“Love like there is no tomorrow” chapter 1

Hey guys , it’s shanthi…..a new ff writer here in the telly world
First of all I am a fashion designer student and a very good story writer I guess
It’s new to me …but I guess most of u know dolly ….esha , she is my bestie …..I mean my friend alias sister ….
Hmm u all know that she is affected by the leg fracture ….she was operated that’s y she couldn’t write ….I will post in favour of her from now on …
She will send me then I will post ..
OK enough of my bak …bak ..
Now back to my story

“This story is the the 3 shots which esha wrote ….I wa’s impressed with her shot …so I thought to write ff….and I asked her permission also ”

Here is the link of esha 3 shot
3 Shot

This story is a swasan and swalak story ,
So plz enjoy

A swimming pool is shown🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝
A girl is coming in bikini blue and pink …she was looking hot and ravish with tattoo on her bellyπŸ‘™
Girl : come na diya ….why r u sitting here
Diya : I am not used to these and all …u enjoy razz
(Yes the girl is ragini but u all taught it’s swarm right πŸ˜‚)
Ragini : ufff ! Friend of mine is scared…..can’t tolerate u 😏
Diya stares her
Ragini phone rings
Ragini (keeps hand on her forehead) : shit ! Totally I forgot from today that stupid sis of mine will come na πŸ˜‘
Diya (laughs) : now ur freedom will go !
Ragini stares her angrily😠
Diya (shuts🀐) : but why do u get jealous if her
Ragini (angrily) : 1st thing she is

A big mansion is shown …..a BMW car goes in and stops 🏰🏰🏰
A girl comes put wearing red crop top and white floral skirt πŸ‘— with sun glasses πŸ•ΆπŸ•Ά
She was literally beautiful …πŸ‘±πŸ‘±πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ‘§πŸ‘§

Ragini : 1st thing she is beautiful
Diya smiles
Ragini : 2nd

The girl gets down from car and goes In
Girl : dad , dad …πŸ—£πŸ—£
Shekar comes
Shekar : omg .my princess
Girl rushes to him and hugs him tightly
Girl : I missed u so much dad
She bends down and takes blessings
Shekar has tear’s
Shekar : khush raho beta !
The girl smiles
Shekar : I missed u infinte

Ragini : 2nd she is very polite and pampered so much
Diya gigglesπŸ˜†
Ragini : stop that ! (Angrily)
Diya : OK OK continue

Ragini : 3rd

A boy comes from behind and shuts the girl eyes
Girl : bhaiiiiiii !!!!😚😚
Boy (pouts) : again u found me …πŸ˜‘
Girl : of course after all ur sis na
Shekar : sahil …..she is fed up of ur this baby tricks he na princess 😎😎
(Ha ha ha I made that sail sahil the girl bro lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)
Both Shekar and girl gives hifi βœ‹

Ragini : she is most lovable sis of my own bro …than me
Diya : she is the youngest na …that’s y
Ragini : but still
Diya thinks : baba ji ….why did u give this crack as my friend 😣
Ragini : where r u lost ?
Diya : nothing nothing continue
Ragini : OK so 4th is

Sahil : I won’t talk to u princess
Girl : why (pouts)πŸ™‡
Sahil : u hided such a big thing from me
Shekar : what ???
Sahil lifts the girl❀
Sahil ( halppily) : she topped in her exams and is soon to be a
Shekar (tears) : doctor …πŸ–’
Sahil : haan dad !
The girl smiles 😊
Girl : u taught I will say when di also comes
Shekar : I am really very happy beta …..u really made me proud today ….πŸ‘πŸ‘
Girl kisses his cheeks
Sahil (fake angry) : but still I am angry OK ….πŸ˜”
Girl takes a diary milk silk ….
Sahil eyes it and so the girl πŸ™Š
Girl : wanna share
Sahil (happy) : u never forget this na
Shekar smiles seeing them 😘

Ragini : she is very well educated then me
Diya : what can we do ragini…..even if we stand upside down ….knowledge won’t come to us
Ragini (angrily) : are u teasing me 😠
Diya gulps 😷
Diya : continue plz

Ragini : this is the last one ….

Shekar : as u promised me ….u will marry the person I say right
Sahil looks at shekar angrily 😠
Shekar : don’t stare me ….ur sis only agreed
Sahil : I don’t want to make my sis leave this house early
He hugs her (awww….😍)
Shekar : but she can’t stay with a crack like u for life long πŸ˜‰
Sahil makes faces
Girl : it’s OK bro …as a daughter even I have some responsibility to do know ! πŸ˜€
Sahil stares her lovingly 😍😍
Shekar : here is the invitation to the engagement


there ,
Ragini : her name ….such a stylish and beautiful name
Diya : because of her name also u r jealous πŸ€”
Ragini : not only that , she is marryingy love interest 😈
Diya shocks 😲

Precap : our dashing hero’s entry 😎😎😎
So done with the first part of my new ff ….plz comment and let me know it …

If I get 20 + comment ….I will upload one of dolly ff πŸ€—

I know I am greedy but still …plz …πŸ˜œπŸ˜›πŸ˜›

Thanks for reading 😍


  1. Shloka


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    Wow… i loved it… ragini jealous of her own sister… is it????
    Pls updates dolly’s ff… and both… meri ashiqui and first love…

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