Hi guys how are you all hope everyone is in first class condition and sorry for the delay it was just that I have got a cut in my right Palm do it’s quite difficult to hold the phone and type and Now I can’t use my lappy so I am sorry will try posting sooner next time and yes I wont be able to commet on any ff for a week and I wont be able to post too hope you guys understand and the deal of …. 20+ comments is still on …. White mailing works ha 😉so I am continuing with it 20 + comments faster update 😏 or else wait for 2 weeks I have already written all the episodes in my note book just need to type 😆 when ever I wish to 😉
Now something more about me :
I live in Mumbai Mulund to be specific
I have a younger sis who is not a Twinj fan and hence hates my writings
My mom and dad don’t know about me writing on TU it’s not that they would stop me it’s just that they want me to concentrate on my studies more than all the other things
So enough now you guys tell about your self either through the comments or using TU’ s Pm or My email id tellyfriends
one of the readers had a doubt regarding Twinj’ s marital status to remind you guys I am telling you that Twinj aren’t married only engaged and they made out on that party night hope it’s pretty clear now for those who had a doubt
Love you so very much hope you have a blast and enjoy your day completely and don’t forget to invite me for the party 😉just joking

Let’s start :
(Hope you guys like it well today’s episode is a bit emotional so best of luck guys after all you are going to read the disaster I have written )
Kunj’s POV
She …she fainted in front of me , blood oozing out of her mouth I screamed the watchman rushed in the house he quickly dilaed the doctors number from Twinkle’s phone I decided to take Twinkle to the hospital in the hotels car I picked up her up in a bridal style and took her in the car on seeing me with Twinkle the driver immmedialtely rushed to Twinkle he patted her cheeks “Twinkle beta Twinkle beta ” he said the watchman asked the driver to take Twinkle to some Shikhavat hospital and the driver immediately started the car I took Twinkle in my lap and sat in the back seat blood was still oozing from her mouth I sipped it with my hands we reached the hospital as soon as we reached 2 ladies 1 around 60’s and the other around 30′ s o guess along with a man who could be in his late 30′ s rushed to Twinkle ” Twinkle see Mom is here ” said the old lady “Twinkle ” called the other lady as well ” Twinki you are my strong girl na ” said the man The stretcher was immediately brought I kept holding Twinkle’s hand until finally I had to leave her hand so that she could go inside the OT O stood there shock ” Thank you for saving my sister ” He said folding his hands ” You don’t need to say Thank you in fact I need to thank you for keeping my Twinkle safe ” I said hugging him he pushed me back ” You …are Kunj ” he said with anger ” Yes ” I replied ” Leave right now ” he said ” Beta who is he ” The old lady asked pointing at me ” Mom he is ….” ” I am Kunj ” I said stopping him while he angrily glared at me “You are my Twinkle’s husband …(she hugged me ) Thank God beta you came Twinkle was very sad maybe missing you she did not even take her medicines on time ” she complained ” Beta I am sorry I could not take care of Twinkle ” she said apologizing “But beta don’t worry Twinkle will be fine Durga (she called out the other lady )”Ji ma” she said “He is Kunj our Twinkle’s husband tell him out Twinkle will be fine ” the old lady said in a broken voice ” Ma don’t worry our Twinkle is a fighter ” said the young lady I guess her name is Durga

****3 hours later ****
The doctor came out of the OT
“Rakesh how is Twinkle ? ” asked the old women “Sakshi” the doctor said ” Dad say something ” said the young man Dev who was still angry in me “Beta Twinkle lost her child ” he said I froze I could not move not a single drop of water came out of my eye I could not cry my Twinkle lost our child because of me I have to be strong for her ” Why did God snatch our child ” I thought mentally hating God for his deeds ” Can I meet her ” were the only words that came out of my mouth “He is Kunj ” said the old women when the doctor was just about bf o ask who I am “Oh I see you can meet her only after we shift her to the genral ward and Yes please do not let her feel sad because it may cause depression to her and we may loose Twinkle forever ” said the doctor while the old women broke down I was still shocked not knowing how I should react
I entered the ward my queen was lying there in the hospital bed unconscious I gathered courage I go close to her because I was the one who is indirectly responsible for the child’s death I thought as I reached close to her and sat down on the chair and held her hand tightly I kept on looking at her how will she react after knowing that our child is no more

**********After an hour **********
I slept holding her hand after sometime I woke up because Twinkle jerked my hand she tried moving up and sitting but she failed ” Twinkle look calm down you are week ” I said trying to make her lie down “Twinkle Our child is no more ” I said with a heavy heart I know my Twinkle would not be able to bear it …..” No God cannot snatch my child ,You are playing a prank with me Kunj right ,Yeah I know how can my child die ” she said I know she is in a great shock “Twinkle listen to me our child is no more ” I said holding her shoulder to calm her down She pushed me with all her might “My child you get it not yours ” she said shouting and then she fainted I called for the doctor and He rushed in the ward boys helped me put Twinkle back on the bed I asked the doctor to discharge Twinkle now so that I can change her mood and lighten it up . The doctor agreed and Twinkle was shifted to her house she was still unconscious
Kunj’s POV ends

Twinkle’s POV
I opened my eyes and looked around I was in my house was it my dream I thought to myself t was a dreadful one I thought to myself when my thoughts were proven wrong on seeing Kunj there ” Twinkle you woke up ” he said ” Why are you here?” I asked ” Twinkle which pizza should I order ?” He asked ignoring my question “Kunj I asked you something Why are you here ? ” I said in a louder voice “Twinkle shhh.. . Calm down ” he said making me lie down on the bed “My child ” I expressed being shocked remembering that the thing I just saw wasn’t a dream “Twinkel shh.. please calm down I know how are you feeling loosing our child ” he said in a low voice “My child not our” I said tears started flowing down my eyes I tried pushing him but he did not move a bit he hugged me patted my back asked me to stop crying but I could not it was my child I kept it in my womb for 2 months how can he suddenly go away I don’t remember what happened after that but the next day I woke up I found Kunj sleaping beside me he had hugged me tight really tight I saw him waking up so I pretends to be asleep
Twinkle’s POV ends

To be continued


  1. twinj

    Hey mili,
    I was waiting for this ff since so long n finally u posted it.Awesom plus fab plus emotional epi.Luved the caring nature of kunj.Too gud.Can’t wait for the next epi.
    Take care.Get well soon n post ur ff only after u get fully fit n fine.N thanks for the update although u were hurt u posted this ff thanks.Chiku would b very happy to see this ff.

    Lots of luv.

  2. Sohi


    |Registered Member

    Yaar u r soo mean koi itna wait karwata hai kya the episode was too emotional feeling sad for twinkle do continue and plz plz plz post soon

  3. Chiku


    |Registered Member

    Hey 🌶 chilli
    Woaaah its just amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍lovely. I just loved it. Its jus mindblowing. Thank u soo much.
    Milli please take care. Plz take rest. Dont use ur hand more and apply some cream.
    Thank u soooo much for uploading ff for me. Thank u sooo mich😄
    U know i suck writing long comments. All i can say is thank u sooo much for everything. I am glad to have a friend like u. Thanl u
    Love u😍😍😘

  4. Kritika14


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    Hey Mili,
    This was amazing! I was waiting for so long but glad you posted finally! Anyway, take care of your hand! x

    Lovess! xx

  5. Simiyy


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    Hey Mili
    It was really good
    I was waiting for you to post it
    Get well soon
    Try to post when possible
    Loads of love ❤️

  6. paavu

    Hey sidmin dear lovrd it it was very much emotional and u r late koi nahi it was nice its me paavu gotta gi so dun have time to login dear lods of love tc

  7. Adya


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    Mili di…
    The episode was outstanding… I mean that was sooo amazing….I love it…quite emotional…. Post the next one soon…
    Love u..

  8. Vipul


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    Hi meri white mailer, dhamki acchi hai… well epi was superb n emotional…. feeling sad for twinkle n kunj as well…. yaar tu toh jhatke pe jhatke diye ja rahi hai… first twinj separation n twinkles pregnency n now she lost her child….. I loved it so much… man kar raha hai sab aaj hi padh lun but you are not posting it…. very bad… well my white mailer mili post next asap

    Love you


  9. |Registered Member

    Mili very very sorry for late comment… I wasn’t keeping well… As always the epi is shocking and emotional… Felt bad for TwiNj they lost their 👶 I wish twinkle wouldn’t have lost her baby and Kunj would have taken care of twinkle but its OK I’m loving the way story is shaping up… Try posting soon…

    Love you

  10. Baby


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    ohhhhhhh god mili osm
    fabulous amazing episode
    loved it soooo mch emotional yr sooo vry emotional
    love u lods sis 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥

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