Hii guyss……first of all so so so sorry for late update…..for that rotten tomatoes and eggs are welcome…..and for the episode shoes……but pls comment guys !!

The Episode Starts

All the youngsters were discussing something on the terrace after five minutes Parul says, “ Bhai now you’ve to suffer a lot how you forgot to give us nake ???? Now see how we all ruin your wedding night !!!! ” saying this all again laugh and goes down here in the corridor they all sees Shakti heading towards Radz room…….they all were shocked Arjun says “ If Shakti will reach to Radz room na then our plan will be spoiled….” all were tensed….suddenly Parul shouted “ BHAIYAAA !!!! ” Shakti turned around to see no one……he was confused……all were closing Parul’s mouth she bit their hands and ran to Shakti……..there Shakti ask “Do you shout my name..??? ” Parul was confused what to say suddenly after sometime she says “ Yes Bhai “…..but she stopped and was continuously looking at him all were bad feared that whats she gonna cook up now…..Shakti ask “ What ?? ” Parul after a long time “ Bhaiya I mean to say that Bhabhi is not here she is in yours room ” Shakti was confused before he could say something Parul again said “ I specially mad arrangement for you and Bhabhi for this wedding night… I send her to your room she is waiting there for you now don’t waste time and go today’s it wedding night….!!!! ” Shakti smiled and thank her………and left all came out with the sign of relief…..

On the other hand Radz was waiting in her room…….it was already 1:00 am … she was at the top of her anger and she thought..“ How idiot he is ??? how can a man be late for his WEDDING NIGHT !!!! I thought that he was waiting for this night and now this man is missing……Oh god !!!!!! What is he doing……? Where to find him…??? I hate Shakti……you’re really an idiot !! ”

Suddenly she heard a knock on the door she had a shy smile thinking it was Shakti she opened the door but to her disappointment it was Disha…….on the same time Shakti entered his room he saw his bride standing near the window he entered in and shut the door the bride was still stood…….he came near and hugged her from behind suddenly the door opens and with irritated look Shakti see towards the door and the eyes which met with his wear a shocked both were shocked………Yes !!!! it was Radz……Shakti turned back to see the bride and it was Sameera…….

Radz with teary eyes left from there without saying a word……as Shakti was up to go Sameera hold his hand then all others enters the room……Shakti with little angry look “ Was it all your plan ??? ” All shouted “ YES !!!! ” and explains the whole plan for nake……Shakti giving an angry look gave money and left for Radz room with worried face…..he opened the door of Radz room and find her crying !!!!!!!!

Precap : Shakti ask’s sorry Radz was on the top of her anger…….

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  1. DHRUVA DHI!!! I am soooo happy that you have updated in so long!! I was missing your ff.. And this episode was so surprising! I loved the idea of tricking Shakti!! But i really want Shadhika to get together! Awesome job dhi!!!! Love you!!

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thanks Reena…..I know that you all were waiting but first I was admitted in hospital and then now I’m in my village……but I thought to update so I did……and I’m happy that you liked it…!!!!

      1. Are you okay dhi!? And of course I love your ff!!! It’s one of my favorites!!! Please take care of yourself dhi!!

  2. Hi Dhruva dear how are you I missed your ff so much. The episode was so good and funny also eagerly waiting for next episode pls update the next soon ?

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thanks Neelam……I was thinking of adding something new that’s why……..I’m really thankful to you that you liked it…..

  3. I missed ur ff alot. I’m happy u updated it. So sorry shakti. Wanna know how he convinced radz

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Hii Sumaiya Sumi…. I know that Shakti was really waiting for the night but what will come now that will make you all happy…..

  4. Radhika Madan

    Hi Ishveerians,
    When our favourite show MATSH ended i remember how each and everyone commented and felt for its drastic ending…i can also remember how you ishveerians thought to keep in touch with through fanfiction pages…and of course the following weeks you were uploading lots of fanfiction and i was overjoyed that i could atleast read about my ishveer…but now a days i could notice that many of you had stopped uploading fanfictions too……
    Even if you guys have ended it, i could be quiet satisfied…but most of you hung it simply..i couldn’t understand the reason….but i really miss those fanfictions that remind me of my ishveer…here i really wanna thank naren bro for updating his fanfiction regularly…thank you so much bro for your ff….. And yeah no one knows me because i am an silent reader…but now i am posting this coz i want all the ff writers who stopped their ff to continue it…plzzzz its my kind request!!!!
    And i wanna say you guys, if you are thinking of less comments…let me say you that there are many silent readers who don’t comment like me…this problem can be solved only if you can see how many visited your page…so writers plzz dont worry on it.
    If anyone feels the same as me please do comment below and show the ff writers that we are there to support them…and i would be happy if atleast one of the writers continue their ff by reading this page.
    Hope you will accept this request of your sissy…

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Atlast u updated.missed ur ff a lot.the episode was superb but poor shakthi.eagerly waiting for next.

  6. Nice sis very cool……how cool r u sissy?

  7. Dhruva dr superb episode …….now r u ok ?????sry for late comment na……now only i so i read ur alll ff dr

  8. Suuuuuuuuuuuperb epi. … what a trick… I loved it…. I longed for ur ff… atlast u updated…. suuperb job sissy…. and now u ok na…. pls take care…

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