THE EPISODE STARTS…..All four were discussing something and that was muted all the boys had smile…but Radz was bit fear….Arjun notice it and asked her “ Are you okay ?? “ Radz response with a head shake as yes…and then said “ Will this plan be successful if something happens to Shakti then…” her talk was break by Shakti he told her “ Nothing will happen to me…be calm and till that enjoy your freedom…!!! “ Radz with confusion “ Freedom ?? Means ??? “ Shakti with a naughty smile “ After marriage you’ll be my wife na and wife has to do what husband asks…..” All three boys laughed…Radz answered “ Okay but remember I’m sunny okay….. I’ll make you work on my fingers…” Arjun said “ Okay now you both continue let me leave…I’m sleepy but you both also leave if Baa finds you then you both are dead….” By saying this both Sharman and Arjun left….by this time Shakti questioned Radz “ You said na that you’ll be making me dance on your fingers….as you’re sunny….but you didn’t tell me which sunny..” Radz face was red…but she was happy that Shakti’s eyes were tied so he could not see her…but Shakti said “ Aree !!! you have become a pulpy tomato…..but let me tell you I love pulpy tomatoes and also love to eat them…..can I ?? “ Now Radz shyness was uncontrollable she turned above to run but Shakti’s sixth sense helped him….he hold her hand and pulled her closed to him…..and said “ At least answer me on whose fingers I’m going to dance… sunny leone or deol ?? “ Radz was not facing him…but then she answered in low voice “ Whoever might be but in reality it’ll be only your Radz..”

Shakti had a bright smile while hearing this he slowly bow down and caressed his lips on Radz milky cheeks….she was bit mesmerized by that….after caressing he kissed her on both the cheeks…and says “ ” ” Good night my beautiful going to be wife….but ya seriously waiting for that moment when I’ll make you all mine….” Radz “ Why ??” Shakti “ Kyon ki MERI AASHIQUI SIRF TUMSE HI HAIN “ by hearing it Radz give him a tight hug……they both were in hug where there was sound of Pratik and Devarsh..they both were fighting for the video game….that who won it…Shadhika were disturbed as well as alert that Baa would caught them……Radz break the hug and says “ Good night “….Shakti “ my return kiss “ Radz blushed and says “ After wedding “ Shakti with confirm look “ I’ll have it” they both left…

The morning….all the Madan’s and Arora’s were happy and preparing for the function of haldi…where all the arrangements were perfect the whole house was decorated with yellow and orange flowers as that day was Haldi function….all were on the top of their happiness as tomorrow there will be marriage…..all the arrangements were done there in Shakti’s room he was in his white vest and pants as Haldi to be applied….both Arjun and Sharman were teasing him….Sharman “ By the Arjun what I think is Radz said was right that Shakti will Dance on her fingers…” Arjun “ Of course he gonna do it….if he doesn’t then she will become sunny deol na “ they both laughed…..there Shakti gets annoyed and says “ Okay let me see that what will you both do when you will marry “ Both in chorus “ let us marry and then will say what we will do…”…then again Arjun said “ Sharman have you listen that song….?? “ Sharman “ which one ?” Arjun “ aree !! that one na….Shaadi kare k fass gaya yaar accha khasa tha kunwara !!” Again they laugh…..Shakti said in proud way “ This type of songs will be for people like you…who are flirty type….not for me…I’ve only fall for one girl in my whole life and will only fall for her …..I can’t imagine my life without Radz she is my soul and without her I’m just a dead body….i know she is little bit childish,naughty,funny….and that only make me fall for her….whenever I see her I fall for that…her one cute smile will worth to millions of money for me….her just a smile makes me say that Meri aashiqui tumse hi hain “ a tear drop fall from his eyes….where Sharam goes and hugs him and says “ no one can love my Radz more than you she is the presious stone…..pls take care of my little sister…for whole life” Shakti “ no need to tell….i’ll take “…..As they were talking Amba came and called Shakti as the time of Haldi….where Shakti sat on the place where his eyes were searching for Radz where Amba noticing it……. “ Radhika’s haldi will be after you and we all know that if we allow both of you to sit together then even the cloth could not break your eyelock “ all burst into a heavy laugh where Shakti silently blush…there Pratik notice it and says “ Hey jiju is blushing “ all again laugh where Shakti throw an angry look on him……….At the same time in Radz room was lost in her thoughts….she was thinking about her last night… the sudden time a voice was singing a song “ Yaad aa rahi hain teri yaad aa rahi hain “ She was our Disha (in my ff only Ishan and Neha are neg. except all are positive)Radz smile and also blush lil but…..she comes and tell Radz about how Amba teased Shakti she laughed…..the same time Disha had tears…Radz notice it and ask her that why she is crying….she tells “ Tomorrow you will go to Shakti’s house na….then we would never have fun na ?? “ Radz too having teary eyes “ Pagal I’m not going away from Mumbai…after marriage we’ll be just shifted to the bunglow nearthe beach….remembered that dad gifted me……I wanted to stay there so after marriage I and Shakti will be there only….what do you think I’m going to Delhi with Shakti’s mom-dad….stupid here only Shakti has office na so how could we go there…..??? “ hearing this Disha’s face glow and she again hug her when Harshad was hearing this outside with teary eyes but don’t wanted to show….he wiped the tears and called them as for the time to apply haldi on Radz……they all arrived down…..and the function of haldi ended happily…!!!!!

Precap: Shadhika’s wedding…….Ishan sat in mandap with Radz Shakti kidnapped by Neha……

Credit to: SPARKELS

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