A Love Like Ours (epi 2)


Everyone was ready including Bihaan by the mandap. Everyone had smiles on their faces expect for Shradda who had a fake smile across her face. She wasn’t happy at all. “When will this be over and I can stop this drama of being happy” she thought. Meanwhile Pundit asked Vasundra and Bauji about the bride. “Im sure Poonamji will be bringing her down any minute now” she said looking up the stairs. “Ah there they are” she said.
Bihaan eagerly looked up the stairs from in-between his sehera. He could see Thapki in her red sari coming down the stairs with Poonam. He tried to see a glimpse of her face, but her face was covered with the red transparent ghunghat.
Everything goes quite for bihaan, all he can hear is the wind blowing and nothing else. Suddenly he hears his heart beating. He takes his hand and touches his chest. He can feel his heart beating fast. He smiles and looks at Thapki coming down the stairs. She is all he sees. “Thapki” he whispers to himself.
Thapki comes and stands in front of him. Bihaan has his hand on his chest still. The pundit asks the groom to unveil the brides face but Bihaan is still lost, he doesn’t hear anything. Suman teases Bihaan, “look at this, even before the ceremony is completed he is lost” She said.
“Bihaan ! “ said Dadi, “pudit ji asked to take brides ghunghat” she said.
Only then does Bihaan come to his senses. He slowly unveils Thapkis ghunghat and puts it elegantly on her head. She is looking down. She is too nervous to look at Bihaan. But finally she lifts her head with every ounce of strength she has to look at his face. She hesitates for a moment but manages to bring herself to a smile. It makes her happy seeing Bihaans face. But she quickly moves her gaze away in humiliation.
Ye moh moh ke daage plays…

“Ye moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi Toh Toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe
Hai rom rom iktaara
Hai rom rom iktaara
Jo baadalon mein se guzre “

The wedding ceremony continues.
They exchange varmalas, beautiful red and white roses filled varmalas. Bihaan can’t keep his eyes off his beautiful bride. They sit down by each other. While their families surrounded them and the pudit went on with his chants.

“Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna
Kaise tune ankahaa, tune ankahaa sab sunaa
Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna”

Pundit asks for the father for Kaniyadan. Thapki’s father comes and puts his hand forward. Bihaan puts his hands on top and thapki puts her hand on Bihaans. The pundit pronouns verses as the Kaniyadan is done. While Bihaan looks on in the ceremony Thapki takes a peek at him. She looks at this man next to her that she is marrying. This time by her will. Bihaan looks at her and they stare into each other’s eyes briefly.

“Tu din sa hai, main raat
Aa na dono mill jaayein shaamon ki tarah”

They get up, and hold their hands and take peres around the fire (agni) Thapki takes the lead the first even rounds. Bihaan looks on at his bride and she holds his hands and walks around the Agni. He never felt this kind of happiness. He kept having flash backs of their time together. How they use to fight brought a bitter sweet smile to face. “Had I known what ever happened brought me closer to someone like you I would redo it a thousand times…” he thought. Thapki finishes seven rounds around the fire.

“Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…

Ki aisa beparwah mann pehle to na tha
Chitthiyon ko jaise mil gaya
Jaise ik naya sa pataa
Ki aisa beparwah mann pehle to na tha”

Pudit asks Bihaan now to take Thapki’s hand and lead. They look at each other briefly as Bihaan takes her hand and take the seven rounds around the fire. Thapki looked at how firmly he held on to her hand. “I just thought I knew what love was, but I was wrong, what I feel in my heart for Bihaan is true love…” she thought.

“Khaali raahein, hum aankh moonde jaayein
Pahunche kahin to bewajah”

They sit down and Bihaan is offered sindoor for Thapki. He takes some in a pinch and takes his hands up to her forehead, Poonam moves her maang tikka and Bihaan fills her forhead with the bright red sindoor. Thapki closes her eyes, and she opens them as he takes away his hands and she looks into his eyes.

“Yey moh moh ke dhaage…”

The Pundit offers Bihaan the mangal sutra. He takes it and moves it towards Thapki’s neck.

In the crowd of people Dhruv is seen, shocked. But hes too far away, he tried to move towards them, but there were too many people blocking his path.

Bihaan puts the mangal sutra on Thapki. And the pundit pronounces them husband and wife. Bihaan and Thapki look at each other and smile.

Dhruv stops in his tracks. He cannot believe what he saw. He couldn’t get there on time. His eyes are wide and looking at Thapki. “Thapki…” he whispers. “You are not mine… but you are made just for me Thapki… I cannot let this happen…” he thinks.
He turns and hurriedly gets out of there. He goes outside and thinks, “If you can’t be mine, then I cannot let you be someone else’s, Thapki” He calls someone on the phone and leaves from there in a hurry.

He takes his car to an abandoned roadside. He waits there for someone. A guy covering his face comes there and gives Dhruv something in a bottle in exchange for money. He drives off without saying anything. Dhruv looks at the bottle. “Thapki..” He says sadly with tears in his eyes, “ I didn’t want to do this. But I can’t see you with another guy. Before I see you with someone else I would rather take your beauty and your life with this… this acid…”

Precap:Everyone look on shocked and Dhruv spills the contents towards Thapki

Here is the second episode, if you like it please show support so that I can be motivated to write another episode for you as well 🙂 Again Im not from India, I did some research about Indian wedding ceremonies before writing, if anything if wrong please be kind enough to let me know so that I can correct it.
Thank you and enjoy! 🙂

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    omg shocking precap. i hope thapki be fine. acid attack is really shameful crime. because it broke victim from inner and outer. u write really nice. keep going.

  3. Nice..interesting story line!!! Keep it up..

  4. eagely waiting to know whal will hapen next.

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    Hey lemon…good work buddy….very well written…..suprised to know u are not from india and still u have written so well…..keep writing.

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    Thank you everyone for the support on the 2nd episode as well ? The 3rd episode will be uploaded soon, hopefully you will all like that too.

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