from your family because of me …. I have to be punished I should be punished ..

“Har raha par mene tujhko tha dundha ,
Har mod par ja ruka,
Aaj mile hai tu mujhe ,
Tujhe iss bar na jaane dunga”
Twinkle don’t worry very soon we will be together You will be with your family I have found you Twinkle and I wont let you go this time ….I promise

“Vakt ne chale voh chaal hai,
Jho na tu samjh paye na meh ,
Iss Vakt se har kar ,
Bhul kiye the maine ,
Har bhul ka Sudhar hota hai ,
Har glate ke maafi hote hai ,
Kash tu mujhe maaf karde
Uss rab ko muh dekhane ke kabil banjaunga meh “
Twinkle I am sorry I did not know that you are pregnant …… You are my Child’s mother I realised it when we lost OUR child I am sorry Twinkle I am sorry please forgive me …

“ Tere Muskurahat ko dekhna cahatu hu,
Tujhe phir tujhsa banaan cahata hu ,
Mar kar bhi jee raha hu ,
Bas tujhe Khush dekhna cahata hu “
Twinkle I am the reason behind your sadness I will get back My Twinkle I will get back your smile Even if I have to die for it …

“Kabhi Kabhi mere dil meh khyal aata hai ,
Agar tu na hote tho mera khya hota “
KUNJ exists only because of Twinkle …..
*Dairy’s part ends*
“Kunj Loves me “ I spoke to myself each word in the dairy speaks like thousand words for me He loved me from the very begging I love him too I still Love him I had never felt this bad staying away from UV that i am feeling loosing Kunj …. I still Love him I still Love him ….” I thought and slept tears still flowing down my eyes …

KUNJ: Uncle I Love Twinkle ….


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