LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO !!!!!! (IshVeer) Episode-2

Here its episode- 2…..

The episode starts with Ritika, Chirag and Shivanya waiting for Ishani……where a BMW came…..two dashing men came out….all girls fall for them…one was our hero RANVEER and another was Ritvik……Ranveer gives a bear hug to him and was about to sit in the car……when suddenly an another BMW came…in hurry she was about to hit Ritvik…….she puts and short break…..where Ranveer was in shock…and Ritvik was angry……..Ishani realising she suddenly comes out of the car…..and IT WAS TIME THE WHOLE WORLD STOPPED FOR HIM……HE WAS LOST IN HER BEAUTY….but came out of his thoughts because of Ritvik shouting at her……he was telling, “ Hey !!!???? Are u mad or what ha??? This is second time you was about to kill me……!!!!! Tell me had someone given u money to kill me ?????? ” Ishani was listening but was angry….she was becoming more and more angry….when she was about to shout Ranveer came and drags Ritvik aside and tells him , “ Ritvik are u mad ??? What are u doing ?
Why are u shouting at her ???? ”

Ritvik with lil calm tone, “ Bro she is really stupid girl…..u know I’ve proposed her many times but she is really arrogant never accepted my proposal….every girl want to be with me but she !!!!! ” Ranveer cut him off and says , “ So you are not angry because she was about to hit u….but u was because she not accepted your proposal…am I right ??? ” Ritvik nodded in positive way……..then Ranveer gives a naughty smile he says , “ So is that real love or reel love ??? ” Ritvik winked at him and says , “ We are Waghela brothers bro…..there is not a single girl in the world to make us fall for them….” saying this Ritvik went towards Ishani, Chirag, Ritika and Shivanya….

He goes to them and in a arrogant way says , “ Sorry ” without waiting for reply he was going but he feels something awkward and moved around….suddenly his eyes went on Shivanya……all the four friends were laughing and discussing some thing……he was looking at her without even blinking his eyes….and suddenly Shivanya too sees him…..they both were locked with there eyes ….while Chirag sees her silent and shakes her by her shoulders…..and ask, “ Shivanya what are you looking at ?? ” she saying , “ Nothing ” all continued………..

In class all were settled….Ishani and others were sitting in middle of the class……Ritvik sees them and again started to stare at her…he intentionally went to the next bench that of Ishani and Shivanya…..he sat and continues his work of staring…..where Ishani sees it and was angry she thought that he was staring at her…..she got up and went to him..and asks, “ What the hell your blo*dy problem is ???? You’re seriously mad person… cheap you are !!!!!! ” Where Ritvik in anger, “ Oh hello !!!!!! Ms. Ishani…..don’t think that you are most beautiful girl in the college so I’ll always keep staring at you….there are many girls like her….!!! ” he points to Shivanya…..Ishani was shocked….and says, “ She is my friend okay so stay away from her “where Ritvik says, “ Oh so you only go and ask her why she was also staring at me. ???? ” Ishani was confused….she was a stubborn look and went…..

At RV office….he was just thinking about Ishani…..he was signing the files of the new deals…but instead of his sign he was like a mad drawing Ishani’s sketch……after sometimes his phone rang….it was Ritvik….he came out of his thoughts…and notice the sketch…he thinks for a while and then picked the call…..Ritvik says ,“ Bro are you going to leave me here only…..??? ” Ranveer remember he has to pick him up he says , “ Sorry yaar actually was busy ” Ritvik says , “ Oh !!! You are busy means a new one na ???? ( he means a gf ) Ranveer smiled and says, “ Oh hello I don’t have all time for wasting behind girls…..I’ve work also…….now leave it I’m coming in 20 minutes wait till.. !! ” he cut the call…..and there was a smile on Ranveers face…..he was confused and in his thoughts ha say, “ What’s happening to me ?? I’m just thinking about a girl and that to only one… I in love ?? ” thinking this he again smiled and then give an irritated look “ RV can never love someone……” saying this he went to pick up Ritvik…..

Precap: Ishani goes to RV office for an interview…..

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  1. Harisha

    Awesome dhi loved it???

  2. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    nice i really like it

  3. Hey sissy loved it soooooooo much keep it up


    Sis why chirag is in positive character??? By the way it’s fantastic episode….. Waiting for next

  5. Reena

    Amazing episode Dhruva dhi! It was really good!! I loved it!!! Pls update soon!!

  6. Nice dhruva dhii…

  7. Superb episode Dhruva dear it was really really good eagerly waiting for the next ?

  8. Julina

    Amazing epi Dhruva sissy…. I lovvved it… Just suuuuuperb….. Waiting for next

  9. Nandana

    red my acount and i had changed my name into only nandana and actually i am the old nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA) I CHANGED IT BECAUSE IT IS TOO LONG AND IT CANT BE REGISTERED AND NOW I AM IN A NEW USER NAME NANDANA PLZ RECOGNISE ME

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