love me like u do-one shot by ufaaq [a bye letter]

suman was sleeping when she heard the voice of door opening
she woke up
an aangel was aleeping beside her
suman kisses her on hr forhead
suman;mania i think papa is here so,,,, u sleep i will be back
she leaves the oor and comes down stairs
someone enters the hsll
suman face exhibits a huge smile
suman goes and takes bag from his hand
man:yup plzzzz
suman brings water for him
man;sit suman and tell me y were u wakng???
suman;for u shr obviously
yes the msn was shr
shr;oh go how many times i have told u not to waake for me
suman;then for whom i should wake???
shr;fpr none
suman;wellthats impossible
shr;impossible but y???
suman;cuz ur angel doesnot let me sleep
shr smiles;dont u dre to complain me about my angel
suman;then whom should i complain???? ur angel says the same thing when i complain her about u
shr;u complinnher about me???
suman;yes u father and daughter have finishes my personal life
shr;hahahaha thats y i told u not to mrry me i m a difficult man to deal wiith
suman;oh really dnt u think i m able to handle u
shr;ammmm noooo
suman;then how i m spending my life with u
shr;hahaha as a difficult respondibity
suman hits him playfully;dont u daare to say that

suman;kunke tjh pe mar ke hi to mjhe jeena aya h
shr;atif aslam
shr;haaha ohk sorry
suman;u r the best thing ever happened to me
shr;dont expect me to say same to u
shr;cuz for me first my angel than u
suman;ya ya whatever
suman makes face
shr gets up and hugs her tightly
shr;u know naw i love u
suman;no u dont
shr;i swear it on my soul
shr;like seriously yaar ohk fine tmhare qasam
suman;han ab mjhe mar den
shr;hahaha nae ohk fine angel ki kasam now plzzz smile
auman smiles
shr;gud girl
suman;khana laga dun
shr;ahm bhook nae h chalo tm kha lo main tmhein dekhon ga
suman; g nae m kha chuki hun
shr;what without me???
siuman laughs;no me too not hungry
shr;ohk i m very tired todaay
shr forwards his hand
suman gives her hand
shr;cuz i didnt work in office i was free
he pulls sumu closer
suman;so u must not bbe tired
shr;but i m what to o
suman;ammm sleep
shr;no lets dance

he plays the music
ho karam khudaya h……..
tjhe mjh se milya h…….
they start dancing
tjh pe mar ke hi to ……
mjhe jena aya h……
he spins her
oh tere sand yara khush rand bahara
tu raat ewani main zard sitara
he again pulls her closer
o tere san yara khush rng baahara
main tera hi jaoun jo to kr de ishara………
he gets closer to her more closer more closer just about to kiss her
hen his angel cries
shr;oh god angel now u r behaving like papa enemy
suman smiles;tata mr malhotra
shr makes face
suman goes and picks up the baby and make her not to cry more
ahr enters room
shr;y dont u sing a song she will sleep
siuman;i nt know how to sing lori
shr;ohk u sing for me she will listen it
shr;ya plz
suman starts singing
tu ata h sene main
jb jb sansen bharti hun
tere il ki galiyoun se
main har roz guzarti hun
kaun tjhe yun payar kare ga jese main krti hun

mere nazar ka safar tjh pe hi aaake ruke
kehne ko baaqi haai kya
kehna tha jo keh chuke
mere nigahen hain tere nigahon pr
tjhe khabar kia bekhabar
main tjh se he chup chup kr
tere ankhen parhti hun
kun tjhe yun payar kare ga jese main krti hun
she stops and looks at baby
she slept
suman;mania slept
she looks at shr
shr was eyeing him lovingly
shr;nothing niice sung
shr;seriously koi mjhe ese pyar nae kr skta jese tm krti ho
he hugs her tightly
shr;i really love u
suman; i love u too
scene splits on shrman face

the end

heloooooooooooooooo my dears whats up???
big sorry for not posting my ff
i guess i cant post it now
sunday i broke my bro mobile accidently
he took my tab now i cant write epi or post or laptop to sbka h so cant post from it
so i guess that was the last epi of my ff
i think this is lat update from my side sfter ths no updates from my sidde
so im leaving telly updates forever
but only updates if u will send me private msg i will surely reply u guys if u guys miss me
u r the excellent family very friendly i m gonna miss u guys
prettypreeti my puni
fatima guk e sarfraz
affa api
aishani purkyastha
rukhsar di
sorry if i missed anyone
i will surely miss u guys
remember me in ur prayers and plzzz dont bash me
love u guys
take care
i will surely reply to all comments on this update
take cre

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  1. ff was awesome
    no yaar I cant live without reading ur ff ufi
    hope u get ur tab back frm ur bro
    love u

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u sooooo much
      awwww thaats soo sweet of u
      that sounds like impossible cuz he went to hostel
      love u too

  2. Angel20

    What?? You are leaving this site? Like seriously??!! Are you can use laptop sometimes Na… Aisa Na karo!!! Please!! Tussi jaa rahe ho? Tussi Na jao… ????
    Please try to come, not write at least be here only… Coming to the Os… It was awesome!! So cute??
    But please please please don’t leave I’ll miss you a lot… Please don’t go…??

    1. Ufaaq

      yup i m leaving
      yup but my bro always stucks with me when i use lappy
      yup u can msg me i will reply my dear
      thaank u sooooooo much
      i will miss u too
      i will try to be back f possible otherwise tata
      take care mario
      u have been an excellent friend

  3. Neeti

    Excuse me!!! U wrote u r leaving!!! Have u gone mad di!!!!! I will nt let u leave!
    Di, u knw na I hate this wrd leaving nd ending then y did u wrote that!??? Ok u r leaving bt y forever??!!! I mean u can come back again na, 1 mnth 2 mnth, 3mnths, 1yr, 2yr, 3yr or anytime!!! U hv whole life to cm back! R u thinking we will leave smeday, then u r thinking wrong I dont knw abt others bt I am nt gonna leave this site ever, ok!! Just come back! I am crying!!! At least fr me cme back, fr us!! U knw my B’day is cming so I wanted every1 to give me a gift! Bt u r leaving!! Di, u can come back anytime! I swear I will always b available! I wrote this fr Pari di also that I shall always b available, she came back also nd nw if u dont come back, I will think u dont care fr me or any1!!!
    Di plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nd os ws really beautiful.
    Kav alvida na kehna, phir milenge chalte chalte! Come back soon, I am waiting fr u- Neeti

    1. Ufaaq

      excused my dear
      yup i m leaving my sweetu
      haaaaaaa u said me mad gandi neeti
      acha g????????
      i didnt know u hate it
      sweetu yearsssss can u wait for me for years??????
      yup i do have but tme prob u know
      no i m not thinking like that cutie
      neeti dnt cry u know naw i cant c my sisi crying
      awwwww ur bdwhen????? plzzzzz telll me
      awwwwww so sweet of u
      i will give gift to my deardnt say that i care for u all yar plzzz dnt say it u guys r like my life
      i will try to be back when i will gwt time but only try no promise
      thank u sooooooo much
      hum hain rahi pyar ke phir milen ge chalte chalte
      love u lots

  4. You can’t do this to us at all. You can’t leave like this. We’ll miss you a lot more than your ff. You can come here once or twice a week on your laptop but please don’t say bye forever. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ??

    1. Ufaaq

      so sorrrryyyyyy zainab i forgot to wrte ur name in the list i m very sorry for that
      oh i m sorry swetu but ye to hona hi tha naww when new r coming old have to leave
      i will miss u too
      awwwwww week passes like wind yar
      i will try
      dnt cry plzzzz
      take care yar
      love u

      1. It doesn’t matter at all whether you forgot to write my name or anything like that. What matters is you can’t leave like this. Please don’t ?

  5. Take care..ufaaq..
    Nice ..OS
    Its a pleasant one?

    1. Ufaaq

      ohhhhh sorrrrrrrryyyyyy i forgot ur name in the list but u live in my heart u know i m really sorrrrryyyyy diiiii
      thank u sooooo much
      will miss u
      take care

  6. WeirdSister

    I don’t want to talk to u..
    U do whatever u want..
    Coz u don’t care for d ppl here..
    If u did..then u would hve told that u will manage to come here at least once a week..
    But no..
    So goodbye..
    Everyone is just obsessed wid leaving this site..god knows what has happened…so yaah fine…go..!

    1. Ufaaq

      haaaaaaaaa ws u turned my heart into ashes koile koile kr dia
      yarrrrr try to undderstand naw
      i will talk with u through pm
      i care for all of u
      i m sad to know that u thiink like this about me
      i will try to be back in some months probsbly six
      so u r saaying me gud bye ok sweetu gud bye
      nothing has happened time problem yar
      ok fine take cre
      u r an excelllent compnion
      will miss u
      take care
      and plzzzzz gussa kam karlo apna

    2. WeirdSister

      Hey uffi..
      U know that I didn’t mean that…
      But u made me so upset nd agey that I had to say that..
      U better be back…
      Love u loads!!
      Take care..???

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Ufaq dear … I can understand ur situation .. gonna miss u n ur ff’s hell a looooooottt ..
    Take care ..

    1. Ufaaq

      awwwwwww thats sooooo sweet of u fati u r the best
      u can miss my ff not me cuz we will talk naw
      take care

  8. Ufad di noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo u can’t do
    Like that
    Plzzzzzbe back
    I willll reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy miss u plzzzz edkv chala gaya ab SAP mat jao
    Ur is was fab di

    1. Ufaaq

      u know what smile i like ur ufad di typo error i guess
      i m really sorry
      i will miss u too my dears
      thank u sooooo much
      love u

  9. Beas

    Di ur ff is just amazing. Will miss u ? a lot. Plz keep informing me about ur cat ? in private msg. Love ❤ u and take care ?. Bye ?

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u sooooooooo much
      will miss u too
      yeah sure gowtham is fine andd urs???/
      love u too
      take care

  10. Marie

    API that’s was the amazing is written by a writer ufaq that’s all ????
    I m not in a state to say much
    So bs take care

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u sooooooo much MARIE
      i never expected thhat marie will give me such a good bye
      i expected a sad but better gud byen
      i made u my love thinking u will understand my situation
      u made me a writer instead of api good job marie
      liked the way u let go our relation
      yahan m maama se keh rae the k agli bar hm chutiyoun m karaachi jaen ge r tm……….
      bs u made me go cry
      now i dnt anna say anything
      tacke CARE

      1. Marie

        API I understand ur situation but I can’t also afford to lose u yr I I Just can’t when I saw all the matter stuff that u write I was getting mad angry sad I didn’t know wat happened n forever no yr I can’t I know I m not a good sister but I….can’t lost u API I can’t and I m angry that I can’t stop u…..but wat to do m angry on my self….
        I know ur hurt trust me I never aver want to let go out pure realation which is as clear as crystal…….
        Waooooooo yes yes Plzzz do come yr u r leaving us here atleast visit once so I can meet u there are thousand things I want to say to u right now but….I can’t
        API I love u it a ke no one could ever imagine !!!
        I wish I can stop u I m still sad angry mad
        But I hope that one day we will meet n yeah Plzzz stay connected on msg!!

  11. Prettypreeti

    Uffu tera dimaag theek hai yeh tu kya keh rhi hai I m just accepting this as os on an bye letter why ur puni ur bhangra girl will not able to live without her uffu……
    Ufii sisso no say its a lie u r joking.
    I can’t accept any member leaving the family.
    No I can’t.
    Ur os was marvellous
    Nooo plz come.
    I m not happy with decision.

    1. Ufaaq

      HAHAHAHA MERA dimagh k fuse urr gaya h koi repaaairer nae mil raha my bhangra wali will u help me?????
      ohooooooooo i will also die but u dnt die how i will do bhngra on ur marriage if u will die
      nope not a joke not aa lie
      thankk u soooo much
      ohk fine i will be back when i will get time 6 months may be
      love u

  12. Ariana

    Now sorry for a llllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeee comment but did I read it all right? I mean R U SERIOUS? Ufaaq di u just can’t leave us. No way!!! I can understand the situation but still my heart won’t get it. Y!!!! I really don’t know what to say
    coming to the OS then it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I have been admiring u work ever since I read it for the 1st time. U r a brilliant writer. May ur future b bright nd filled with happiness nd success. I won’t miss u coz I’ll b pming u to keep in touch. Stay blessed forever nd be under my love’s territory
    I’ll miss ur wonderful writings
    pls try to manage a way to come back somehow
    bye bye

    1. Ufaaq

      itsok my dear no orries
      yup i m serious
      no i m just leaving writing not u guys
      sorry but try to understand
      thank u sooooo much
      thanks for that my sweety
      thnk u sooooo much for ur wishes
      i will be
      me too
      i will try
      love u

  13. Affaa

    Chul bulli… I know ur joking… Please don’t say that ur leaving … Ya Allah please say that I’m dreaming… Yaar chul bulli u don’t know what ur saying… Ur saying that ur going to leaves… No way….I’ll not leave… Don’t dare to think about… OK can say that… U will come after come week or month.. OK year… But don’t say that ur leaving us…. I don’t know what I’m for you… But ur a cute sis.. Seriously I can’t explain… What ur for me… When I talk to… I feel as I’m talking to my own sis… Chul bulli… My eyes tearing.. For u it’s very easy to say goodbye… If now I saw I may huged u and cried… In less time u own my hear… My jaan my baby my chul bulli… My sweetuuu… Kashh… Please say once u’ll come back…
    I don’t want to say goodbye to my sis my jaan… I know for u I’m just tu api that’s… We both don’t know each other… But I feel special connection with u… In tu someone called me api it’s u my jaan… I really love…
    Ur fabulous, outstanding, mind blowing, marvelous… I’m speechless… Ur personality is amazing… Never dare to change… I love you… I love you… I love you soo much… Stay happy always… What ever difficulty come on ur life… Face it with a simle… If Allah asked me I have any wish I’ll say to meet my chul bulli… I hope you will don’t forget… Please come back Dea… My dua is always with u… Study well….be a good daughter… Ur the best my chul bulli…

    With lots of love
    Affa api…

    1. Ufaaq

      nope api i m not joking
      apiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ur comment made me cry
      api i m just leaviing writingnot u i m always with u
      do u think a shadow cn leave a person??????
      i m ur shadow u know naw
      ohk i will be back asap i get new tab and will be back with a bash thats a promise to my api
      u r my life so u should know ht u r for me me soul u body me body u r soul
      me too feel like tht there is sth between us
      api ask ur mom if she had someother daughter????
      no api dnt u daare to cry biddai k liye sanbhalo warna log kahen ge besharam dulahn h hahahaha sorry for joke
      nope itsnot easy
      iwill be back i promise
      no u r my sisi not just tu api
      know u very well
      i love u too api i love u alot
      thank u api
      u urself is the best ap ko pta h mjhe apki sb se achi cheez ap ka naam laga tha thats y i told u not to change ur name cuz affa is best
      thank u apilove u too api
      love u lots
      with love

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