“Love like there is no tomorrow” chapter 2

Hey guys …it’s ur shanthi again to trouble u …hmm thanks for the response ….even though it didn’t reach 20+ comments …but still happy with the first day opening lol ?

So here is the link for the previous one
Chapter 1

The story ,
Diya : now enough ragzz …change and come or else we will be late
Ragini : ok OK

She goes to the changing room …her phone buzzes
Ragini was happy seeing it …she attends the call
Ragini : omg ?
Boy : hey baby ….
Ragini : omg handsome u r in India now
Boy : yep ?
Ragini : where shall we meet
Boy : today at farmhouse …our family party
Ragini : no worries …count me in
Boy : sure bye baby
Ragini : bye handsome ?
Both hangs up

Ragini comes out and jumps in happiness
Diya (confused ) : what happened
Ragini : guess what …
Diya : I am not that smart …say
Ragini : sanky came …
Diya (uninterested) : oh !
Ragini : what oh …it’s such a amazing news
Diya : for u …because he is ur bf not mine
Ragini : aww …jealous ?
Diya : nope …instead pity for u …being a gf of a flirted
Ragini : enough enough ….OK
Diya : now go fast ..we need to meet ur sis first
Ragini : ya ya

@ maheshwari mansion
Uttara : bhai ….bhai ..what’s this
A handsome and hot boy age between 26 – 27 was standing
Boy : what happened
Uttara : lucky bhai ….will u wear this tonight
(Yes he is laksh ??)
Laksh : haa y ?
Uttara : hmm ..bhai u r going to meet ur fiancee tonight not going for any police meeting
Laksh : what yaar ….what’s wrong in my dressing
Uttara : formals …chiiiii …
Laksh : ok then what should I wear
Uttara : this (pointing towards a casual blazer and jeans …)
Laksh : this …
Uttara : haan …
Laksh : ok ol only for today
Uttara : don’t worry bhabhi will change u after marriage ?
Laksh : Uttara ki bacchi …?don’t forget I am acp ….I will put u in locker / jail
Uttara : ready up fast my acp bro ..

@swaragini mansion
Shekar : sahil and shona u both get ready …we need to go meet ur sasural and their party
Swara blushes
Sahil : oh oh …??
Swara : shut up bro ..
Sahil : ok ok …
Shekar : get ready fast ..OK I said ur sis to meet u there directly
Swara : ok ….

Swara goes inside and slams the door
Swara (irritated) : ahhh …God now what’s the urgent to meet my sasural …can’t they leave me on peace …
She took her phone and dialled her friend no.
Swara : kavitha
Kavitha : haan Swara ..what happened
Swara : u know na …..I need my sasura today
Kavitha : omg today itself
Swara : haan yaar ….dad arranged suddenly !
Kavitha : but u hate these things na
Swara : haan…so I am gonna cancel and stay home what say
Kavitha : no no Swara …don’t do that if u do then ur image will be damaged and u cannot beat ur sis ..
Swara thinks
Swara : u r correct ..anyways accompany me ok ..
Kavitha : done text me the address
Swara hangs up
Swara in mind : kavitha is correct …I cannot give my place …otherwise that duffer ragini will fill
.so it’s better I act like an good girl ….

Saying this she goes to change her dress

(Guys swara is the not a polite , matured , sweet girl ..she is opposite of her character …
A rich spoilt girl …who mingles wit boys easily
.she is also jealous of her sis…that’s y she is acting good in front of her dad and bro …to claim her charm)

A boy comes inside slowly and blindfolds a old lady
Lady ; sanskar
Sanskar : MA …u found me….
Ap : how can forget u sanskar …I already got the information u landed in India
Sanskar : driver said na
Ap : haan ….by the way how r u
Sanskar : fit and fine …u
Ap ; a’s always young …

A man comes from behind
Man : did u change or the same flirter
Sanskar goes and takes blessings
Sanskar : no dad ..I am changed ..but still a flirter …u know the fun …ha ha ha
Dp : u will never change …even after becoming an business man ..he na
Sanskar : 100%
Dp : chal get ready for the party ok …
Sanskar : ok

Sanskar goes to his room ..while he passes laksh comes
Sanskar (uninterested) : hi
Laksh (formally) : hi …when u came
Sanskar : just now
Laksh : ok ….
Saying this both leaves to their respective rooms

(Guys laksh and sanskar doesn’t share a good bromance….Laksh loves sanskar but sanskar is jealous of laksh ..but loves him as a bro but doesnt show )

@ sanskar room
Sanskar throws his luggage and falls on bed
His phone rings
It’s kavitha
Kavitha : hey sanskar baby …I heard u r in India
Sanskar : hmm ya (irritated)
Kavitha : today we will meet in the party ok
Sanskar : wait a sec ..how u know about the party
Kavitha : u r going to be bhabhi”s friend I am …so I am coming
Sanskar : anyears tell me …is my bhabhi ..or laksh fiancee beautiful
Kavitha : u won’t believe …how beautiful…she will be ..wait and watch
.ok by a have an important meeting
Kavita hangs up

Sanskar in mind : hmm….how can laksh get a beautiful wife …I can’t let this happen…he shouldn’t get that all …..let the game begin ..if my bhabhi is beautiful than….surely she will be mine ….bechara laksh
.ha ha ha ha ah (he laughs loud )
But wait she is beautiful then my ragzz

Screen freezes
Precap : all face show off ….the party ….

So done with the second chappy…tell me how was it ..feel free to share ur views ….
If u like it plz comment ..don’t be a silent reader it hurts

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  1. nice waiting for next part soon

  2. Omgggg!!!everyone is soooo spoilt here except for lucky…hahahhaha πŸ˜€ …jealousy btween sisters n brothers πŸ˜› … still loved ragini πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ .. lets see who wl b d pairss πŸ™‚ …episode ws awesome or i cn say amazngggg …keep rockng dear πŸ˜‰

  3. Mica

    from the first part, ragini was jealous to swara..
    but then here, swara was jealous to toward ragini.. omg .. it’s EPIC
    it’s kinda cinderella step sister’s korean drama, i mean swara as cinderella, but not at all inside her heart, she is the devil one.. ohohoho
    luve this shade of swara…
    luv it soo much Shanthi..
    but maybe i will skip the ragsan’s part, i can’t bear, sorry and ty so much

  4. Ragsan part is nice

  5. Very nyc episode .

  6. I like lucky… He is sweet..

  7. Yashal

    Very nice and an epic story I love ragsan I hope the pairs are ragsan and swalak but I will skip swasan and swalak part sorry otherwise your story is awesome ??

  8. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome but can u tell me it is a swasan or raglak or ragsan or swasan ff …..

  9. […] Here is the link for the previous chappy chapter 2 […]

  10. Plzz make it swalak and ragsan

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