LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO !!!!!! (IshVeer) Episode-4


Hii guysss….I’m so happy that u all liked this SS- Short Story…..thanks for ur precious comments…..but sorry my parents won’t allow me type ff any more….so I said that I’ll stop both my ff’s… now coming to the story……..

RECAP: Ishveer fight……and an lil eye lock…….

Both Ishani and Ranveer were lost in each other eyes…..the world for them stopped… was like someone has stopped the rotation of earth……..suddenly the bell rings that was on the table……and both came to their sense….both feel embarrassing….. Ishani in her thoughts- “ Offo idiot…..u were staring at this arrogant man…..are u gone mad…???? ” where other side Ranveer was thinking- “ Wow she is really a beauty queen……really want her to be my new gf…..but I can’t as Ritvik likes her…..but still why I feel strange when she is near me…??? ” both came out of their thoughts…..and Ishani moved to leave when Ranveer says, “ Wait Ms. Parekh…..I’m sorry actually I didn’t identified u… dad told me that a giro will come for a job and her name is Ishani… don’t give this job to anyone else….I really don’t know that u r Ishani I’m really sorry….!! ” Ishani was shocked to see his this side…..she was stunned and said, “ Its okay Mr. RV….I also bursted out at u……I’m also sorry…..!!!

” when she told this Ranveer thinks-“ Its okay if u can’t make her ur gf….but at least a friend…” saying this he stood up and came near her and says, “ Its okay.we. both are sorry….so no need…….can we be friends???? ” saying this he forwards his hand….after thinking a bit Ishani too forwarded her hand….they both shake their hands….and suddenly Ranveer hugs her…..she was shell shock……and totally stunned..after sometime he breaks it and realise…..and says, “ Actually whenever I make friends na…..I hug him or her….and the other reason I can’t control it u r looking really beautiful……Ishani unknowingly blushed…..she scolded herself for doing that….Ranveer notice it and have a cute smile….and says, “ So Ms. Parekh…..from today u r going to join office….ur cabin is
interconnected with mine….so no need to work outside……

and whenever I need ur help I can call u easily…” Ishani just nodded because for the first time she was under control whereas giving a head shake Ranveer went towards his table took some files and says.., “ This files needed to be checked if some accounts are wrong then correct them when everything is fine then bring them to me and take my signature and then give it to Puneet……” Ishani takes the file and went to her cabin…..where Ranveer sees her till her back is not visible to him….he was really confused..and thinks- Idiot are u mad…..u r really going mad for a girl. ???
( where his heart says) Yes u r and y u won’t she is really beautiful and cute in nature…..
( again his mind says ) are u gone mad…..u just had met her……( where her heart says ) Love at

first sight only means that u don’t know any thing about that person and u fall for him or her….( again his mind interrupted ) stupid….u r one work…..not to think all this nonsense things….” thinking this he went and started his work……

Ishani completed two files out of four….she bring those to Ranveer’s cabin and was shock to see Ritvik there……she without any word come to them and said, “ RV I’ve checked this files they are alright….sign them so I can give them to Puneet…” she completed and was about to move where Ritvik says,“ Hey you! what are u doing here…??? its my bros office okay !!! ” Ishani was getting anger….but still showed herself cool…..and says, “ I know that its your brothers office….but I’ve no choice as my dad selected this office for me ” saying this she moved and was to enter her cabin where Ranveer called her and says, “ Ishani hope u had not made any friend at all…..come and have lunch with me na…” while he says this Ishani was thinking- Please RV don’t call me it will a punishment like to be hanged if I sit with ur idiot brother…and says, “ No need RV.”

Ranveer stood up and says to Ritvik, “ Areee !!! Why u r here ??? You need to meet ur gf na…..” Ritvik got it and said , “ I postpone my date as today I wanna have dinner with my bro..” Ranveer glares at him….and says
, “ I’m okay Ritvik….u may go..” saying this he made Ritvik standup and hugs him and whispers, “ Ritvik beta if u don’t want ur secrets to be open up in front of Maa then silently move away and let me have lunch with her….” Ritvik gives a puppy look and went…..Ishani was watching this Ranveer turns to her walked towards her holds her hand and brings her to table….and asks, “ What will u like to have ??? ” Ishani replied, “ Whatever u want RV ” Ranveer says, “ Please don’t call me RV…..I like when u call me Ranveer just call me by that name only ” Ishani gave a smile and headshake…..Ranveer asks the canteen man to bring two Punjabi thali’s…..they both had there lunch and just little talk about there families……

Precap : ISHVEER……cute romance…

Credit to: Dhruva

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  1. Great s usual sis…..u r jst awesome…. It’s very hard to accept abt u being unable to write ur both ff…..but pls continue if u can…..but I’m not forcing u

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      Thank u shoo much bro…..for ur comment…..and ya really sorry but then also I’ll try….. but I’m thinking to write OS…..because I’m more comfortable with them…… please support me in them also…..And again thank u for ur comment….


    Sorry guys…I always do the same mistake…..its not dinner its lunch….where Ritvik dialogue is there… . When Ranveer trying to send him……

  3. Nandana

    Very nice episode and update the next soon

  4. Hi Dhruva dear it was such a great episode I liked it very much and ya I can understand that u cant write ur both ff regularly or more do what u can do only no one is forcing you ok take care ?

  5. Hey dhruva loved it sooooooooooooooo much keep it up dr

  6. Hy… Your epi is awsome…. Update the next soon. Keep smiling. .

  7. Hi dhurva dear, how r u ? Woww u start new ff grt. Superb nice episode dear.sorry I didn’t comment for so many days na . miss u sis .

    1. Mariya will u continue your ff ? I love ur ff so much

      1. Neelam dear I know that u r my sweet lovely true reader love u dear. & I know u r waiting since long for my ff . thanxxxxxxxxxxx for this affection & care. but dear sorry to tell that I can’t write my ff. Sorry dear due to some problems & promised I can’t write it. Really heartedly soooooo sorry dear. But we will connect & chat with each other in narendaran bro’s ff. Or I will share my email address with u . luv u dear.

      2. Ok are u in facebook dear

  8. lovely ishveer


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