Hii guyss I’m back with a new episode….and from today as my schools started I’ll give short updates….hope u all understand…..


In morning both Shakti and Radz sleep was disturbed by sudden alarm…..both gets up with full irritation….. suddenly Radz asked, “ Shakti why did you put alarm… ??? And that to of 5 am…..are you mad ???? What’s the need to get up this much early ???? ” Shakti with a little smile., “ Baby actually I’ve an important works.!!! ” Radz gets confused and asked , “ That much important !!!!! ” Shakti replied, “ Yes Mr. Gupta called me to meet….and he had some other work so in morning he is leaving for Greece….so I’ve to meet him before that ….!!! ” Radz gave a satisfied smile, “ Okay you go and have bath and be fresh…..I’ll make something for you !!!! ” she was about to go where Shakti holds her hand and said, “ No need to strain yourself baby…..I’ll have breakfast in office itself… just have a sound sleep……” Radz cutted and said, “ But…..” before she could tell he gave a small kiss on her lips….and said, “ I just don’t want dark circles on your face !!! ” both laughed….she hugged him and said , “ Please don’t take stress….” he hugs her back and bid good bye…..


Shakti was waiting for Mr. Gupta….after 15 minutes he arrives both gave a formal handshake and smile…and Shakti started, “ Mr. Gupta….I’m sorry but I can’t complete the project in given time….because I’ve loss….so till it recovers our project will stay due… pls I know you don’t like this things but please try to understand my situation !!!! ” after hearing this Mr. Gupta smiled and said, “ Oh !!!! Really Shakti….I thought you would ask your loss income from me…..but to be honor you just postpone the project….I’m happy that you’re really a healthy working man…..but ( he bang the table )….I’m sorry if you don’t complete the projects in 2 day …then you’ll have to suffer a lot Mr. Shakti Arora… !!!!! And if don’t complete it then you will have to work under me !!!!!! Saying this he went….now Shakti was at the top of his anger…..he had never listened such words…..he really wanted to beat him……he called Rishi….and says, “ Rishi !!! Today we should do overnight……all should work till late night till the works get completed….arrange cabs for employees and food also for them….but today they should complete it !!!!!! Saying this he turned his around at wall side……Rishi obeyed him…..Shakti was really worried…..the loss was just as one ruppe coin for him…..but he knows the value….he was thinking that today I’ll win or lose…..this things were going on his mind…..


Radz is worried as she had given 20 missed call…..then also he didn’t picked it up….she was really in tention…..and thinks, “ God….hope Shakti is alright…..he shouldn’t take much stress if he takes then he’ll become angry…..please God be with Shakti !!!! ” saying this she sat in the temple of house and prays for him…


All completed their work and left….where Shakti also stands to leave….he takes his mobile and finds Radz missed call …he hurriedly went for the house as it was already 11 pm….


Radz was in her room putting up their clothes in the cupboard….Shakti entered the house with the same stubborn face….he climb the stairs and was in the corridor…… his mind was full of anger his blood was boiling like anything …and the words of Mr. Gupta were beeping in his min he banged the door and entered the room with the same stubborn face.. Radz saw him in worried face she asked, “ Are you okay ??? You seemed to be angry ??? ” with all his anger ,he said, “ Haan haan…..I’m in anger what you’ll do ha ???? Just feel sorry for me na ???? That’s all no need your sorry…..just keep it with you Okay” he just shouted at the highest peak he can….Radz knowing….calmly hold his hands and said , “ Shakti please be calm….you need to take rest…go fresh up I’ll bring your dinner !!! ” he just pushed her hands and said, “ No need I don’t want anything okay just be away !!!! “….Radz didn’t know what to say….she suddenly hugged him…now in full anger he bring her out of hug….hold her tightly by shoulders….Radz was really shocked seeing this…,“ I said you just be away from me…..don’t you understand !!!! ” Radz really gets hurts at her shoulders….her eyes get teary and said, “ You’re hurting me Shakti !!!! ” Shakti without any expression, “ I said to stay away ” Radz said, “ You really don’t want me to be by your side ??? ” Shakti’ s anger is now doubled…he again shouted, “ NO OKAY !!!!! NO I DON’T WANT YOU !!! AND NOTHING BY MY SIDE BE AWAY FROM ME OKAY…..DON’T WANT YOU….AGAIN PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ME AND MY WORK ” saying this he went to bathroom he changed and went to other room to sleep……because of stress he had sleep….but he really didn’t knew what he had said to Radz in anger…..!!!!!!


Radz was really hurted she was crying terribly…her mind was just roaming around the sentence Shakti spoke………..“ NO OKAY !!!!! NO I DON’T WANT YOU !!! AND NOTHING BY MY SIDE BE AWAY FROM ME OKAY…..DON’T WANT YOU….AGAIN PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ME AND MY WORK ” how did you have that much guts… say like this Shakti….you really killed me Shakti…saying this things she again started to cry…..she sat on the bed side resting her head in bed….after a long crying she slept….there only !!!!!!!
The screen slipts on Shakti in worried sleep and Radz slept with her cheeks full of tears……

Precap : Shakti asks for forgiveness !!!!

Credit to: Dhruva

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  1. Hi Dhruva dhi!!! I liked this episode.. I know that Shadhika will get through this and Shakti didn’t mean it.. I cant wait for the next episode!!

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thanks Reena sis….and ya Shakti spoke all this without his sense….

  2. Hey sis why sooo much angryness of Shakti……pls don’t do anything wrong with him……clear the misunderstandings between SHADHIKA….by the way sissy how r u???????

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Sho sorry I know you hate hatred track of ishveer or shadhika…..but pls have lil patience….and yap I can’t do anything “!!! And soon misunderstanding will be cleared….and I’m fantastically fine how about
      you ???

      1. I’m also fantastic like u sissy thank u????

  3. Hi Dhruva the episode was good you have explained the angry look of shakti very gracefully just keep it up ?

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thanks Neelam sis….and ya I love his angry avatar… I can explain it well….happy you liked it !!!!

  4. Wow Dhruva nice I didn’t know u used to write this ff wow shadikha very interesting I do read it whenever I m free well I missed out 2-3 epsiodes but now I m free that’s why I read it together 🙂

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Hii Joyee sis…thanks for comment….I’m happy that u liked this segment…and pls suggest about earlier episode……

  5. It’s sooo nice dhruva dr….. This situation happen for every couple… U explained it beautifully…. Hope radz forgive him…. Eagerly waiting for next update

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thanks Julina Sissy….. and ya I’ve just inspired by your one !!!! And ya I don’t think that Radz will forgive him easily…..but hope so !!!! Its suspense

  6. ishveer lover

    nice episode dhruva di!! shakti’s anger was shown very gracefully but how can he do like this with radz evn she was crying he didn’t got what he said to radz… jzt hoping that this anger will soon turn into happiness.. . btw hw r u

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thanks yaar….and actually he is not angry but had stress…..due to Mr. Gupta words….and too depressed…. so

  7. The epi was just awose I loved your writing style . And I am a silent reader I always read your epi

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thanks dearie…..and happy that you liked it….

  8. U s
    Just rooked the epi todat

  9. Loved your epi di I am just speechless I loved the fight scene between shakthi and radhika kerp rocking ??

  10. Loved your epi di I am just speechless I loved the fight scene between shakthi and radhika keep rocking ?? loved it update the next one soon as i am egarly waitting to read it

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      I’ll post it soon….

      1. OK di

  11. dhruva dhii i really liked SHADHIKAs fight n the way u eplained was so nicely…
    dhi im really speechless

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thanks Radhika…..and yaa I know because I also like their fight….and thanks I just type like Shruti……and again thanks !!!!

  12. Plz update two episodes per day??????????????????????

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