A Love Like Ours (epi 3)


Meanwhile in Panday Nivas Bihaan and Thapki make their way to the entrance of the house for “gar prawesh” Vasundra is ready with a taali and welcomes the new couple into the house. Vasundra keeps a vessel filled with rice by the entrance of the house. She asks Thapki to spill the rice with her foot. Thapki slowly raises her foot and softly spills the rice and moves into the house with Bihaan by his side. They take blessings from all elders.
Inside there is a traditional game prepared for them by the family. A big tray is prepared with milk and sindoor in it. And it was filled with coins and rings. “whoever finds the ring first will win… so thapki all of us girls are with you… you need to find that ring first…” says Preeti.

“Im sure our Bihaan will be able to find that ring first..” said Bauji. Bihaan smiles and looks at Thapki, she smiled back. They put their hands inside the tray and try to find this ring.

Their hands touch and they look at each other. Bihaan holds her hand and teases her. Thapki looks around to check if anyone notices this. Then she looks at Bihaan smiling naughtily at her. She somehow takes her hand away and eagerly tries to find the ring before him.

“Come on thapki… find that ring and make us proud” says Dadi.

Thapki is still eagerly trying to find the ring when Bihaan finds the ring. He smiles to himself. He takes the ring near Thapki’s hand. Thapki looks at him surprised. Bihaan leaves the ring and pretends to be concentrating on the finding the ring. Thapki takes the ring out and everyone cheer for her.
“Bihaan you lost deliberately” says Ashwin.
Bihaan looks at Ashwin still smiling, but his smile fades. Behind Ashwin he sees Dhruv coming inside the house.
He sees that Dhruv looks really angry. Bihaan notices the bottle that Dhruv is holding. Before he could say anything Dhruv is near them and screams “THAPKI…” everyone look on shocked and Dhruv spills the contents towards Thapki.

It came as a shock to Thapki, her immediate reaction was to shield her face with her hands, close her eyes and scream. She hears everyone gasping and screaming. Her eyes are still closed, but nothing happens. She opened her eyes to see Bihaan in front of her.

Bihaan falls onto Thapki, Thapki holds Bihaan trying to avoid him from falling. But they fall back together. Thapki cries and she sees the extent of Bihaans injury. Bihaan lays in pain on the floor. His dark blue shervani has melted off showing the skin from his chest. She could see that his flesh was burning. She looks at his face, it had pain written all over it, his chest, neck and even arm was burnt from the acid. But not his face.

He put his arms up over his face just in time and some of the acid landed on his arms. The wounds looked so deep. As if his flesh was melting off. “BIHAAN….!!!” Screamed Thapki. Everyone was still in shock. “Somone do something, please help my Bihaan, take him to the hospital please…” thapki screamed with so much pain her voice.

Dhruv stands there looking at Bihaan in pain. A smile comes across his face. Sanjay and Ashwin tackle him and hold hands. He tries to run away, but they hold him tight. Vasundra looks at Dhruv with utter shock in her eyes. Even Shradda was shocked.

Bauji calls the driver to take the car out. “Hurry…” He said looking at Bihaan with tears in his eyes. “Ashwin… Sanjay take him to police station… I don’t want to see his face.” He said in an angrier voice. He goes to Bihaan, still laying there in pain. “Don’t worry Bihaan… we will get you to the hospital soon and you’d be fine… nothing will happen to you…” said Bauji.

Thapki sat on the floor with Bihaans head resting on her lap. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Bihaan looks at Thapki still in pain. He tries to raise his hands to Thapki’s face but he lost consciousness halfway through. And his hands fell, making Thapki more worried. She called out, “Bihaan!! Wake up please… please Bihaan wake up…! Bauji… look Bihaan is not opening his eyes.” She said trying to wake him up with a light pat on his face.
Just then driver comes in a hurry and tells them that the car is ready. He helps Bauji to carry Bihaan to the car and they drive off to the hospital.

Thapki holds Bihaan’s hands in the car, still trying to wake him up but he lays unconscious. The drive to the hospital seemed like hours for Thapki. She couldn’t imagine what has happened. When they finally made it to the hospital Bihaan was put on a stretcher and taken into the emergency room. Everyone who came was asked to wait until the doctor could examine and treat him.

Precap :“Mr. Bihaan’s injury is very extensive, and the acid has burned a large portion of his chest and right arm. The injury to his arm is really bad… it seems the acid has burned through a lot of layers of skin… which means….” The doctor hesitates.

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