“Love like there is no tomorrow” chapter 3


Hey guys …it’s shanthi back to torture u all
Thank’s for the comments …u gave in the second chappy

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chapter 2

So the story ,
@night (mm garden area)
The garden was beautifully decorated with lights and chairs and all decorative items)

Laksh was standing and receiving guests
He was wearing red blazer , black shirt and black jeans …he applied jel to his hair and was looking hot and handsome

Dp : Laksh beta where is sanskar
Laksh : hmm …maybe near the bar …I will check
Dp : hmm ya .

Laksh goes near bar and finds sanskar flirting with a girl (ragini)

Laksh clears his throat
Laksh : sanskar dad is calling u
Sanskar : god damm !! …can’t u all leave me in peace
Laksh nods in a sign and leaves

Sanskar was wearing blue shirt with black blazer and blue jeans …he was as usual handsome

Ragini was wearing red knee length gown ..with sleeves off ..a bright makeup making her hair free

Ragini : baby u r leaving me ?
Sanskar : what to do ? Will be back in a minute
Ragini : love u
Sanskar : love u too

Saying this sanskar leaves to dp

At that time
Sahil , swara and shekar enters
Swara was wearing blue sparkling knee length frock and diamond earing’s with minimal make up
She was looking gorgeous

Shekar and dp hugs
Shekar : glad to meet u after a long time
Dp : same …where is my dil ..eagerly waiting to see

Swara comes forward and takes blessings
Dp : wow …she is gorgeous
Swara : thanks uncle

Dp : Laksh ….sanskar come here

Both sanlak comes towards dp
Dp : Laksh she is ur fiancee swara
Laksh was startled and memerised seeing her whereas sanskar was lost in her

Shekar : he is my son Sahil
Sanlak shakes hand with him

Kavita comes and hugs swara
Kavitha : hI doll looking beautiful
Swara ; thanks …even u r

Sanskar signals Kavitha through eyes “is she my bhabhi”
Kavitha nods yes
Sanskar was stunned

Ragini comes
Swara (fake happy) v: dii …
She goes towards her and hugs uninterested …’so as ragini
Ragini : quite a long time we met
Swara : hmm ya ..u look beautiful dI
Ragini : thanks …even u !
Swara : thanks

Dp : y don’t u go with sanlak …..give them a company
Sanlak and swaragini nods and leaves

Sanskar : hi I am sanskar….younger brother of ur fiancee
Swara smiles
Sanskar was memerised
Ragini was irritated. …
Ragini : sanskar come na ….we can leave some privacy for them
Sanskar gets irritated ….but nods with a fake smile

Both leaves
Laksh : so ….don’t be formal …u can be free
Swara ; hmm ya ..OK …anyways let’s introduce
Laksh : OK ..I am Laksh maheshwari …IA m an ACP
Swara was impressed
Swara : I am swara , swara dixit a cardiologist
Laksh was also impressed
Laksh : anyways apart from these …what do u want ur dream man to be and what u want in him
Swara smiles
Swara : he should be an caring , loving friendore than a husband
He should love me like there is no tomorrow
(Laksh smiles)
He can be a flirter but should flirt only with Me
He should support me to any extence
He should hold my hand forever

Laksh smiles
Swara : now u tell me how u want ur dream women to be

Laksh : hmm
She should be my soul mate
My friend who cares for me
My police who orders me (swara smiles)
My pr*stitute .who shouldn’t be fed up of my romance (swara blushes)
Who should love me like there is no tomorrow ?
Who should be my heroine …..forever

Swara claps …
Swara : wow …lol
Laksh also laughs with swara …both spend quality time

Sanskat was fuming seeing this
Ragini was kissing his cheeks

Ragini : baby what r u thinking
Sanskar was so angry that he dragged ragini to the door and throwed her on the bed

Ragini blushe’s ….sanskar closes the door
Ragini ; sanskar …
Sanskar ; ready baby
Ragini nods

Adult content read at ur own risk

Sanskar comes top of her and tears her dress …
He kisses her br*ast’s and sucks it hardly making ragini moan
He sucks it more hard and harder …making ragini moan
He tears her whole dress …he kisses her bosomss
He goes down and gets into her ….he makes it more rough ….
Ragini cries in pain …but he didn’t care
He makes it rough and rougher …ragini started to enjoy
Sanskar : loving it ns
Ragini (tears) : haa it’s a pleasure …come give me more
Sanskar explores her body ..he kisses her lip’s and bites it hard …
Bleeding comes but he is an animal now ..he didn’t care
He kisses everywhere and gives love bites

After 2 hrs …he stops and lays beside her tired
Ragini : enjoyed it baby
Sanskar : haa u taste so good
Ragini smiles

Sanskar in mind : soon that swara will also with me ….
This was all seen by a person …who was shocked

Precap : don’t know

So guys done with the chappy
Sorry for showing adult content …if u r not comfortable don’t read it …I am really sorry but it is needed for the ff to continue …plz don’t get hurted
Feel free to share ur views …dnot be a silent reader

Thanks for reading

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    nyc..i jope it swasan

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    Nice hope you will give the equal importance to swara and ragini (love her ?❤) and can I tell the pairs please

    1. Yashal

      Mistake I meant can u tell the pairs

  4. how can sanskar become animal I don’t like ragini character u r portraying as swara mahan and ragini characterless

  5. Akshata

    nice update, Ragini, sanskar and swara all are comes under a one roof becoz of their evil nature, they were jealous of their siblings. but now really want to know about laksh’s story. agree with Fairy………

  6. Will you give importance to ragini or not. It’s seem like she is some kind of girl. Please make it clear.

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    Awesome ????I hope it is swasan … finger crossed …..

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  12. Am a swasan fan…and I don’t like how you portrayed Ragini character..like a characterless girl..it will hurt rag fan…though they called our swara as mahan for this reason don’t know why she is also have negative shade….. Swara and Ragini both have negative shade…but San rag intimacy …not good…

  13. Arshaanya

    Hope its swasan

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