Hii guyss….I’m happy that you all likes my ff….and are supporting me pls always be like this only…..And again Thanks a lot your comments mean a lot to me !!!!


Shakti is working on a file…..and after sometime an employee comes and asks him to check the account’ ….Shakti kept file aside and on the laptop….suddenly Radz pic display…on the screen saver…..she was making a funny pose…..seeing her pic and huge smile crept on his face…..and he remembered about her wish….he thinks, “ Today let me take her to her favourite restaurant….. and that to for a candle light dinner…..I hope she would like it….and yaa I should make it more romantic…!!!! ” thinking this he gave an romantic smile…….he called reserved a romantic candle light dinner in her favourite restaurant…. Hotel Blue Orchid ( imaginary )…..after this Rishi ( his secretary ) came and informed about the low shares…..and tells that we have found some loss of about 2 crores……hearing this Shakti was little disturbed…. and depressed…..he said , “ Rishi call Mr. Gupta….and tell him to wait for sometime… we’re in little loss we need some more time to complete his project !!!! Rishi gave a head shake….and left….Shakti was thinking something…….


Radz was being ready for her date…..she was wearing a aqua blue gown that flow till the floor….and hairs were tied in a bun….she had wore beautiful diamond earrings…..and a diamond bracelet….which perfectly suits her complextion and her engagement ring….today she didn’t put sindoor but had wore her mangalsutra…..which she hided under the gown……she was ready and waiting for Shakti…..


The door was knocked….she opened the door with a smile…..Shakti saw her in his favourite colour gown and was just mesmerized….. he was looking her as if he gonna eat her up !!!!! Radz had a shy smile….Shakti coming out of the thoughts.., “ You’re looking beautiful but where are you going ??? ” Radz was shocked…..she asked , “ Did you really forgot we were going for a dinner date?? ” Shakti immediately rememred…..he said , “ Yeah I remember it……I have already booked the table….we just have to go ” where he was up to move Radz holds his hand and asks , “ Are you okay na ??? You seem to be tired ???” Shakti giving an smile , “ I’m okay my dearie ” Radz with a concern look , “ See if you’re tired then go and rest no need for dinner date.. “Both started to fight on this topic…..Radz was annoyed and was leaving….suddenly Shakti holds her hand and with fraction he pulled her close to him…..and slowly he hugged her from behind…and he said , “ Baby I’m not tired if you wanna see let me show you ” saying this he gave her a romantic smile…..getting his means…Radz said , “ Okay okay… need see whether you’re tired or not… let’s go !!!!saying this both left for restaurant…


Radz and Shakti both entered the hotel… hand in hand…. managers greets them and tell them their table no. they both left for table suddenly Radz notice it was just a room which had dimmed lights….and candles lighted… and white flowers were everywhere….. Radz was surprised….Shakti came in front of her….he gave her a bouquet of white orchids….she took them and gave a lovely hug to him….he hugged her back….after sometime both came out of hug and Shakti goes to her ears and asked her,“ Will you dance with me my lady love ??” Radz nods and give her hand…..they both had privacy in that room….Shakti takes out remote of tape recorder…..and on !!! Tum he apna banane ka……song plays Shaktiholds her from her waist and she secured her arms around his neck…..she twirls around him…..and her gown get stuck to her heels….when she was about to fall when Shakti hold her…. both share an eye lock…th y both came close to each other…..their faces where inched away they came more close as they were about to kiss….a knock was there….. they turned to see he was waiter with their dinner… both feel embarrassing….because of it they had dinner in silent….after dinner they left…..


Radz changed to her night dress and come Shakti was also in his night dress….both gave smile to each other. ..they both were silent….after sometime Radz says, “ Thanks for the date….it was really great…” hearing this Shakti gave an impossible look and asked , “ How did you liked I don’t like it… !!” Radz asked, “ Why ??? ” Shakti with stammering voice…, Because you didn’t give me a single kiss ” hearing his cute complain Radz could not resist it….she suddenly hugged him and give a small kiss on his cheeks….and said , “ Is this okay for you my cutie husband ” Shakti pulled her close and kissed her cheeks and says, “ OK!!! ” they both laughed and slept….

Precap : Shakti is in anger…..

Credit to: Dhruva

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    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thanks Radhika….

  1. Superb episode Dhruva Dhi!!! Amazing!! The dinner date was too cute! And so was the screensaver part! But I am a little worried about the business and the precap.. I hope everything will be okay! Please update soon dhi!

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Hii Reena sissy …..thanks for comment…and sissy….I only said that there should be some spice na….there is it !!!! I’m glad that you liked this episode….and you should wait sissy to know that !!!!! BTW how are you and your studies ???? I hope they are going well !!!!

      1. Hi Dhruva dhi! Okay my confusion is gone now that you said it was only for some spicyness ? My studies were amazing! I ended all my classes with A’s!!!!! That bring me up to a 4.37 GPA (grade point average)! My studies are now over and my summer vacation begins!!! I am just not feeing well so I didnt get to update yet.. I swear I will try to update soon though!

  2. So sweet episode Dhruva dear I really liked it ? and their cute fight and dinner date was so cute waiting for the next ?

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thank to you Neelam sissy……I’m delighted by your comment….!!!

  3. wow sis really fantastic story….but precap is much horrifying…..pls don’t separate our SHADHIKA… the way sissy how r u???

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thanks bro…..and I’m definetly not going to do that.. but just wait for next epi….!!! And I’m fine bro how about you ????

      1. I’m also fine sissy

  4. Hi r u…d epi was soo good

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thanks Roha I’m fine dear……how about you ????

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Awesome episode dhruva dear but me also a little bit feared of precap and business and I will not comment here somedays because Ramadan is started.I am so sorry.going to miss ur ff and also reena sissy..I am sorry…

    1. Ramadan Mubarak Sana dhi!!! I wont be publishing mine yet because I dont feel good and i only want to write my best!

    2. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Its okay Sana Di….and you’ve no need to feared…..I mean you have to wait !
      And Ramadan Mubarak……if I say really I don’t know what it Ramadan hope its any festival of your !!!!! Anyways well wishes from me !!!!! And thanks for you comment !!!!

  6. Nice epi dhruva dhi..

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thanks radhika….I’m happy that you liked it ….

  7. ishveer lover

    superbbb episode dhruva diiii…. sooo cute n yes m to worried about shakti’s business and the precap… plz don’t make any other loss in shakti’s business.. plz make him like this leading business tycoon only…n im sorry i gv my comment very late

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Its okay dear…and I already mentioned him as biggest bussiness man and that to of whole India….and yap its really lil loss for him….but then also he worries $!!!!! And after 2 episode you’ll like it !!!!!

  8. It’s a cooooote epi… I loved it… the dinner date part issuuperb…. eagerly waiting for next epi sissy….. hope u read my cmnt in previous epi too….

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Ya julina sissy I read it….thanks a lot…..and ya I’m thinking to post it soon but bad luck tomorrow is test !!!!! But I’ll try and again thanks !!!!

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