Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 8)


Hope u guys liked the previous episode. And here is the next episode
Recap: Party and Sanskar proposed swara and she accepts him
Precap: Party continues and engagement of MayUr
Here we go to the episode
Swasan are in deep eye lock and they get disturbed by the sound of speaking by Dp
Dp: hello ladies and gentlemen today we organised this party for the announcement of the partnership of gf and mf and this from both the companies and it will be soon a successfully merged one also so thank u one and all for attending the party and enjoy it and all claps for it
Shekhar: by the guests there is another surprise for the organising of the party so stay tuned for the surprise for some more time and he leaves the stage
Swasan comes to place where all are present

Sanskar: jiju do u know about this surprise
Mayank: no I don’t know what is that
Sanskar: ok then let us see
Nupur: ok Mr. Maheshwari what are going to give for us as a treat
Sanskar: treat for what
Nupur: don’t act u know for what ok
Swara: ok bhabhi we will go out tomorrow after college ok
Nupur: see my nanad is very smart she understood but u always want to escape
Sanskar: then go with ur nanad don’t ask me anything
Swara: oh Mr. Sanskar don’t dare to speak a word against my bhabhi
Mayank: oh enough of fighting now ok where is this Aarav I did not find him from so much time
Ragini: sure went to flirt any girl
Aarav comes from back and says
Aarav: exactly but found none what to do so I thought to flirt with swara only
Mayank: oye ur time is over that was just for a plan don’t dare to do that

Sanskar: ha don’t even dare to flirt my swara ok
All in union oh hoo my swara ha
Sanskar: ha now she is mine what do u say swara
Swara blushes all says ha she is urs only ok
Aarav: I am very happy for u swara u got such a good person ok then what about of we becoming friends Sanskar
Sanskar: oh sure friends and they shake their hands
Aarav: take care of swara otherwise I will not leave u ok
Sanskar: ha ok
Ragini: ok now what should I call u as Sanskar or jiju
Sanskar: oh no don’t call like that its very awkward to here call me Sanskar only we are friends first later we became this Sali and jiju ok
Ragini: laughs kk I will call u Sanskar only
Lakshy: but swara tell me how u will manage this padako

Swara: like how u and bhabhi manage Ragini and bhai respectively see this ragini, Sanskar and bhai are just book warms they never think of others and we always want to be happy and enjoying any way if there is any problem I will get some tips from bhabhi and starts laughing
Nupur: exactly I will help u and I am with u and she too laughs
Mayank: acha we three knew how responsibility will be so we will be doing all things in a correct manner so u say us book worms ok then u three enjoy we are leaving bye and they starts leaving and then they are stopped by their partners as they catch their hands respectively
Then they turn and see them and then swalakur hold their ears and say sorry and all melts for their action and smiles (actually it is fake anger)
Now again Shekhar and Dp comes on to the stage and
Shekhar: ok every one surprise time has arrived and the surprise is we are going to announce the engagement of Mayank and Nupur
All claps for them
Dp: so I invite Mayank and Nupur on to the stage
There they were standing in shock and happy all mixing and they come to senses and
Mayank: what the surprise is our engagement wow I loved it

Nupur: now she is in big shock and she keeps her hand on Mayank’s forehead and checks whether he
had a fever and asks him Mayank is ur health good u are telling wow that it is our engagement I can’t believe my self
Mayank: Nupur stop it I told u that I don’t want to marry till I complete my graduation but now we completed na so why don’t we have our engagement
Nupur: really Mayank I can’t believe this mujhe chakkar aa raha hai
Mayank: oye Morena drama queen don’t do over ok come they are calling us ok and he takes her hand and goes on to the stage
Swara: come on every one we also should go on to the stage and they go to the stage
They exchange their rings and then all are happy and all wishes them
Uttara: oh di now u r half wife to Mayank jiju
Nupur: ok now I want to say something
Mayank: oh no Nupur don’t tell me that u don’t want to wait till they fix the marriage date and want to marry now only
Nupur: offo Mayank kabhi tho serious bhano

Mayank: what I am not serious oh u are telling me that here everyone knows who are not serious and they start fighting again
Then swasan and raglak gets irritated and they shout stop it and they stop
Ragini: bhabhi u told u want to something ignore him and tell what u want to
Nupur: ha I want to join college in next academic year for my MBA
Mayank: lo another shock in my life today I will name this day as a shocks day
Nupur: don’t do over action I want to go to college and MBA only for u I want to help u in business so I thought but making fun of me ha ok then I will do MA in acting only happy for me
Mayank: sorry Nupur I was just kidding but I don’t want u to take MBA and struggle u take MA only na
Nupur: no Mayank I want to do that whole heartedly ok now no argument tomorrow get the admission form from the college and ha I enquired about the college xyz college is good for MBA
Lakshy: what xyz college oh it is our college only na
Nupur: ha that is why I also thought to be there only and ha now we shall eat something I am very hungry
Mayank: ok then let’s go and they all go and they eat and now party ends and all reach their respective places
Nupur is in her room and thinking about her engagement then she hears a sound from the window and she goes to the window and see that Mayank hit the window with a stone from the garden and then she goes to garden
Nupur: Mayank what are u doing here
Mayank: I came here to find whether snakes are there in ur garden or not
Nupur: what?

Mayank: then what should I say for what I came means
Nupur: laughs and says ok now what to do
Mayank: we will go for eating ice cream
Nupur: now if any one comes to know about that then
Mayank: do one thing go and get permission from ma and papa ha (tauntingly)
Nupur: ok come we will go but how
Mayank: by walk
Nupur: ok and they start to walk and going then Nupur sees swasan and raglak near the ice cream man and pulls Mayank and hides in one place and shows them to Mayank
Mayank: what r they doing here
Nupur: of course they came for the same purpose
Mayank: obviously stupid question now what
Nupur: I have a plan and she winks at him and they go near them and stand in front of them angrily
Nupur: what are u all doing here
Swara: we are eating ice cream
Mayank: iss time pay

Lakshy: ha why there will be any time for eating ice cream
Nupur: no there will be not time but at this time with these girls and alone
Sanskar: here who are alone we are four members
Mayank: ok now listen maa papa are searching for swaragini as they did not find them in their room and at the same time I got the call of Nupur saying that u both are not there in the room then we understood and we came in search of u come now it is time to leave after listening to him all swasan and raglak start laughing very loudly
Nupur: here we are very serious and u all are laughing
Ragini: bhabhi to hide ur secret u did this plan but it came out
Mayank: what secret ha we are serious here and u are talking rubbish
Lakshy: enough jiju u are caught and he says the
Sanlak comes to gm and go to sumi and shekhar room
Sumi: sanlak u here
Sanskar: ha ma actually we came to take ur permission
Shekhar: permission for what
Lakshy: wo papa actually we want to take swaragini out for ice cream we thought as it is very late we will take ur permission
Then only swaragini comes to the room and see sanlak
Swara: Sanskar Lakshy what u both are doing here
Shekhar: wo beta they came here to ask permission

Ragini: permission for what papa
Sumi: to take u to eat ice cream and shekhar and sumi laughs
Shekhar: ok now u want them to take then take ok but come as early as possible
Then sanlak gets happy and they hug shekhar and they run outside holding swaragini hands they come outside
Fb ends
Now both Mayank and Nupur are embarrassed
Nupur: ok we were caught ok lets have ice cream ok
All laughs and they start teasing Mayank and Nupur and finally they all eat ice cream and they leave all these are watched by someone and that person gets very angry and stamps the foot on the ground and leaves from there
All reach their respective places and sleep happily thinking about their love
@morning mm
All are at breakfast table
Ap: now Sanskar lakshy how did u enjoy ur ice cream
Sanskar: ma we enjoyed very well but u forgot to ask another member also
Ap: who is another member don’t tell Mayank and Nupur also came with u
Lakshy: actually they came but not with us
Ap: Nupur u went without informing
Nupur: mausi wo actually…..
Ap: it means u went ok u will be punished for this and she starts laughing
Nupur: mausi it means u are making fun of me
In the mean time Mayank enters then Ap sees him very angrily
Ap: Mayank I did not think that u are this kind I am very angry on u

Mayank: ma what did I do y are u angry on me
Lakshy: wo actually by mistake we told ma that and he pauses
Mayank: ha that and then Ap starts laughing
Mayank: why are u laughing ma please tell me what is going on and he sees at Nupur
Nupur: wo actually ma got to know that we went to eat ice cream at night
Mayank: she knew that before only she saw me when I came for u and I asked her permission
Nupur: what it means all of u are making me bewkoof ha
Ap: oh my daughter got angry just we are teasing u
Nupur: then yesterday why didn’t u tell me about this
Mayank: what is the need to tell ha and any way I enjoyed a lot when they are teasing u at night
Nupur: oh u mean u enjoy if anybody teases me how mean
Mayank: ok baba sorry ok now we should leave come
Nupur: where
Mayank: to college
Nupur: what to college yesterday only I told today u are making me to go to college
Mayank: oye drama queen we are going to take advance admission so that we don’t lose the admission ok
Nupur: ok
Mayank: ok Sanskar and Lakshy come we will all go at a time
Sanskar: no I will not

Lakshy: me too
Mayank: what why
Lakshy: I have to pick Ragini and come
Sanskar: and I have to pick swara
Mayank: no need of that they are already in car
Sanskar: what then why did not they come inside
Mayank: I only told them not to come if they come they will not leave from here so I told
Ap: what u told not to come they agreed ha very bad they will go without meeting their ma ha
Swaragini: no ma we came see and they come inside
Mayank: why u came ha now it will definitely late to college
Ragini: bhai come we will leave now only this is a great insult for us we will not make late see and they all leave to college

Precap: exams time swasan and raglak

Credit to: dharani

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