LOVE ME LIKE U DO!! (kaira) – P1

Hi guys I am here n writing ff on kaira the first time. So I need your support..

I’ll start from 25 oct’s of episode so here it is …

When naira sees the box n opens it n issurprised to see the ring in the box. She remineses all their moments they spent n she realizes her feelings for karthik.

She immediately calls karthik n she says karthik, wherever u r pls come to xyz place. He says (in sad tone) I’m there only. Naira says k wait there for 15 mins I’ll b there pls karthik… n cuts the call..

She goes n gets ready. She wore black lace backless full gown. She was looking beautiful…

After 15mins at park
Naira comes out of the car n karthik sees her n
gets mesmerized seeing her. She comes forward to him n says karthik I…wa……thing.. Karthik gets angry n says stop stammering naira say clearly. She gets conscious n runs away from there n sits beside one bench n starts crying. Here karthik feels bad n says shit what have I done she came to speak to me but I..

He goes near her n says naira… wipes her tears
Naira s pls say what were u saying n says sorry pls forgive me I shouted on u without any reason n he also starts crying. Naira sees it n wipes his n nods as no. She suddenly hugged him tightly he responds back. Naira says pls don’t feel bad for me don’t cry I know the reason u shouted on me n why r u crying right now. I came here to say my feelings to u. I……yo..u. Karthik I love u. I realized my feelings when u sent that ring for me. Thanks karthik I love u I love u sooooo much. Karthik releases the hug n says I knew that one u will realize but too late was not expected my drlng I love u too… Gayu was passing by them hears them tears started to escape from her eyes n she runs away from there..

Sorry guys for the short update… Will post 2m…

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  1. Bring in twists dear if possible
    Thank u

  2. Amazing, keep it up!!

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