Hii guyss….I’m happy that you all are liking my silly update…..thank you soooo muucch !!!!!!


Radz came down gorgeously smiling….she goes to dining and found everybody there she wished everyone……all of them had breakfast and elders were left for temple and all youngsters were talking something but Radz attention was fully on finding Shakti. Parul notice it and says , “ Bhabhi bhaiya has not come out of since morning….. I know you want to ask sorry I think he is still sleeping….” Radz gave a light smile and left for Shakti’s room….when Radz reached there she founds it to be locked she knocks the door nearly for 5-6 times but he didn’t open…..then she thinks to call him….she called him where in the room because of ring his endless sleep was disturbed… and disturbed look to himself in mirror without look whose phone picked it up… a very disturbed tune , “ Hello I’m Shakti….who is speaking ?? ”

Radz getting it just said , “ Open the door !!!!! I want to talk to you ” Shakti with loose shoulder goes and open the door with still that angry and stubborn face……and says , “ What do you want….??? Is your another intention is to not let me sleep calmly ???? ” he freaked it out…..suddenly Radz pushes him inside and coming in the room she locked the door Shakti was angry he shouts , “ What the hell you’re doing….??? First you were crying then when I asked sorry you were angry on me you didn’t even talk to me !!!!… what you want ?? See I’m not going to talking to you….what do you think you only have ego…….” when he was telling this Radz quickly hugs him……Shakti bows his head down to see her she was crying on his chest……. he brought her out if the hug and wiped off her tears and asked , “ Radz why are you crying ??? Pls no need to cry….you know na that I can’t see you crying….

pls baby stop crying” as he said this Radz stop crying she held her ears and in cute baby tone says , “ Shorry ” she said in such a tone that made Shakti laugh…..he hugs her she smiles and hugs him back……after sometime they broke the hug……then Shakti says , “ But I’ve not forgive you yet !!! ” Radz gave a doubtful look and asks , “ Should I now bow down ???? ” Shakti with a greedy smile , “ No I’ll just give you 2 punishment and you’ve to do it !!!! And that my order ” Radz was confused…..and asks , “ What’s that ??? “….Shakti with a charming smile , “ My lady love for that you’ve to wait till I come after having a bath ” giving her kiss on her cheeks and winks and goes to bathroom…..Radz was stunned !!!!!

Precap : Youngsters surprise !!!

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  1. AMAZING EPISODE DHRUVA SIS!! I was eagerly waiting for you to update.. Radz’s sorry was SO cute! I can’t wait to see what her punishments are.. 😉 Superb job dhi! I love your ff soooo much! Please update the next episode soon!

  2. So cute it is and c’mon it’s not at all silly it’s awesome

  3. Dhurva dii…i am commenting now see…tat was grt..its really happy to c their fight ending..waiting for nxt

  4. So nice episode Dhruva dear and so cute also but it was too short?

  5. Y sis u r saying silly update. It was an awesome fantabulous superb wonderful ff. Love today’s episode
    Wanna know wat r d cute punishment shakthi is gonna give to radz
    Pls update next soon

  6. Nice epi Sissy I liked it…

  7. Hey sis how r u??? These days why i feel so lonely……i don’t know …….

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Hii bro I’m fine….and I’ve the same feeling….you know its because now we’re not in that much touch……first we used catch everyone easily but now no one !!!!…..but I’m always with you my bro !!!!! And how are you ????

  8. ishveer lover

    awesome dhruva.. i really like it a lot.. eagerly waiting for shakti’s punishment

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