Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 9)

Episode 9
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Recap: MayUr engagement
Precap: exams for swasan and raglak
They all reach the college and as usual all the girls surrounded sanskar ( all know that Lakshy and Ragini love each other so only sanskar now ) and sanskar is getting irritated by them and seeing this and sanskar’s irritation and enjoying with sanskar’s expression. Meanwhile one boy comes to swara and gives her a red rose and says

Boy: swara I love u please accept my love
Sanskar sees this and now he gets angry and shouts at all the girls
Sanskar: shouts stop it girls shut up and he goes to the boy and holds his and about to beat but swara stops him and he stops
Swara: sanskar calm down all are seeing this all with shocked faces as they are not understanding why he is behaving like that with the guy and then sanskar calms down and holds swara’s hand and says
Sanskar: listen now swara and I love each other please don’t irritate us by giving all these proposals understood at this all are shocked and started whispering and some girls are jealous on swara and some angry and so on the main person who is angry is Kavitha and all the girls disperse
Nupur: wow sanskar I don’t know that u have such a huge following I did not expect
Swara: ha bhabhi he is so handsome na see how cute he is in angry also
Sanskar: cute oh don’t say that word please ok and di stop pulling my leg I know about jiju’s following also

Mayank: oye don’t come into my matter ok ha by the way if all this tamasha over now we have to go to get admission come Nupur
Nupur: ha let us go ok u guys take care ok and they leave
After they left
Sanskar: ok shall we go to class now or else anything left
Swara laughs at him and asks
Swara: why do u get very irritated ha

Sanskar: oh u enjoy when those all are irritating me right
Swara: see how much fun has happened right lakshy
Lakshy: no swara don’t dare to involve me come ragini we will go otherwise they both will make me puppet in their hands now and he drags ragini and he leaves
And then swasan also leave to the class and in class all starts gossiping about swara and ragini
Boy: see they came now only and they trapped them
Girl: see how they all did in very few days
Swara and ragini hears this and they were almost in tears this is seen by sanskar and lakshy and they are fuming and then
Sanskar: stop it don’t dare to speak a word against them

Lakshy: what do u know about them ha
Sanskar: if we listen anything against them it will be very bad so mind ur language and they all bend their heads
After all the classes completed swasan and raglak are outside the class and are walking in the balcony then sanskar and lakshy observes swaragini silent and they understand and they both sign each other
Sanskar: so swara what are u thinking to do to those boy and girl
Swara: don’t reply any thing
Lakshy: ok swara is not replying so Ragini u say what are u going to do ha
Ragini is almost in crying stage and she runs from there to canteen and she is followed by swara and now sanskar and lakshy go back of them and sit at the table where they both are sitting
Sanskar: swara ragini if u both cry like this then the word which they both becomes true we know that is not true but everyone thinks that is true do u want that ha
Lakshy: ha he is right do u want that no so wipe ur tears and smile please
they both don’t stop crying but still start to cry more then sanskar and goes to them and hug them and they start consoling and then after a great difficulty they stop crying
Lakshy: ok that like good girls ok now I am very hungry I want to eat some thing
Swara: me too very hungry
Ragini: me three very hungry

Sanskar: me four then I am also very hungry and all four laughs
Lakshy: I will bring something for us and he goes to order and bring them some sandwiches for eating
Swara: sandwiches yummy and they eat while chitchatting
Meanwhile Mayank and Nupur arrive to them and he sees swaragini faces
Mayank: why ur faces are like that u both cried right
Ragini: covering no bhai why will cry say
Mayank: don’t lie ragini I can easily identify when u both cried say did anyone say anything to u say I will not leave them and he is in full anger
Then sanskar tell him everything and now he
Mayank: show who they are I will not leave
Swara: bhai control no don’t get anger please

Ragini: ha bhai any way sanskar and lakshy warned them control bhai please
Nupur: Mayank control na please this is college again if anything goes wrong then it will big trouble for all of us as we are studying here
Mayank: ok this is the last time I am leaving next time if anything happens I will not spare
Lakshy: it won’t happen and we will not let happen and that is a promise ok now come we will leave ok
Ragini: what so early we will sit for some time na please
Sanskar: ok sit and they all sit
Sanskar: ok tell me swara what is ur plan after going home
Swara: studying a lot of portion is left and I have to go for that
Mayank: swara u are fine u are talking about studies and he laughs
Swara: bhai don’t tease me I did not concentrate on all these days and exams are coming
Lakshy: what about group studies
Nupur: Lakshy what are u talking about group studies by god unbelievable
Sanskar: Ok good idea we will do group studies which will help to all of us
Swara: us means u need help in studies what unbelievable

Sanskar: wo actually I missed a class and I don’t know about that topic and I want ragini’s help
Ragini: ha I can help u but don’t remember that u missed a class lakshy do u remember
Lakshy: I too don’t remember when sanky
Sanskar: ok I will tell u the truth ok actually when swara did not come to college and that Aarav was with her on that only my body was present in the class and I was just thinking about Aarav and swara only so not concentrated on class at all so…..
Swara: soooooooooooo sweet
All in union so sweet and laughs and sanskar feels embarrassed
Sanskar: ok guys enough of pulling my leg
Ragini: ok combined studies in gm or mm
Lakshy: one day in mm and one day in gm alternatively what say
Swasanrag: done
Nupur: then today where are u going to study ha
Swaragini: in mm
Sanlak: ok then
Mayank: then first we will go to gm swaragini u both come with me we will take ur stuff and I will drop u both in mm and Nupur u go with sanlak to mm ok
Nupur: ok then we will leave now
And all leave to respective places and swaragini take all their stuff and they go to mm with Mayank after taking permission from their parents

They enter and take blessings from all then enters Aarav to mm
Aarav: hello guys
Swara: Aarav where were u
Aarav: chill baby I went to my friends house and went gm there ma said that u all are here so I came
Ap: very nice thing u did
Aarav: oh thank u aunty
Ap: ok u all sit I will bring something to eat ok and she leaves
Aarav: ok miss ragini how is ur day with ur love ha if not nice tell me I will make it good by flirting ha
Sanskar: Aarav tell me one thing u will not be happy if u don’t flirt any one ha
Aarav: actually flirting is my good hobby so I do that continuously
Sanskar: ok now tell me what is ur passion seriously ha no more jokes
Aarav: ok now serious actually I love photography in fact I got a good job in a big company with good package and I will leave there in two days
Swaragini: in shock what u are leaving
Aarav: don’t worry babies I will come to ur engagement and marriage
Swara: sad where is the company
Aarav: London
Ragini: that means u r going very far
Sanskar: Aarav congratulations and have a nice future
Aarav: thank u and guys bye I have to leave now I am leaving today to Mumbai come Mayank we shall leave and they bid bye and they leave

Ap: comes where are Mayank and Aarav
Ragini: ma Aarav is leaving today so he has to pack his stuff so they left
Ap: ok beta fine ok where are u studying today
Sanskar: in my room ma
Ap: ok then if u want anything tell me I will arrange and swaragini guest room is ready for u after ur studies over u can sleep there ok
Lakshy: why they can be with us na
Ap: Lakshy

Lakshy: just kidding ok
And they leave to sanskar’s room to study and they start their study
Swara and lakshy are listening what ragini is explaining and sanskar is reading something else after some time sanskar teaches them and ragini studies something else and now ragini explains the topic which sanskar missed they go on studying and now it is dinner time then Ap comes with food
Ap: come bacho so much studies are over come on its dinner time
Swasanraglak: in union yes ma and they all have dinner and again they go back to their study sometime swara and ragini sit on bed sometimes swasan sit on couch and soon they go on changing the places and only concentrate on studies at the end they are in this way swasan are on couch swara putting her head on sanskar’s shoulders and reading and sanskar reading in some other book and raglak on bed ragini is sitting and lakshy is lying on her lap and holding his book and ragini has a book in her one hand and her another caressing Lakshy’s hair after sometime they all fell asleep in the same position
@ morning

Sun rays fall on all four of them then raglaksan wakes
Ragini: good morning sanskar and lakshy
Sanlak: good morning ragini
Ragini comes to swara and moves her from sanskar’s shoulder first and places her on couch and says
Ragini: Shona wake up na
Swara: Ladoo five minutes please
Ragini: no time Shona get up and goes on trying but she don’t then sanskar gets an idea and sign both raglak and then slowly he goes to the table and take a water jug put some water in glass and pours some water on swara and swara immediately wakes up

Swara: shouting Ladoo tsunami is coming run and then she realises where she is and sees sanskar with water glass and shouts sanskar and I will not leave u now sanskar starts running
Swara takes jug from there and chases sanskar and raglak starts laughing and they also run back of them both are running all over mm and swara is shouting sanskar wait I will not leave u while running swara gets an idea and she stops and sees raglak and winks and again starts running and shout
Swara: ahhhh its paining sanskar sees back and sees that swara has fallen and runs to her and raglak also reaches there then swara winks at sanskar and pour full water in the jug on sanskar and starts laughing and again starts running raglak and all in the mm are watching and laughing
Sanskar: shouts this is not fair swara
Swara: stops at some place and shouts everything is fair in love and war and she runs to guest room and gets freshen up and all goes to their respective rooms and they get freshen up
Ap serves everyone food and all are eating

Nupur: swara today u did so much fun its awesome
Sanskar: oh di now u r her side ok see I also will get the time then I will show u ha and ma today we will study in gm ok ma
Ap: ha ok take all those what u want ok
Sanskar and Lakshy: ha ma
Swaragini: bye ma
And they leave to the college
In car

Swaragini are sitting back and sanlak sitting front and sanskar driving and lakshy reading a book and ragini reading a book so that sanskar can listen it and now they fully on studies suddenly swara’s phone rings she sees that says
Swara: ma is calling
Ragini: put it on speaker and swara does and all together good morning ma
Sumi: good morning bacho tell me one thing how are ur studies
Swara: nice ma
Sumi: ok Lakshy tell me what will eat in the lunch
Lakshy: ma any thing
Swara: then I will tell karela (bitter guard)

Sanskar after listening it he immediately put the break and sees swara shocked
Sanskar: u told u hate karela and asking ma to cook that
Swara: oh I told that for u both only u both like it na that is why ok
Sumi: ok sanskar u tell me what u want
Sanskar: nothing ma ok ma I will help u in cooking so don’t start till we come any way it is half day today
Ragini: sanskar u know cooking then swara will escape most from kitchen
Swara: ha exactly

Sanskar: ok ma these will chitchat like this only we came to college bye ma
Sumi: bye take care
They all reach college and attend the classes and now classes are also completed and they reach gm
Sanskar: ma we came
Sumi: u all came ok sit I will come now only and she goes and bring some water for them
Sumi: ok now I am going to kitchen come sanskar u told u will cook something na
Sanskar: ha ma come lucky we will help ma
Lakshy: ha sanky coming
Ragini: lakshy u also know cooking
Lakshy: ha why

Swara: ha now we will enjoy u both go and cook and gives hifi to ragini and laughs and sanlak and sumi goes to kitchen
And episode ends

Precap: sanlak cooking along with sumi and their exams completes

Hope u guys like it and guys please comment na

Credit to: dharani

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