Hiii guysss…..!!!! First of all I’m thanking all my bros and sissy…..who supported me especially Reena, Neelam, Prince, Sana, Roha, Tanu……and last but not least our cutie pie….zainu….Thank you all a lot…..I’m happy that its my 25th EPISODE !!!!!! This will be and romantic episode if you find it irrelevant than you all can scold me…!!!! And so sorry……but I’m inspired by RANVEER’S UNSAID FEELINGS..!!!


Radz saw him in confusion face…where Shakti came near to her….she was shocked…..he move close to her face kiss her nose and then her cheeks….which were now deep red in shade….then he moves ahead to her ears kissed her ear due to which she started to shiver……..and then he said in a husky voice, “ Do you really wanna know your punishment ???? ” Radz gave just a head shake as yes…..he again said in a husky voice, “ You have to wear whatever I say !!!! ” Radz was shocked who feels like someone’s ordering her……..without any happiness she says,
“ And the another one ???? “………

Shakti gave a smile while Radz eyes were still closed……..after sometime she opened her eyes as she can’t feel his hands around her waist……..when she opened the eyes she saw Shakti kneel down with a white rose……..with a excited face Radz asked ,“ Shakti what are you going to do now ????? ” Shakti gave a charming smile and said, “ Mrs. Arora…..I’m loving you since the time I’ve seen you……I never thought that some say you’ll be my wife !! I’m really blessed to have a wife like you…..I love you soo much…….I can’t leave without you……I want you to become my soul and my breath…..I mean I want to make you all mine…….Can I ???? ”

When Shakti ended Radz face was just like tomato…..where Shakti asks, “ Does this blush means your answer is yes ??? “……than Radz gave a shy smile to him…..and again he asked, “ Then does this smile means yes ??? ” Radz cutely nodded her head….as no…..then Shakti with lil angry face and lil shouted , “ Then what does means yes !!!”???? ” Radz now couldn’t control her feelings.she immediately throw her hands around his neck and goes close to him and in a sudden moment she just pressed his lips by her….Shakti’s eyes were widen because of sudden action after a moment he secured her waist by his arms and pulled her more closer… the intensity increase their passion increase their kiss was becoming more and more passionate……..her hands were gripped at him hair…..and other on his chest…….and his hand was moving freely in back………after 2 mins of kissing Radz separated herself…..and cutely kissed his left cheek and and whispered in his ear , “ Yes Mr. Arora…..I’m ready to be yours !!! ”

Shakti now moved closer to her with a naughty smile……Radz gave him a glare but no effect today…..she know what’s gonna happen today…….she immediately ran to her room….where she was about to enter the room Shakti holds her upper arm and pulled her closer to him…….and said , “ That’s not fair if you’re ready to be mine than you should not enter this room ” Radz didn’t understand she asked, “ Why ?? ”
Shakti took her in his arms…..and takes her to their bedroom…….

Precap : Romance, romance and romance…….

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  1. Di u made me to search words for saying my happiness after reading ur episode…n i m also a regular reader of ranveers unsaid feeling…ur episode was really fantabolous…crazily waiting for nxt one

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Oh really Roha dear !!!! I’m soo happy…….and me to soo excited to type next episode…..and thanks for commenting !!!!! I just love that ff written by Sakshi…..hope she update next one soon !!!!

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Wow dear….what an episode!!superb superb superb.loved it a lot! Pls update next asap.

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thanks Sana sissy…..I’m happy that you liked it !!!!!

  3. Nice epi dhruva sissy.. Keep rocking Dr!!!
    But it my request that pls do a Lil long update plss dr..

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thanks Radhika but I’ve classes and busy with 10th studies…….but I’ll try dear…

  4. Wooow sis ur story is hotter than fire… it… . how r u sis???

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thanks Sana sissy…..I’m happy that you liked it !!!!!

    2. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Soo sorry by mistake I commented I wanna really thank you bro….!!!! That you liked it I’m really jumping…….and I’m fine bro how are you ????

      1. No need to sorry sissy……by the way I’m dangerously fine

  5. Very nice episode Dhruva dear it was so romantic I liked it and their is no reason to scold you my dear eagerly waiting for your next episode ? and how is your health my dear?

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thank u Neelam dear……I’m glad that you liked it…..and I’m fit and fine… are you sissy ????

      1. I am fine my dear and I think that you are so talented in creating a story as you are in 10th standard you are small in age but you are writing your story very very gracefully ? God bless you my dear? just keep writing like this ?

  6. Hi dhruva this is tanishqa tanvee’s sister and this is first ff on which I am commenting actually tanvee is kid no so she don’t understand romantic part so mostly she skips the part in fact in her story also I need write romantic part as its demand for writer now coming to ur story it was so beautiful ur writing style is so beautiful the way u explain is awesome just waiting for next episode

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thank you tanishqa…..I’m glad that you liked it…..I’m happy and satisfied now after all comments….

  7. Awwwwwwww dhruva dear itssss awesome… Incredible… Faboulous…. Fantastic…. Beautifully written !!.❤❤❤❤ It was soooo romantic … And i was closing my eyes after rading 2 or 3 words…. Hahahaha… ????
    It was soooooo soooooo Fab… Hatzzzzzz off to uuuu yaarrrrrrr!!! I justttt LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE U DEARRRRRR…. I DNT HAVE WORDS TO EXPRESS UUU…. WORDS ARE FINISHED ON U DEARRRRRR….. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE uuuuuu more than Ishveerrr ??????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Love you too Zainu…..and thank u shoooo much for your precious comments……I’m soo happy that you liked it…..and LOL !!!!!! No need to close your eyes sweety !!!!!

  8. Fantastic episode Dhruva Dhi.. I think this is one of my favorite episode of all time.. The romance in it was AMAZING!! I loved it soooo much! I am very eager for the next episode!! How are you dhi?

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Oh !!!! I’m glad to hear it sissy …..I’m happy that you all like it……thank you soo much…..and I’m fine sissy how about your studies ????

      1. My studies are good..

  9. lover of matsh

    dhruva di it was fabolous.. im ur silent and regular reader… i jzt like ur updates from its depths… thats the real story we all want in matsh…. keep it up di…

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thanks lovers of Matsh…..I never knew that there are silent readers of my ff also…..thanks for your comment dear…….

  10. Hey it’s fantastic as well as Romantic!! Keep rocking sis!! :V *-* ?

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