EPISODE STARTS WHERE….were Radz was thinking to call Ishan after some time she gets up from the bed and went to window……there the cool breeze was touching her pure milky skin of her cheeks she was feeling that someone is touching her cheeks when she turned to there she saw Shakti she was shocked there he was smiling to him Radz was just lost in his charming smile he went near her and kissed her cheeks she was shivering in shyness and suddenly his moves was felt as cool breeze to her cheeks there she was shivering and suddenly her phone rang and she came to her sense and she saw that it was just her dream…… she picked up the phone and to her shock there was Ishan on the other side…he said ”Radhika I want you to tell something…and it is important” Radz without knowing”What you want to tell..????”

Ishan ,”Actually my Di Neha remember the girl with whom you saw Shakti on that night….she wants you to separate from him…”Radz in confused tone”Then why are you telling to me …?? Even you too wants that..” Ishan,”No..pls try to understand me…my love for you is pure I’m happy in your happiness…see I’m telling you what me and my Di has planned for separating you…so by that you can prevent it being happened..”Radz in little shocked tone..” What?? You and Neha had planned something…then why you are telling it to me ”…Ishan”because I love you….and I’ll only be happy when you’re happy listen to me…day after tomorrow is your marriage and on that day my Di has planned to kidnap Shakti and I’ll be in mandap….so I’m thinking let me be first so Di will kidnap me…and in place of Shakti I’ll be kidnapped so you both can marry…”Radz in her thoughts…”what should I do ???? Do I trust him or not??? First I should talk to Shakti then only I could do sort it out…”Radz to Ishan ”Okay let me think and say”Radz cuts the call…she sat on the window side in her thoughts…..she was looking at the moon which reminds her the day when she and Shakti had gone for a ride…..she smiles and says”I should talk to Shakti about this..yes !!!! but how ???? this ritual…okay at least I could message him…and called him to come on the terrace with a tied cloth”………at the same time Shakti received the message and gave a broad romantic smile….he ran to the terrace and tied the cloth and waited there for Radz………..After some time Radz came….as she had not changed she was in Lehanga so Shakti was able to recongnize her because of payal….. as she was walking with her eyes closed her leg hit with a pot there……she shouts”ouch !!!!”
Shakti turns and runs towards her and by feels her he bent down and hold her…..and makes her stand and she says”Shakti ?? is it you ??”Shakti with a cute smile “Who is any other person that will run toward you when you are in pain…??”Radz”almost everyone….who loves me….but firstly it will only be my Shakti….”and she smiled…..Then Shakti asked her”Okay now tell me that you were missing me na??”
Radz”no ”Shakti then asked”Then why you called me here I thought you are planning of some terrace romance !!!!” and hold her from her waist….Radz by pushing him”Shakti I’ve to talk something important….”Shakti with a serious look”” is there any problem ”Radz said”yes…”

There she narrates the whole story to him….Shakti was shell shock….and then Radz ask “whether to agree with ishan or not this is the main problem…”Shakti was thinking something…..and then he says “ okay I’m sure it is their plan to separate us……no one can change this much fast…..not even chemalleon
So now we’ll make a plan and I’m sure they would be defeated by us….” There a sound comes “ we both are also with you” there they both turns….as the cloth was tied they could not see….they were to take it but they both stopped them as it was a bad sign if they both see eachother…..then by there voice Radz was able to recognize their voice and they were Arjun and Sharman……they all smiled…..and sit on the terrace side to make a plan…….

Precap : Shadhika’s haldi…….!!!!

Guyss I need your support pls give it….. I’m writing as per Dhruva’s instructions as don’t know much about Shadhika………….

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