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Lets start :
Kunj’s POV
…..Why did she asked me to stop I looked at my paratha and then at Twinkle I dropped my piece hesitantly and looked up at her “Kunj you cant eat before we go to the golden temple “ she said and It was then that I noticed that she was wearing a Patayala and some makeup with beautiful earrings she looked beautiful I kept on staring at her and she walked towards I wanted to eat I was hungry but she was right We were supposed to go to the Gurdwara without having food “Twinkle come lets go “ I said “We are also going with you both “Said Ishana teasing me “I meant to say Twinkle lets go so that we can leave these love birds alone “ I said trying to tease them “To leave the love birds alone or to get time to spend with Twinkle “ Asked Ishana “Bhabhi ji “ I said and hugged her (friendly vala ) “ Wait I am your Sali too” she said “ Oh that is a problem well “ I said thinking about it “ Hmm You call her bhabhi only “ said Twinkle “coz its the first relation you have with her “ She continued I know she has told me so coz this engagement is just a compromise I want you Twinkle I really need you I thought to myself “ Come lets leave me and Ishana need to go of shopping after that so lets take 2 cars “ Om said “ Oh you want to spent some time alone with My sister “ Said Twinkle teasing Om “ Even you and Kunj can “ Om said “Voh after shopping I need to go for a meeting “ I said in between their planning “ Oh then how will twinkle com back home ?” asked Om “Voh She can accompany me for the meeting if she wants to “I said “Hmm I will “Twinkle said she looks so cute in the Hmm.. vala face We left for the Golden temple did the prayers but before that me and Twinkle went to the holly water and sprinkled some water on us while returning my Queen slipped an I caught her in the nick of time or els she would have been in the water I thought Her eyes were closed she was looking so cute her nose It wasn’t the first time I was seeing her so close but still It was something different each and every time she fell into my arms “Twinkle “I said and she opened her eyes we were in the same position and then on that moment a holly cloth fell on us We were engrossed in each others eyes I felt she was feeling for me We were then brought to reality by Ishana and Om and then they teased us all the way to the parking we got into the car and drove to the mall we chose on to play the radio and rather talk Twinkle blabbered a whole lot of things and I kept on smiling
Kunj’s POV ends

Twinkle’s POV
I was talking about how we would stop the marriage and this man was smiling I get erratic and shouted on him how can someone be so indifferent to my words We finally reached the mall and Ishana and Om reached before us so they called out Kunj’s name he still did not react and then Om taped him He turned around and saw the and then he removed cotton from his ears” Omg this guy he wasn’t even listening to what I said in the car” I exclaimed and all the 3 of them looked at me Om and Ishana were giggling and Kunj had a scared face
I was very angry I wanted to scream on him but then I remembered a silent treatment is better So I choose to stay mum and went inside the mall We went to store to buy a dress for Ishana and I kept on ignoring Kunj He was trying to talk to me but I did not even look at him though I did sometimes to check on him
After around an hour Ishana’s shopping was done and mine too we then went to shop for Om and Kunj “ Twinkle I will select a dress for Om and please leave us alone at home you both wanted to give us some private time so now what “ said Ishana with a please leave face “ Okay baba I am leaving “ I said “ Both of you” said Om I wanted to kill them I knew it was Kunj’s plan I still left and went to select a dress for Kunj Something matching with my Pink lehenga for our engagement and Blue lehenga for the marriage and Yellow for the Haldi and Green and Marroon for the mehenedi and a suite for the reception
I choose dresses for him and he tried each of them like a obedient kid but while trying a Kurta he called to for me I rushed to him “What happened /“I asked him from outside the changing room
“Voh My head is stuck in the collar “he said “I need help “ He continued “ So what “I asked “help me “ he said I looked around for some hep but could not so I agreed I entered the changing room and then saw him his Kurta was filled to his neck and his abs were seen I looked at him he looked Hot I had never noticed him I cleared my thought and went ahead to help him I pulled the Kurta and tried removing it “Ahh Twinkle slow “ He said “Kunj I cant do it slow “ I replied “Remove it fast Twinkle It’s paining “ he said “Kunj stop behaving like kid “ I said “Done “I said and he wore his shirt we opened the door and Ishana and Omkar fell on top of us all four of us were down I looked at them what I asked “Voh we were just wondering where you were and then I saw Twinkle entering the changing room as if she does not want someone to see her and then we came here and heard your talks Guys please no S*x before marriage “ Om said teasing us “What s*x what made you think so “ I asked “Oh we heard your talks Slow Twinkle …It’s paining “ Ishana said “What the hell I was just removing his stuck Kurta and he was screaming in pain “ I said trying to clear the matter “ may be they understood but I don’t think so never mind after that we had lunch and Kunj was eating as if he was hungry for a day and yeh he really was he did not have dinner yesterday coz he had eaten lunch late and did not have breakfast too He really was hungry we then left Ishana and Om alone they wanted to go on a long drive and then have dinner I accompanied to Kunj to his meeting and their I got bored bored like hell finally the meeting got over and I jumped in joy all the clients looked at me and laughed I too gave them a big smile “Thank you “ Kunj said while seeing them off to the door “Kunj come lets go “ I said “Twinkle its just 6 “he replied “ I want you to see my boy friend “ I said and dragged Kunj He was shocked at my statement

To be continued ……

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  3. hey mili,
    twinj aka aakriti here…
    awesome plus amazing plus mindblowing epi…muahhhhh…luved it dear…n let me guess twinkle’s boy friend is UV kash kunj hota anyways thank u mili for ur hardwork n dedication towards ur writing…whenever I read ur ff I feel as if I am watching it.

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