Hi guys I am back with a new episode …..

Kunj’s POV
My plan worked Twinkle came out of the house and was angry she still looked so cute “Kunj stop all this and move inside the house ” She said looking at me “and you all need a special invitation to leave from here ” she said in rahe looking at those poor girls I thought to myself but then looking at Twinkle’s anger I picked up the bucket and moved moves towards the house following her as soon as we entered the house she started shouting at me God how much I missed her shouting her loud words are also giving please to my ears “Kunj so now please do not make any more problems for me if you are here for a deal stay in the hotel or leave but you can’t stay in my house anymore ” she said throwing my bag at my face “Twinkle …Twinkle ” she ignored my words and opened the door for me I had to walk out of the house I had no other option “Twinkle but I won’t leave without you ” I said leaping from the door while she banged the door on my face. “I know Twinkle is a kind of girl who only shows a few emotions like when she is happy and angry she does not breakdown easily I know she wants to cry but now she won’t breakdown in front of me ” I thought to myself walking on the road “I need to make some arrangements so that I stay right infront of Twinkle’s house but not in her house I again

Twinkle’s POV 
” Only I know the pain I am going through the pain of loosing my baby People can only give me sympathy but I don’t need their sympathy Kunj is back just because he wants to repent for his mistakes I have no idea why he is doing this now I no more have his child then why does he need me does he need me or my body ? ” I thought to myself sipping my coffee looking out of my window at the children who were laying out it makes me remember my unborn child I looked out and suddenly heard someone playing the song “O Heeriye “

Jadd tennu vekhiyaan pehli vaari main taan..

Tennu hi takda rayaan..

Janchda nai si tere naal main taan..

Phir bhi jachda reyaan..

When I saw you for the first time,

I kept just looking at you..

I don’t look good with you,

[as you’re so much more beautiful than me]

but still kept looking good (to myself)..

Khinchda reyan tennu apni or..

Tennu main kenda riyaan

O heeriye tennu lai jaaNaa hai..

Gal tu man vich basa..

Nahi jeena tere bina..

Saanu de na saza

I kept pulling you towards me,

And I kept telling you,

O beloved, I have to take you away (with me)

keep that in your heart..

I don’t have to live without you…

Don’t punish me..

O heeriye tenu le jaana..

Jaane na tu ae kyoon

teri yaadon mein tanha hua

Tere liye saansein

chalein meri, zinda hua

Tu jo kahe to

Paaniyon pe chal doon main

Karaan tera sadka

Tera hi sajda karaan..

Why don’t you know this,

that I have become lonely in your memories..

My breaths go on or you,

I have become alive (for you)..

If you ask me, I shall walk on water,

I gave away everything for you,

I bow in prayer to you only..

O heeriye tenu le jaana hai

Ae gal tu man vich wasa

Nai jeena main tere bina hun ta

kyun dendi tu ae sazaa

Heeriye.. Khudi se toota hai

Aaina jhootha hai yaara..

bande ki bandagi udi

Dekho ye zindagi mudi

O beloved, it’s broken by selfness,

The mirror is a liar, O friend..

The prayers of the devotee are gone,

See, my life has taken a turn..

[He’s trying to say here that he’s lost the high place where he kept himself, and instead, he’s praying her now.]

Rab ka ye tukda, 

Sona jeya mukhda

Ek wari hore dikha

Gham ki parat pe

Jhooti hi sharat pe

Phir se ye jeena sikha

This piece of God,

Your beautiful face,

show me once more..

On the layer of sadness (that I am feeling)

Even on false conditions,

teach me how to live..

O heeriye tenu le jaana

Ae gal tu man wich wasa

Nai jeena tere bina..

 on analysing from where the sound is coming too my shock  I found out Kunj was playing it the even greater shock was the thing just behind him …

My eyes became bigger as I saw a tent behind Kunj I rubbed my eyes to check whether I am dreaming or not I even pinched myself “Ouch” that hurts but even after all this neither did Kunj move nor the tent I decided to ignore him maybe if I don’t react to it he would leave “I can’t forgive him He killed my unborn baby” I thought to myself while closing the curtains and switching on the heater “But its so cold out there how will he ….


Kunj:Twinkle (Acchu) Twinkle (Acchu)

Twinkle:What happened Kunj why are you sneezing ?

Kunj:Voh Twinkle (Acchu) Yesterday (Acchu) the window was open (Acchu) The cold air(Acchu)

Twinkle : Okay Okay I understand yesterday your rooms window was open and the great Kunj Sarna could not even bear Mumbai’s cold winds 

Kunj:Twinkle(Acchu) Voh (Acchu) I catch cold faster …


“Kunj could not bear Mumbai’s cold in the month of November then how will he bear Mount Abu’s cold in the month of December ?” I thought to myself bitting my lower lip “Oh that’s better then may be he would not be able to live in the tent and leave soon ” said My brain but as my heart heart was about to give her opinion my brain asked her to hold her feeling back


“It still cold even when the heater is working I think i need to burn the woods ” I thought while shivering “Is he still sitting out ?” my heart was about to say something when  “He might have left for Mumbai by now ” my brain spoke in between My heart asked me to ignore it and check outside so i peeped out of the window to my surprise he was still there without a shawl no jacket no fire and wait he is sitting out of the tenth he will surely catch cold soon I thought while picking up my overcoat and rushed out of the house with an extra one 

Twinkle’s POV ends 

Kunj’s POV 

“God its so cold out here (Acchu) this Siyappa queen has closed the curtains how would she come to know I am still waiting for her here “I thought to myself until it was disturbed by someone placing an overcast on me I turned around to see who it was and guess what it was “Twinkle” I muttered “Don’t think I have forgiven you I am here because I ….. I can’t see anyone shivering ” she said covering me with the overcoat avoiding making any eye contact with me I jerked the overcoat and said ” Who said I am shivering(Acchu)  ?” she shook her head ” Who said you are shivering I was feeling cold seeing you sit like this in the cold that is why ” she said again covering me with the overcoat (Acchu) “God this cold ” I thought to myself but If I accept this overcoat she would think i am not determined to take her back I jerked the overcoat again “Kunj please you are sneezing ” she said shaking her head ” But I won’t take it because you have told me to stay away from you so how can I ” I said ” Stop it Kunj stop acting like a Kid Okay fine now I am saying come inside ” she said Hahaha I won 

Kunj’s POV ends 

Gjus I want to tell you all something I won’t be able to comment and post for the coming week I am sory in advance
White mailing na karu tho comment nahe aate isliye comments will decide the fate of the next episode ??
Love you all
Take care ????

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  2. Presha

    Hey sidmin its just awesome

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    Woah…. Amazing episode di…. That was superrrrrrrrrrrr amazing…
    Nd I’m in love with it now …. Everything was beautifully written…
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  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous marvelous epi….

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