Hii guys….I’m so so so sorry for this great delay ….but I’m superb busy… I’m really frustrated by this studies… I’m updating it……and sorry as I’m not able to think about Love like nothing….that’s why I’m updating Love Me Like You Do…!!!!” So….

THE RECAP : Ishani gets pierce a glass piece in her right hand…..and Ishveer lil romance…..


Ishani followed Ranveer till his cabin they both took their respective seats and solves the problem…….Ishani went to her cabin to complete her rest two files…..where Ranveer was looking at her till her back vanishes he thinks- “ RV ??? What happened to you ??? Why you are behaving weird ??? Its not first time that you had romanced someone !!!! But then……Why I’m feeling like something in her makes my heart beats faster !!!!!…Am I in love ??? ” he again things lil bit and in a confirmed tone, “ RV and love???? Its a great joke…..and that too in first sight ???? ” he gave a trademark smile….and again things about her……he shakes his head trying to forget about her…..and starts his work……it was 8:30 pm……still Ishani was working… her mind also was thinking about Ranveer…….in the whole office only Ishani and Ranveer were working…..when the clock struck exactly 9pm Ishani opened her cabins door and came out…..she puts the files near Ranveer’s table….when she was about to say something her phone rang……she picked it up… was Falguni’ s phone…..she picked up……there Falguni said, “ Beta !!! Are you okay na ??? Why you still didn’t come ??? Its too late !!! ” Ishani excused Ranveer and said, “ Maa !! I’m still in office….now only I’m free….please wait for sometime I’m arriving….” when she said that Falguni had a happy smile that Ishani is obeying her fathers words…..she said , “ Okay beta !!! Take your time….but can you do me favour ??? ” Ishani in an instant tone, “ No favour mom….you just order to me !! ” Falguni in lil hesitant way, “ Beta actually na today some guests came and they came at the time of dinner only….and we all had as you was not there nothing is left….so tell me what do you want to eat….and I’ll make dinner for you !!! ” Ishani replied, “ No need to strain yourself Maa…..don’t worry I’ll have dinner outside only… please have a sleep…..okay !! ” Falguni in a worried tone, “ I’m sorry…” Ishani had a smile, “ No need Maa !!! You go and sleep….” saying this she cut the call…..where Ranveer was looking at Ishani……..he asked, “ Who was there ?? ” Ishani said, “ It was my mom’s call….as she had some uninvited guest to the dinner is finished….. and mom was asking me what I want to have !!! ” Ranveer in a fun making tone, “ Oh so I think you would have asked aunt to make many things na !!!! BTW how could you handle your this much weight !!!??? ” saying this he laughed…..Ishani gets fumed and says., “ I’m not like you…..I said her that I’ll have dinner outside…..!” when she said this R

anveer immediately get an idea to spend sometime with her….and as he was seating in his chair he slowly took his cell and dialed his office landline….without her knowledge….. when she was about to pick up….he picked up before she could….and acted…., “ Hello ??? RV here……….oh Maa is anything important you called me…..( with a long break acting as someone is saying from the other side ) okay Maa please don’t worry….I’ll have dinner outside……you take care of granny….!!!!! ” saying this he put the phone…..Ishani asked, “ Why you asked your mom to take care of your granny ??? And why you are going to have dinner outside ??? ” he acted lil bit sad and said, “ Actually my granny is not well and mom is taking care of her….for that only she didn’t made dinner… is out of town and Ritvik is in the party….so she asked me to have outside !! ” Ishani still not satisfied gave an head shake and went to pack her things…..when she come out she saw Ranveer in a shocked way……he was waiting for her….by leaning his back on the table…..she came near him and asked, “ Why are you standing ??? Aren’t you going ??? ” Ranveer bit thinking and said, “ As I said na…..that I don’t like to have anything alone…. I always want someone to talk with me when I’m eating… I think as you are also going outside so let’s go together ,?? ” Ishani thinking the way he finds some reason to be with her smiled and shook her head as YES….they both went to the parking area…..when Ishani was about to sit in her car Ranveer stopped her and asked, “ Let me call my driver !! ” Ishani in confusion, “ Why ?? ” Ranveer said, “ Actually we both are going to the same restaurant so we can go in one car itself na ???? Why to pollute this environment ??? ” Ishani with a smile nodded….they both went in the car giving Ranveer’s car keys to the watchman……and said, “ My driver will come to take my car….give him this keys ” watchmen nodded and they left to the restaurant….. in the whole journey both were silent…..


Ranveer get down and opens the door for Ishani….she also gets down….they both entered the restaurant and found a corner table for them and their privacy…..a waiter came and asked for the order…..both order some Punjabi dishes and Pulav…..after giving order they both were looking at each other like they were statue……after a long eye lock there order comes…..the waiter serves them and went…..Ishani tried to have a piece of Naan….buy was unable to break it due to the wound….she was trying hard but in vain…..this was noticed by Ranveer……he saw her…..and immediately stood up and went towards the manager of the restaurant…… he comes again to his place….where Ishani was still not able to have it………after some time a group of people come towards their table and showed their back to ishveer….as they were in the corner……they all stood covering them….no one was able to them……after that they started to play the instrument and sing a romantic song…..where at that time Ranveer stood up and sits near her and took her plate and started to feed her…..she was confused whether to have it or not….Ranveer with his eyes told her to have…..she had it….and then the time was of Pulav…..where he took some in his hands and told her to have….she said in a low voice, “ You can make me have with a spoon na ??? ” Ranveer with a romantic cum friendly smile, “ When we make someone have food with our hands na then the love between them increases….” saying this he made her have it…..after it some rice were on her lips…..Ranveer without saying and touched her lips….and removed them…..and again they both have an eye lock… the BG tum he apna bane ka junoon plays …….

Precap : Still thinking….but I’ve a lot of time ….

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      Thanks Harisha…..happy that u liked it

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    Sorry guyss its episode 6….not 37

  3. Dude…….I’ve no more words ro praise u……seriously ur ff is blockbuster hit

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      Hey bro…..thanks so much….happy that u liked it

      1. U r most welcome sissy…..update next fast

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  5. Hey dhruva loved it soooooooooooooooo much keep it up keep rocking….how r u

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  7. Hi Dhruva very nice and cute episode it was so sweet I know u don’t have so much time to update but still u worked well in the episode of ur ff ?

    1. And I am eagerly waiting for Love like nothing ?

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      Thanks…..Di I’m happy that you liked this epi…..and for love like nothing……u have to wait… I’m still thinking about it 🙂 😉

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    hey dear its lovely just ead dis part let me read the whole one

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      Hey Varsh I’m happy that u at least read my ff…..thanks yaar…..and yah sorry but its only for ishveer……so no other pairs:) 🙂

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  10. love ishveer 2 the core of my heart

    Hi dhruva i m commenting here 4r first time but i know youll all payal sathya vyshu julina nd many many more as i was a silent reader nd i m missing ull so much as most ishveer fans r not commenting this days .i just want that old matsh family back who could do anything 4r matsh. I want my dearest ishveer matsh shadhika back i cant even express in words how much i love nd miss them every second and i swear when matsh got over till now i didnt even saw any other serial .i just cant get over them pls do something and get matsh2 only with shadhika pls trend in fb. Yesterday i was reading ishveer fans comment in written updates of matsh in feb and i had tears in my eyes so much youll were loving it we were so crazy that we would also die for it but now all forget matsh. Whenever i see old episodes i just cry. Pls dhruva tell all 2 come and comment again ishveer matsh family pls nd do something 2 bring it back pls u only read nd see ur comments in written updates pls

  11. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    super dear

  12. lovely ishveer

    Very cute and lovely epi upload the next one soon

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