A Love Like Ours (epi 1)


Hi Im new here. Im not from India so I am not that familiar with Indian Culture too much, so apologies if something is wrong. Let me know if anything is incorrect so that I can correct it for next time. This is just a test round so if you like this please support it, only then will I be making another episode. Thank you and hope you all enjoy 🙂

Thapki walks out to the balcony. She thinks to herself, just one more day to go till my wedding. There is a full moon out the distance. She stares at the moon and thinks to herself how far her and Bihaans relationship has come. She thought about how she hated Bihaan before. Then she smiled thinking how wrong she was to hate Bihaan. He has such a good heart. Suddenly she realizes someone touching her hand. She looks at this person surprised. It is Bihaan. looking at her and smiling. His smile is warm and comforting for her. She stammers and says his name. “I was just thinking about you”
“what about me?” bihaan asked still smiling.
“I was just thinking how far we have come, our ups and downs, and how I use to hate you…. Little did I know you’d end up being the person I love the most…” she said.
Bihaan squeezed her hands.
“Everything that has happened has brought us closer together, and look… tomorrow is the day we will finally be united forever… “ he said.
They look at the bright full moon and as thapki moved closer to bihaan. And unexpectedly she hugs him. Pulling him closer to her. Her arms wrapped around his neck as his hands rested on her waist. “ I can’t wait for our wedding “ she whispered. “Me too” bihaan whispered back.

Next morning everyone is busy doing the preparations for Thapki and Bihaans wedding. Bauji is telling the workers where to hang the beautiful white flowers. The whole panday nivas was filled with white and bright red roses. And cream-colored fabric was hanging from the pillars. And diyas were all around the house.

Mean while the women of the house were readying Thapki. Her long black beautiful hair was taken into a bun behind her adorned with so many white and red roses. Almost as if the roses grew from her hair. Beautiful music was being played. Her sari was so beautiful as if it was made in the heavens. It was a traditional bright red colored sari with jewels in it. The jewels fluttered in the light like they were dancing with joy. Her hands had gold bangles with tassels dangling from it. The gold complimented the red henna on her hands. As she took her hands up to her face to take a look at her henna, her eyes could be seen. Her eyes were lined with dark eyeliner as black as night. But she was wearing a beautiful gold shimmering eye shadow. And with her smile seeing her hands we see her lips. Lined and filled with a beautiful red. She looked ready. Ready for her big day.

Vasundra looked at thapki. She smiles and said, “May god save you from evil” and she put khaala teeka on thapki. “You really look like a queen today, god has gifted me with such a beautiful and kind hearted daughter.” She said as she fixed thapki’s maang tikka.
Thapki got down to take blessing for her mother in law. Vasundra gives her blessings and helps thapki up. “hope you and Bihaan every happiness, you deserve it”

In other room Bihaan is being helped to get ready as well by his brothers. Bihaan is wearing a dark blue Shervani with silver design on it. His turban is in cream color and a sarpech seemed like a water drop. Oval in shape and bright blue color, which stood out. He kept trying to wear the turban straight but kept failing. His hands kept shaking.
Ashwin asks “why are your hands shaking?”
“Brother I don’t know I feel so nervous.” Bihaan says with a worried face.
“Don’t worry Bihaan, Dhruv is not here anymore, and we are here right. He can’t do anything to ruin this wedding today.” Said Ashwin.
Bihaan smiles.
“Yes, don’t think about him, we have taken good care of him. Everyone thinks he is out of town for a business meeting but we have kept him somewhere where he wont be able to sneak out of until you and thapki’s wedding is done” said Sanajy.
“I still cannot believe our own brother could be like this.” Said Bihaan sadly.
“It’s a good thing you have confided in us about his intentions of kidnapping Thapki today… thankfully we were able to kidnap him before he could do something stupid” said Ashwin.
“Now you don’t worry about that, all you have to think about today is about thapki and yourself .” Said Sanjay helping Bihaan adjust his turban.
Bihaan smiled a signed of relief.
“yes… today is a very special day for us, I know thapki is very happy today, I wont let anything ruin this day for her “

While the wedding preparations are going on, somewhere far away Dhruv wakes up. He sees that he is in some type of a go down. And he is tied to a chair. He remembers Ashwin and Sanjay asking him to help them with something outside the house and then someone put a cloth on his face and he got unconscious. His fists clinch with anger.
“They think they can keep me away from Thapki…” he thinks. “I am going to stop this marriage either way…” She is mine. She belongs to me.
He struggles in the chair until one if his hand is free. He looks at his hand and smiles. He gazes far away and thinks, “ I am coming Thapki….”

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    Thank you everyone, didn’t think this will be recived by you all with such kindness. This motivates me to write even better. Thank you ?

  7. Phew , how beautifully you describe each scenes ,we can imagines that clearly and the way you describe thapki, i still had the image front of me, so beautiful ….and bihaan …yar you had chosek bihaan’s favourite colour ,and he alwats look dashing in blue

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