Love me like I do (Part 1)

hi guyz Kanika here . Wanted to write ff on hassil so here we go

Story begins  after Kabir misbehaves with anchal

Ananchal at her ngo( when Kabir came to meet her after that) – why Kabir why you did this to me? Our love , our promises meant nothing to you . Kabir..

Kabir @airport

Kabir_ sorry anchal, I know you hate me what I did was disgusting but…but.. I had no other option with me . I won’t enjoy mu luxurious life now . What I did was a crime though my intention were not bad I have to punish myself I won’t go to Mauritius . I will be a independent guy as anchal wanted me to be.

@ngo anchals phone rang

Anchal_ hello! Yes… What .OMG   I will inform ma..

Kabir @ airport.

Kabir- I want a ticket to Dubai.

Man_sir economy or business

Kabir_(remembered traveling in his own jet) economy

Man- sure sir here you go . Your flight is in 5 hrs sir

Kabir_ohk(thinking-good bye anchal)

Precap _ precap that was shown in last episode

Hope you guys liked it share your views in comment section and ya hit like or dislike button plzz

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  1. Fenil

    Nice start.
    Will wait for next.

  2. Aafiya

    Good start…
    Waiting for the next update..

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