As our haldi ceremony gets end Radz have bath and then as it was already night so Radz went to sleep….her room was decorated with full of golden lamps…her golden colour bed was looking like a soft nest where our cute and beaty girl Radz was sleeping like a small little baby bird who has to fly away from that safe nest tomorrow she was really sad that she had to leave her house and family and has to go to other place she started to cry…..tears were rolling from her eyes….she get up from the bed there she sees Shakti’s message as GOOD NIGHT…..she got a smile on her face she says to herself, “ How stupid am I ? I’m crying because I’ve to leave this house….but how I don’t remember that what I’m going to get…my love,my life,my breath and my everything…..I LOVE YOU Shakti !!! “ by telling this she went to sleep……

Its Morning the wedding of our LOVE BIRDS…all were busy everyone in house was preparing….where Harshad and Falguni were talking to panditji….Amba and Kailash were seeing the decoration…Baa,Devarsh and Chaitali were looking after the Mandap decoration and Mitesh and Pratik were seeing the food section…..all were busy with their own work at the same time the camera panned to our hearts King : Shakti he was wearing a Off-white sherwani with design of small pearls with red dupatta (same as he wore in 1st wedding) he looking damm hot and dashing with his improper hair he was looking himself in mirror there he felt someone is there behind him he turns and sees he was shocked it was Radz….first he was rubbing his eyes then he thinks she is here in real she cutely smiled towards him and pinch his nose and say, “ Wow Mr. Arora not bad ha….you’re looking soo hot !! After looking you I can’t wait till night night..” Shakti’s mood swing to romance he pulled her close to him and says, “ Even today I’m also waiting for night…..but can we have some romance here?? “Radz shied away and then Shakti hears some voice as “ leave me…leave me Shakti what are you doing ??? I’m not even proposed any girl….why are you coming close to me….??? “ Shakti comes out of his dream alnd and found that he had holded Arjun near him…..he leaved him and was really feeling ashamed anything….there Arjun was about to cry for losing his respect and on the other hand Sharman was about to die by laughing he was laughing like anything….he fall on the floor but was still laughing…..Shakti gave him a dead look where he little bit come out of that funny incident but still controlling himself….. there Amba came to call Shakti as it’s time to marry….there Sharman and Arjun noticed the shadow of someone they signhed it to Shakti…there Shakti asked Amba to wait for 30 mins. he will come down…..there Arjun changed his dress…..Both Shakti and Arjun were in same…….There Shakti after show thumb as best of luck left from there…..Shakti sits in mandap and the rituals starts…..There in the room Arjun wears Sehera so that goon and Ishan could not see his face….they both entered as Sharman sign them….on the other hand Sharman to change the Sherwani both go to rest room in rest room Arjun beats up Ishan and asks him what he is gonna do….he said all the plan…..that “ As first I’m gonna to sit then my Di would tell that goon to kidnap Shakti from other side you all would be thinking that I’m kidnapped and I would get married to Radz…..” Arjun was shocked and there he spary chloroform on Ishan’s face he get unconscious…..Arjun tied him up and then by making himself ready he comes out….he was still in Sherwani….the goon doubted him but Sharman says “ Shakti? Is Ishan changing ??” Arjun nodded…..After some time as Arjun and Sharman expected the goon beat Sharman inject chloroform to Arjun and take him with him…..Sharman getting up back showed thumbs to Arjun who was half unconscious…….!!!

There in the mandap after many rituals there was a call for the Bride……….Shakti was superb bored by the rituals….so as the call was given he was just staring at the stairs to see how she would be looking…..he was looking like a child waiting for his gift at his birthday…..after 10 minutes….he saw a lehanga he was confused then that lehanga was spiltted to two……Shakti was shocked he saw upwards that to girls were Disha and Parul….but he waiting for his Queen’s glance…….

Precap : Shadhika’ s wedding end at the happy knot……Ishan and Neha caught by police……….

Credit to: SPARKELS

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